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    Finding a hairdresser – It shouldn’t be this hard

    A hair stylist cutting a clients hair

    Finding a Hairdresser That You Love

    Here is a discussion board message a student posted in my online Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! class this month. I think she needs to get a new strategy for her next trip to the hair care salon. What do you think?


    Almost every time I go to get my hair cut it is a bad experience or I come home and no one noticed I got my hair cut.

    I have fine, but lots of it, wavy hair. I have decided to grow it out to one length. My husband hates it. To me I love the feeling of having a lot of hair. I have had perms with very little upkeep-mousse and blow-dry the top in layers. Every time I get a perm I swear I’ll never get another one. It probably has been about 5 years.

    I think I get so frustrated going to get my haircut because there are no pictures to choose from. The hairdresser I go to now, which is about every 4-6 months, tries to cut it however I ask. I really don’t have any new ideas to ask my hairdresser to do. I have gone to a big hair care salon chain for several years. Never have I been satisfied. Once again no pictures to choose from and the hairdresser says,”What do you want me to do?” I have also gone to a man dresser that everyone said was fantastic. He gave me no ideas and ended up cutting it very short. It was awful. I hate going to get my haircut. I dread it. It ranks right up there with going to the dentist. YUCK!

    How about this for a new strategy:

    • Solicit referrals. Stop women with great hair styles and get hairdressers name. (You may need to kiss a few frogs – but it will pay off)
    • Do your homework before going to the hairdressers. Find pictures (more than one) of hair styles that you like, i.e.: “Color & Style,” Hairdo Ideas,” “Haircut & Style,” all published by Harris Publications (watch for my articles). A picture tells a thousand words. Also, having a few hairstyles to talk about with your hairdresser will give your hairdresser an idea of what appeals to you. You may not know if a particular hairstyle will work for you, having more than one will elicit great discussion about what can be done.
    • Good hairdressers should have suggestions for you. If yours doesn’t, it’s time to take a hike. Communication is key here. If you want a suggestion ask for it. You don’t need to take the suggestion, but then you need to be clear what you would like and are willing to do.
    • One more suggestion for this particular student, shorten time between haircuts. It’s the only way to keep your locks looking their best.


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    Hair color risk for pregnant women?

    Hair Color

    Back Off a Bit on Intense Hair Color Just in Case

    This is a dilemma for pregnant women who want to continue hair color during pregnancy, unfortunately even the experts seem to disagree. The official position of the FDA on the question of cancer risk from hair color dyes as inconclusive.

    There has been no evidence to prove coloring your hair during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. Many will suggest holding off hair color till after the first trimester. Although the scalp may absorb a miniscule amount of chemicals, the fumes may be considered  the bigger risk.

    If I had to advise a friend or a client, I would suggest taking their own doctors advice. An alternative to hair color would be foiling or tipping, where the hair color dye doesn’t come in contact with the scalp.

    But I liked the answer my girlfriends doctor gave her when asked the question, “Can I color my hair while I’m pregnant?” He said, “What color?”

    For more Information on the topic visit:

    Mayo Clinic

    The Baby Center

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    More on Sedu Hair Styles – Who shouldn’t!

    Flat Irons


    Flat Iron Hairstyles Are Not For Everybody

    After writing yesterday’s blog on the new ceramic flat irons, I began to think about how many of you should think twice about going so flat with your hair style. I didn’t mention anything about how many women I’ve seen who have had this straight hair look backfire.

    “Flat Irons are Not for Everybody”

    Like any new hair style trend, some will run right out and get the new look from their hairdresser without asking the question; will this flat iron hairstyle enhance or detract from my appearance? Not all face shapes will look good with the flat, straight hair look. Here are two that immediately come to mind:

    Flat Irons

    Avoid Flat Iron Hairstyles


    • Oblong oval face shapes . . . If you are one of these you’ll want to avoid a flat iron straight hairstyle, particularly if it is jawbone length or longer, it will make your face appear even longer and narrower.



    Flat Irons
    Avoid Flat Iron Hairstyles

    • Oblong face shapes . . . it will not only make your face shape look longer, but it will also look more severe. That’s because your face shape has straight lines from approximately your temples to your jaw line, and straight hair against those straight lines looks more severe. For more information on your face shape and how it affects which hairstyle is best for you visit the Visual-Makeover face shape page.



    If you use a flat iron ask your hairdresser for hair care product advice. If the salon products are beyond your budget, find the similar products over the counter. You most likely will need to condition your hair, use a thermal active lotion, possibly a straightening balm and possibly a shine spray or serum. Don’t use a flat iron if you have fragile hair from over processing; I think you know who you are, but if you don’t, that’s understandable in that we all can become conditioned to some extent to the condition of our own hair. Assuming you have confidence in your hairdressers opinion, ask the question: How much is too much?

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