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Hair Coloring-Some Simple Tips

Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring
Robert Craig’s Hair Coloring Expertise is Well Established

“Hair Coloring by Robert Craig”

One of my favorite hair coloring sites is Robert Craig’s site, which is full of great information about hair coloring. So I hadn’t been to his site for a while so I decided to pay it a visit. I discovered this nugget which some of you that have tried without success, a hair coloring job might find just what the doctor ordered.

With Color by Robert Craig

With all the email and questions Karin and I receive, this page should have been done a long time ago. But better late than never. The following are a few of the most common hair coloring situations we are asked about and some solutions.


Read the entire article: Simple Color Fixes and you might also enjoy How to Color Your Hair at Home: The Ultimate Guide


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Why Do You Color Your Hair?

Hair Coloring


Hair Coloring Can Be Very Life Enhancing

It was a beautiful bright & sunny 65 degree autumn day that brought most of us Minnesotan’s out, for one final gorgeous day to enjoy this fleeting weather. I was walking out of Aerial, my beauty supply store, armed with just the right hair coloring products to wash those unwanted high lights out of my hair that show up every 4 to 5 weeks, when I saw two women standing in the sun in capes and their hair matted to their heads, each going through hair coloring.

“Hair Coloring Strategies”

I had been by that hair salon many times, but it still was a bit odd to see them standing outside in that get up. They were processing, having a cigarette, enjoying the sunshine and just doing a little something special for themselves. As I was walking by I threw out some idle comment about hair coloring and sure enough, they were both eager to talk.

I asked the question,”Why do hair coloring?”. . .” Why go through it?”

The first woman blurted out,”In the workplace, it’s all about perception. Not only my workplace, but everywhere you go, age discrimination is for real. I clean houses with a franchise, we have cleaning teams. I’ve heard the subtle comments from co-workers and even clients about age and efficiency. The urban myth is: younger is quicker, and quicker means more money.” She felt strongly about this and was angry that those attitudes exist.

The second woman came from a different perspective, however, still believed there was some truth there. She was a nurse, who worked with children. I noticed her manicured nails, toenails and nicely applied makeup. Sure enough she said,”I love to do these little things for myself. It makes me feel better about me. I know the cost adds up, but to me it’s worth it.” She also said the kids may relate to her better if they think she is younger.

So I had to ask myself, “Why do I do hair coloring?”. . .”Why do I go through it?”

  • The answer is clear and not much different than everyone else. I’ve done hair coloring since high school, on and off, before the gray came into the picture. The feeling that I was enhancing my looks with a richer, shinier more vibrant hair color was true back then, as it is now. But now that some gray has shown it’s face, I’m not sure I am ready to go there. I do equate that I will look older with gray hair.


  • Don’t get me wrong, some gray hair can look stunning. And I’m going the stunning route when I decide to let it go that way!


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Hair Styling Tips From The Fall Fashion Show

Curly Haistyle-Big Curls

Hair Styling Tips from Celebrity Hair stylist

“Hair Styling Tips From Celebrity Hair stylist”

InStyle magazine, one of my favorite old media reads, covers a lot of new trendy issues. I also check out their website from time to time to see what’s new there as well. Most often it is just interesting reading but not much to pass along to my readers.

This morning was different, I came on the fall fashion show feature, it has a very in-depth video of snippets of the show. What I found very interesting was the clips of the hair styling tips that went into prepping the models for the show. If you only want to watch the hair styling tips portion of the video click on the features plus sign and to jump to “behind the scene” feature video which brings us backstage with head hairdresser Nicholas French and head makeup artist Tom Pecheaux. They share some hair styling tips of the trade. You can view the results of their hair style tips and see a great fashion show at the same time!

Note how some of the other models were being styled. The hairdresser used two finger pin curls and soft wraps (these are like rag curls only bigger).

Big hair is back this year, with curls which are kept soft, giving a more casual feminine look. Clothing is also ultra feminine looking!


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