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Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie What do They Have in Common?

.Jessica Simpson

Hair Extensions Are Hot With Celebrities

Besides being most searched celebrity names, what do Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie have in common? Hair Extensions!
“Hair Extensions Latest Celebrity Hair Trends”

Only the most talked about hair in the industry. Hair extensions are hot, hot, hot. Didn’t I just see Jessica Simpson in the cutest bob hairstyle a few months back? Then the release of the movie, The Dukes . . . and she’s got that beautiful head of long hair every woman wishes she could have at least once in her lifetime, you guessed it hair extensions. Then suddenly, I’ve seen Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie sporting the same hairstyle. How do they go from a short hair bob to long hair seemingly overnight? Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions have come a looooong way in the past number of years. You probably already know things are being added in all the fluffing and buffing going on with the celebrities with hair extensions. But what about us common folk?

It may not be that you want to be Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie or that you want to add 10 to 12″ of hair to your hairstyle. Maybe you would just like to add a little lift at the crown, or a touch more to that thinning area at the top of your head. Well, there is enough variation of hair extensions out there to suit all of your needs.

Clip-on hair extensions, easy to use, easy on your hair and easy on your budget. You can put them in and take them out yourself. Don’t forget extensions can be trimmed to whatever length you want! You can spend from $8.95 up to $200.00 or more for hair extensions. Hair extension can be clipped, woven, melted, or layered into your hair. The effects you can achieve are added length, more volume, added height and color variation.

Human hair extensions vs. synthetic hair extensions?

  • Human hair extensions:
    • Pros: can be colored, can use heat as in a curling
      iron, can wash with regular shampoo
    • Cons: high priced.
  • Synthetic hair extensions:
    • Pros: Better priced
    • Cons: Cannot use heat to style, cannot color
    Hair extensions are a quick way to change up your hairstyle and be in with the latest in celebrity looks.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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A New Hairstyle Will Change More Than Your Looks

A New Hairstyle Tells Others a Lot about You

Putting together my online hairstyle class “Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!” I had to do quite a bit of research on new hairstyle issues that I needed brushing up on, I found the Procter & Gamble’s hair care research site invaluable. Since that time I keep finding nuggets under the Procter & Gamble banner. I ran across this article, while being a couple of years old, confirms something I have long advocated. Visual discrimination does exist, a new hairstyle can convey all sorts of images about who we are, some good some bad.

University Study Concludes A New Hairstyle Make or Break Your First Impression

Evidence Reveals Different Hairstyles Are Linked To Perceived Personality Traits

New Haven, — Within three seconds of meeting you, people form a first impression about the type of person you are, and it’s not your face that gives you away — it’s your hairstyle! A recent study validates that a new hairstyle dictates the first impression you make, significantly overpowering the impact of facial features.

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression, whether you’re looking for a new job, getting ready for a first date, or meeting the potential in-laws. Your choice of a new hairstyle might project an image of intelligence and self-assurance, or one of insecurity and conceit, so make your new hairstyle work for you. If celebrities can change their hairstyles to play a part or make a statement, why can’t you?

Dr. Marianne LaFrance, director of the study First Impressions and Hair Impressions and Professor of Psychology and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Yale University, asserts that until now there has been no investigation of the unique effect a new hairstyle has on first impressions. “We wanted to learn whether the frame around the face — the hairstyle — can significantly alter how a person is seen,” says Dr. LaFrance. “We found that different hairstyles quickly lead others to ‘see’ different kinds of people.” First Impressions and Hair Impressions was commissioned by the team for Physique®, a styling-based hair care line.

So what does your new hairstyle say about you?
Dr. LaFrance’s study confirms that no hairstyle is all good or all bad, and that we do, in fact, judge a book by its cover. The following key findings demonstrate that different new hairstyles are linked to perceived personality traits. Those range from positive qualities to the not so flattering:


Can women have it all? — It appears that this is not the case, as the study showed that any new hairstyle (relative to base) increases a woman’s perceived sexiness, but decreases a woman’s perceived intelligence. We wonder how stereotypes start.

Short hairstyles = successes — Women wearing short, tousled hairstyles (think Meg Ryan and Charlize Theron) are seen as the most confident and outgoing, an asset when meeting new people or starting a career.

