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Hair Salon on the Battlefield

Hair Salon
Hair Styling Brigade???

As a hairdresser, I am especially aware of the inference of the job as one of being frivolous or lacking in importance. I came across an article the other day that confirmed to me what we in the business intuitively know and understand. That is, how the importance of a hairdresser can create well-being in others.

In this article, I found it easy to feel affirmed of the importance of the job of a hairdresser, and of those who have chosen to do pedicures, manicures or massages as a way of making a living.

In this tiny shop in Kuwait, the women found it “easy to forget the harshness of a desert deployment and great to get spoiled.” “This is the best thing the Army could have put here, said Sgt.1st class Julie Scott. “It brings back what some of us are used to back at home.” Sgt. Charles Jackson agreed, saying,“With more and more men, especially in the States, starting to pay attention to how their hands and feet look, the beauty shop won’t be able to serve all its customers soon.”

If I were a member of the top brass at the Pentagon, I would put together the “Mobile Mash Spa Battalion.” The sole purpose of this battalion would be to move from war zone battlefield to battlefield much the same as Bob Hope did with the USO tours.

This could be a mobile facility with a tent structure much like we saw in the movie MASH. This battalion would be staffed with beauticians, barbers, manicurists, pedicure experts, masseuse, reflexologists, etc. These people would be charged with the responsibility of boosting the morale of troops who have been in the field for extended lengths of time.

Can you imagine crawling out of a dirty foxhole after a month with mud caked in between your toes, sand and dirt coming out of every pore and going into the “Mobile Mash Spa?” How pampered would you feel getting a pedicure, manicure or massage, shampoo, haircut or shave after living in this type of environment? Why not give the men and women who serve, these little luxuries?

I think this could be a huge morale builder. I urge each one of you reading this to get in touch with your Congressman or Senator and insist that they establish the “Mobile Mash Spa Battalion.”


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A Friend’s Highlighted Hair

Face Wrinkles

How to Handle Comments About Your Looks or Hair Style

So, last night I was up against a dilemma that a lot of us face at times. The dilemma was; how truthful am I ALLOWED to be when giving an opinion on a new hair style or hair color job?

My husband and I had met with this couple that we’re doing some business with. This was only our second time meeting them but it was obvious to me she had her hair high lighted.

I knew immediately it was not the right hair color for her skin tone. It was not something I had to think twice about. It was just wrong for her skin coloring. My first thought was to ignore it but that just didn’t seem right, after all, it was obvious.

So, I said to her, ”Oh, you high lighted your hair, quite a bit.” (Now notice, I did not say I liked her new hairstyle and she wasn’t aware of what I do for a living.) She quickly said, ”Thank you very much, yes, thank you for noticing.” Her husband seemed to have a look on his face that was objectionable to her new hair color.

I would have been more TRUTHFUL with her in giving her my opinion if she would have let me. She didn’t ask me, so I didn’t give it. Now, you might say, “If she likes it that’s all that matters.” But later my husband said something like, “what did she do to her hair? it looked awful.” Now if it were you, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?

My point is, if you want to know if a new style or a new color is good on you, you need to ask in the right way. You can give a person PERMISSION TO BE HONEST by framing your question in the right way.

Here are two scenarios. Which do you think is more likely to elicit a truthful response?


  • Yes I did, but I’m not really sure I like my new hairstyle yet, what do you think?
  • “Yes, I did have my hair high lighted. Thanks for noticing, I had it done about a week ago and just decided I wanted it lighter. And well thanks for noticing.” Blah, blah, blah . . .


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