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Hair Extensions-How Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton use Them

Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women

Hair extensions, help for women with thinning hair and create spectacular looks for the rest off us

Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have done more for the marketing of hair extensions than top selling manufacturers of these pieces could ever have hoped for. However, the problem now is, the damaging effects from wearing hair extensions has forced Paris Hilton to give up these long luscious hair extensions, at least temporarily, or risk losing her own hair! Eeek!! Here is the type of question that I get often my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!

Do you recommend hair extensions, despite the cost and high maintenance?

In answer to your questions, of what I think about using hair extensions . . . I think they can be lots of fun. Hair extensions can be extremely helpful for women who have thinning hair problems and can totally change your look in an instant! Hair extensions can be used to add length, fullness, high light and texture to your hairstyle. Hair extensions are not limited to just adding length to your hair as some may think.

So, my answer is yes, go for it, but buyer beware, they also can be painful, damaging to your hair and they can get expensive. So you need to choose wisely on what is right for you.

My favorite hair extensions are the clip-on type. You clip them into your own hair style and take them out at night. ThHuman hair extensions can be curled, straightened or colored.ese are by far the most user friendly, most economical and most importantly, they are the easiest on damage to your hair. Your choices are real human hair or synthetic hair. Of course, the human hair is more expensive, but a much better buy in the long run. Human hair can be curled, straightened or colored. Synthetic hair extensions can’t be styled, heat will melt it and it won’t hold a set curl.You also have no in-salon costs of attaching, taking out and reattaching these hair extensions.

If you opt to go to a hair salon to have this done, consider this;

  • Cost most hair salons will charge by the hour for the service of sewing, braiding or gluing the hair extensions you’ve purchased into your hair. Although the hours it will take will vary, the average beauty salon seems to be 4 to 5 hours for a full set of hair extensions. This can easily go from $400 to $1,000 or more. The beauty schools in our area charge $25 to $35 per hour for attaching hair extensions to your hair.
    Now keep in mind the gluing technique lasts approximately 5 days, the sewing and braiding about 4 to 6 weeks.
    A good question to consider might be, how much are you willing to spend on upkeep?
  • Damage control gluing, braiding and sewing hair extensions into your hair style results in breakage.
  • Pain sometimes sewing and braiding can be done too tightly where some women report sleepless nights with the need to return and have them taken out. If you have a sensitive scalp, even the weight of the hair extension may cause considerable pain.

If you want to save money, at Sally Beauty Supply, you can purchase a human hair extension at approximately $1 per inch length. Hair extensions in a standard width, approximately 2 to 3 yards wide. You cut pieces to the width you want and sew in clips you can purchase from any hair product retailer. This can easily save you hundreds of dollars and the health of your hair.

I think finding a local beauty supply store, or wig store is the best way to go when buying extensions. They can help you in finding the color that works best, but checkout my article Chart of Hair Colors to get some ideas. Remember, extensions can be cut to be modified to your needs. The hair extensions you buy will look more natural if they are a shade or two lighter than your roots. If you then decide to shop on the internet, you will have a better idea of what to choose. The problem with buying on the internet is, if you choose the wrong color, they are non-refundable. My favorite, Folica has some good customer reviews to read. You can even compare prices on hair extensions at Amazon, eBay enter “hair extensions” in the search box.

Take a look at some of these sites and be sure to watch the “how to” videos and read “customer reviews” when given.


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Hair Design History Starts With Cleopatra

hair design

Hair design history must include Cleopatra as the patron saint

If I were to prepare a top 10 hair design movies of all time surely in the top three would be Elizabeth Taylor’s role as Cleopatra. Thanks to Diana Kleiner, Yale art history and classics professor has a book published recently that suggests that the Hollywood celebrity hair designers could learn a lot about public perception and hair designs by looking at Cleopatra images that have been uncovered Roman antiquities.

Cleopatra Worked Her Power Hair

Egyptian queen Cleopatra used her hair designs in calculated ways to enhance her power and fame, according to a book published recently by a Yale art history and classics professor.

Statues, coins and other existing depictions of the queen suggest Cleopatra (69-30 B.C.) wore at least three hair designs, according to Diana Kleiner. The first, a “traveling” hair design that mimicked the hair of a Macedonian Greek queen, involved sectioning the hair into curls, which were then often pulled away from the face and gathered into a bun at the back. Worn different hair designs in different circumstances, playing to her audience

The next was a coiffure resembling a melon, and the third was the regal Cleopatra in her royal Egyptian headdress, complete with a rearing cobra made of precious metal.

Cleopatra did not invent any of these hair designs, but she used them to her advantage, Kleiner indicated in her book “Cleopatra and Rome.”

“From the time of (Egyptian King) Ptolemy I, the Ptolemaic queens wore the ‘melon hair design’ with its segmented sections resembling a melon or gourd,” Kleiner told Discovery News. “When Cleopatra followed suit, she was more traditionalist than trendsetter. These same Ptolemaic queens were also depicted in art with the usual Egyptian wigged headdress that had its origins in Pharaonic times. Cleopatra did as well, so again she followed tradition and did not innovate when it came to hair design.”

“But,” Kleiner added, “Cleopatra appears to have worn different hair designs in different circumstances, playing to her audience, so to speak, in life and in art.”



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Learn How to Perm Hair!


How to avoid perm surprises

Perming your hair is something that you should approach with caution and only after a good understanding of the downsides of how to perm hair. Here is a great place to get up to speed thanks to Beauty

Learn More About How to Perm Your Hair!

Want to change your hairdo? Aside from a mohawk, one of the most exciting ways to alter your look is with a “perm” or permanent wave. It can increase the fullness of soft, fine hair, put a curl or wave into straight hair, or simply make your hair easier to style. How to Perm Hair

Once, anything other than a professional salon perm put you at risk of looking like Don King. But today, there are excellent, easy-to-control home perms for every type of hair. The key to success in home perms is choosing the right product for your hair.

Curls 101


  • Hair is curly or straight because of complex physical and chemical bonds. A permanent changes hair by breaking those bonds. You use rods to reshape the hair, then neutralizer to let the bonds reform.
  • Make sure to treat your hair with the proper conditioners prior to the perm process.
  • Sectioning and blocking involve dividing your head into uniform working areas. This requires a lot of practice and is a big advantage of a professional perm.

Read the entire article on perming your hair



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