Does hairstyle length matter? — It is no surprise that women with long, straight, blonde hairstyles, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Aguilera, are perceived as the sexiest and most affluent. By contrast, women with medium-length, casual-looking hairstyles, like Liv Tyler or Sandra Bullock, are viewed as more intelligent and good-natured.


Who’s the sexiest of them all? — Men wearing short, front-flip hairstyles (think Brad Pitt and Matthew LeBlanc) are perceived as most confident and sexy. It is not surprising that men with this hairstyle are also perceived as the most self-centered.

Why Wall Street men walk tall — Men with medium-length, side-parted hair are viewed as the most intelligent and affluent — great for that job interview. However, men with these hairstyles are also seen as the most narrow-minded.

Fabio ain’t so fab after all — Bad news for long-haired Fabio types. The study validates the myth that men with long hairstyles seem to be all brawn and no brains. They are perceived as least intelligent and most careless. But all is not lost — they are also seen as the most good-natured.

“Working with Dr. LaFrance and her team last year (An Experimental Investigation into the Effects of ‘Bad Hair,’), we confirmed that hairstyles have a profound psychological impact,” says Diana Shaheen, North American Marketing Director for Physique. “This year the Physique team commissioned the study to understand whether your choice of a new hairstyle impacts your first impression. We now have clear evidence that a new hairstyle does dramatically affect first impressions and is linked to perceived personality traits. You might even say, projecting the right image depends on creating the hairstyle that’s right for you.”

Physique, from Procter & Gamble, is a hair care collection of products for men and women that is scientifically designed to help you create a volume, straight, curly or controlled hairstyle and keep it for 20 hours. Physique is available at grocery, drug and mass market retail locations nationwide. For more information, product samples or styling tips, visit


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Hair Care Product Labels . . . Are They Truthful?

Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products Diversion

Are the professional hair care products you find in the drug store or department store the same hair care products you find in your hair styling salon?

It’s a good question, but have you ever tried to get a straight answer? Your hairdresser answers something like,”Read the label, it says, they won’t guarantee it is their product unless sold by a licensed hairdresser.” Or, “It’s got to be an imposter because they are only authorized to sell to legitimate hair styling salons.” Most manufacturers of salon-only hair care products do have such a disclaimer. Then how come I held the same product yesterday at my local Walgreens? So,”Is it the real thing or not?”


There are only a couple ways in which this could happen:

  • Hair care products manufacturer or distributor sell to unauthorized persons.
  • They could also choose to look the other way when selling more hair care products than would legitimately be used by a hair styling salon.
  • Salons that sell bulk hair care products to a third party who then in turn sells to whomever.

So why don’t the hair care products manufacturers and distributors trace where the product is being sold? My local Aerial Beauty Supply said,”There is an ongoing lawsuit about this”. . . I’ve heard that answer for almost 30 years now.

It used to be that illegitimate retailers wouldn’t be as bold as this Snyder’s ad, to advertise their salon products and especially at discount prices. I spoke with a representative at Target, which actually has an area called,”The Salon Store.” Of course he wasn’t able to tell me who distributes the large amount of salon hair care products to their stores, but he assured me Target is a reputable company and would not dupe it’s customers. He agrees that the “trademark” on the bottles will tell you of the legitimacy of the product. But that does not wash with the labels on the product. I found, Paul Mitchell, Matrix,TIGI, Redken, Rusk, and more on the shelves at Target.

The only company who at least is putting a public face on the issue seems to be, Graham Webb International, with their “diversion practices” and the illegal distribution of their hair care products. They say:

“We believe our quality hair care products will produce optimum results only if they are prescribed by trained salon professionals who understand their clients’ hair and beauty needs. We so firmly believe this that we guarantee you will be satisfied with Graham Webb products when you purchase them through professional salons.

Another important reason Graham Webb fights diversion practices is to ensure the quality of the Graham Webb hair care products you are buying. When products are “diverted” and sold at unauthorized retail outlets, they may have been mishandled before reaching the store’s shelves, or may be old, damaged, obsolete, contaminated or even counterfeit.”

Do the department stores or the drug stores sell hair care products cheaper? In my little survey at my local Target some products were cheaper and some were not.

I challenge Paul Mitchell, Matrix, TIGI, Redken, Rusk, and the retailers, drug chains and supermarkets to come clean.

What is going on? Quit playing the hair care label game. I invite any of their executives to leave comments.


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