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Hair Loss Treatment Interferes With Olympics

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment of champions and Olympians? . . . Proscar

According to Tim Reynolds, A.P. sportswriter, Zack Lund, Americas top skeleton racer, will be allowed to compete in next month’s Turin Olympics. Lund was banned from two World Cup races after failing a drug test in November. Monday, however, the U.S. Anti-Doping agency came to the decision that a public warning was sufficient in Lund’s case. He could have been suspended and unable to attend the Turin Olympics. The drug in question is the hair loss treatment Proscar, which Lund was using for the purpose of hair restoration or a hair loss treatment.

Lund tested positive for Finasteride, a banned substance often used as a steroid-masking agent, at a competition in Hair Loss Treatment Almost a CalamityNovember and was barred from the past two World Cup races. Lund said the positive result stemmed from his use of a hair loss treatment product. Lund has taken hair loss treatment products since 1999 and has always declared them on his medical forms that get filled out before competition. He is no longer taking Proscar, the pill he was using at the time of the positive drug test, and is even avoiding multivitamins and other over-the-counter products, just to be safe.“I have learned my lesson,” Lund said. “If this was God’s way of telling me that he wants me to go bald, I get the message.” ,,

If you’ve read any of my past posts with regards to hair loss treatments, you know I don’t carry much faith in their restorative powers. Hair care product manufacturers have been selling their magic potions, or bottles of hope, at huge costs to the public, with no definitive results. I believe in the genius of man, and that most probably a pill will contain the magic to end hair loss someday . . . BUT. . . when that day comes, it will be a celebrated moment. It will be shouted from every media source available and not be a drug that is sold as having a potential to reduce hair loss. My advice save your money, and most certainly if you are in a job that might require a drug test someday.

A description of Proscar, A site on Proscar hair loss treatment.


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Celebrity Hairdressers Share Their Strategies

Celebrity Hairdressers

Some great tips from Celebrity hairdressers.

Hat tip to the Louisville The Courier-Journal for this neat article with celebrity hairdresser tips.

Style Matters Look like a star
Celebrity hairdressers share their strategies

By Christine Fellingham

Style Matters columnist

Special to The Courier-Journal

You rarely spot one-namers such as Angelina, Demi or Jessica looking anything but chic — but that’s not just because they’re geneticalSpill some of their best insider celebrity hairdresser insights forly gifted. It’s also because they’ve got a slew of celebrity hairdressers at their beck and call.

If you or I could have a big-name celebrity hairdresser running from designer showroom to designer showroom orchestrating our outfits, we’d probably look paparazzi-ready too.

But why shouldn’t we mere mortals have some of the same fashionable guidance that overpaid celebrities get? After all, we may need it more.

So I called all my favorite celeb image handlers and asked them to spill some of their best insider celebrity hairdresser insights. Here are six of their great tips to help focus and update your look in the new year.


The fashionistas of the world are following our lead and pulling out the hats for big occasions.

“I love the drama of a hat,” says celebrity hairdresser Phillip Bloch, who styles Jada Pinkett Smith, Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock and is a fashion expert for E! Channel.

“They finish an outfit, they frame your face and they’re having a moment in fashion,” Bloch says. “You can wear them for events and parties, but I love them with jeans and a long sweater or a fitted coat.

“Right now, the bigger the better.”


“The bronzed look is just about done,” says Michelle Burke, the makeup artist for “Elizabethtown” and the upcoming “Mission: Impossible III.”

“Everyone is doing it — and not very well. They tend to look either too sparkly and fake or too brown and flat.”

Burke’s pick for the new year?

“Not pink, but apricot,” she says. “I use sheer peach on lighter skin and a deeper, more ambery tone on darker skin. But it adds this fabulous ping of color to your face. Just smile and dust it on the apple of your cheeks. It gives you this great healthy flush.”


What’s over for the new year?

“Those big hair clamps,” says Enzo Angileri, the celebrity hairdresser who jets around perfecting Charlize Theron’s locks.

“They were OK when they were just tortoise color. Now you see women with their hair up in these gigantic purple clamps that match their outfits — it’s awful.”

Instead, he says that we — like Charlize — should tame our tresses with headbands.

“I don’t like the schoolgirl kind,” he says, “but a skinny black ribbon or simple grosgrain or a clear Plexiglas style looks very clean and modern. I love them whether your hair is down or short or long or even in a ponytail. It works whether you’re dressed up or not.”



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Best Hair Care Products of 2005

Hair Care Products

‘Cosmetics cop’ Paula Begoun picks the best hair care products of 2005

A book in my library that I would grab on my way out of my burning house is written by Paula Begoun who is the author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me . She’s also the company founder of “Paula’s Choice” skin-care products. Write to her at 1030 SW 34th St., Suite A, Renton, WA 98055, or visit her Web site: She knows her stuff . . . she wrote this article for the Dallas Morning News:

New Year’s is a time for well-meaning resolutions for self-improvement, but it is also the time for a year in review. So as hundreds of new hair care products are about to be introduced, I want to revisit some of the more impressive products that were launched in 2005. All the products that make my list exemplify the amazing strides the field of cosmetics chemistry continues to make.

Among the top choices on my list are foundations, concealers and powders that are setting new standards of excellence. Also on my list Some hair care products are a cut above the restare state-of-the-art moisturizers (lotions, creams and serums) that allow skin to behave in a healthier manner, sunscreens with elegant and silky aesthetics that encourage daily compliance, and anti-blemish products that contain effective ingredients and have a genuine chance of working (rather than making matters worse). Finally, some hair care products are a cut above the rest – these are beauty breakthroughs everyone should know about.

This list is about great formulations and, in the case of makeup products, impressive performance. But, an item’s inclusion does not mean that I found even a fraction of these companies’ claims about their products true or how they marketed the products the least bit valid.


ALBERTO VO5 Max! Hold Fast-Drying Hair Spray Mega Hold and Quick Hold! Fast-Drying Hair Spray Extra Hold (each $3.99 for 8.5 ounces), Power! Control Styling Gel Mega Hold and Grip It! Styling Gel Extreme Hold (each $3.99 for 7 ounces), and Play It Again! Reworkable Putty ($3.99 for 4 ounces)

AVEDA Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo (left, $19 for 8.5 ounces)

FREDERIC FEKKAI Luscious Curls Conditioner ($23 for 8 ounces)

GARNIER Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Paste Matte Effect (below, $3.99 for 5.1 ounces)

JACK BLACK Sleek Finish Hair Texture Cream ($16 for 4 ounces)

JOICO Silk Result Straight Smoother (right, $15.96 for 5.1 ounces)

L’OREAL Professional Paris Texture Fresh Style Feather Weight Cream ($13 for 4 ounces)

PANTENE Blonde Expressions Color Satin Polish Finishing Creme ($4.99 for 3.5 ounces), Brunette Expressions Velvet Look Sleeking Balm ($4.99 for 3.5 ounces), Ultimate Finish Perfecting Creme ($4.99 for 4 ounces), Thickening Spray ($4.29 for 6.8 ounces), Smooth & Shine Styling Milk ($5.49 for 5.1 ounces), and Classic Care Texture & Shine Defining Pomade ($3.99 for 1.7 ounces)

SEBASTIAN Shaper Shapeshift Hybrid Putty ($12.50 for 1.8 ounces)


Read the entire article

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