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Summer Hair Protection Tips

Summer Hair Protection

Minnesotan’s have gotten out the hats

Do you believe this heat wave? Local hair salons must be having a record July helping their clients deal with all the summer hair damage that is out there. This morning I went for a walk in a park near home that has a big playground with lots of moms. For the first time today I noticed a very large majority were wearing hats of some kind. Obviously after several days of record breaking sunshine everybody has given up on care and has opted for summer hair protection. A very wise strategy, by the way, I know I have posted several summer hair protection tip articles lately but no matter who the hairdresser is they will have to admit the the best summer hair protection routines for this time of year is a hat.

But if hats are not your thing here is an interesting piece from the CBS 3 Philadelphia complete with video on some great tips for making it through the summer without a hair transplant. Pay particular attention to the advice on hair dryers. Put away those hair dryers until the kids go back to school, your hair will love you for it.

Summer Hair Protection

Natasha Brown Reporting(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA

Lots of us have had a bad hair day on Monday, thanks to the rain. However, if your hair is bad even on sunny summer days, maybe it needs some special summer hair protection. CBS 3’s Natasha Brown shows you the things that might work for you.

Summer sun is tough on hair. “It definitely gets a little more bleached and dry,” said one hair salon customer, “especially being at the shore, the beach, salt water, the pool, and chlorine.”

Ponytails, pigtails and hats act as quick fixes for some, but sun exposure can leave hair looking limp and lifeless. What do hairdressers say you should do? “We have a leave-in conditioner,” said Alex Molchazskiy of L’Etoile. “You can spray it on your hair and it protects from the sun.”

There are dozens of new summer hair protection products flooding the market. Phyto Sun Protectant products are one line claiming to offer UV protection. Kiehl’s Leave-In Conditioner is meant to shelter the hair from harmful sun rays. “Use a product that contains a sunscreen, preferably, if you’re going to be out in the sun a lot for the summer,” said Rick Boldini of Sianni Salon.

A lot of hairdressers swear by these products, but not everyone is sold. Beauty industry author Paula Begoun is skeptical, pointing out that the FDA doesn’t allow hair care products to carry an SPF rating. “If the UV protection is in a product like a conditioner, and you’re in the shower, you’re rinsing those sunscreen ingredients down the drain,” said Begoun. “If you’re putting it on in the form of a hair styling product, the heat from your blow dryer or flat iron is also degrading the sunscreen ingredients.”



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Sally Beauty Supply has had a bad year

Would you believe Sally’s been kicked out of the house?

Boy the Sally’s Beauty Supply saga never seems to end.

For regular readers of this space you’ve probably followed the story of one of my favorite sources for hair care supplies. Sally Beauty is a fine company and doesn’t deserve abuse that it has taken at the hands of its founder, parent company and other vultures who only seem to be in the picture to strip her of any assets or management.

It all started in January with my article Regis and Sally Beauty Supply, in which the whole mess got started with proposed marriage between Sally’s and Regis. Then in April Sally gave back the ring, Sally Beauty Supply – Regis deal is off. When everybody found out that Regis didn’t have as fat a wallet as they thought. Then in another April story, Sally Beauty Supply, nobody wants her Sally’s parents announced they were hunting for a new beau for Sally. Finding nobody, now Sally’s parents are kicking her out?

It almost is starting to read like a soap opera . . .

Sally Beauty Co. is being spun off by personal care and consumer products company Alberto-Culver Co. in a $3 billion transaction.

Under the deal, Denton-based Sally Beauty will become a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Read the entire article Alberto-Culver to spin off Sally Beauty

Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of Poor Sally!


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