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Hair Health

Shape Magazine’s 12 tips for Hair Health

“Hair Health News”

Shape magazine went to a lot of work on this article about on hair health. What I particularly liked about it was that each tip came from a hairdresser and came with hair care product recommendations. Many of those products I was unaware of, so its worth a read to see what might be a new hair care product that might help you with one of your hairstyle struggles. But other than the product review, I really can’t say I learned anything new. But I suggest a read anyway, as you can’t pay too much attention to the hair health. Here’s one you might not hear that often, but it still gets said, smoking… Stop smoking, it’s speculated that smking can increase the speed of hair loss and the rate in which you gray, as well as the smoke itself damaging your hair, if you’d like to try and give up smoking you could try an alternative like using Juul Pods or something similar.

12 Tips For Hair Health
Get the shine, movement and softness you desire — fast and easy — with our expert advice from top pros.

By Kathy Miller Kramer

Hair is the ultimate accessory; it can add to (or detract from) your overall look instantly. Keeping your hair in healthy condition is the most important thing you can do to help it look and feel fabulous. And, while it seems easy, this isn’t as simple as minimizing chemical treatments or slathering on a weekly deep conditioner. While these can make your strands softer and less split-end-prone, what really matters is the daily handling; this is what creates the most stress — and potential damage — to your hair. To help your hair look its best, we asked top experts from around the country for their advice on how to baby your hair health every single day. So whether your concern is dullness, damage, frizz or fragility, we have the answers to ease even the toughest hair health woes. Read on for tips to achieve run-your-fingers-through-it hair. ‘

  1. Steer clear of plastic-bristle brushes. “The proper bristles are key,” says hairdresser Edward Tricomi of the Warren-Tricomi Salon in New York City. “A combination of natural boar bristles on either a round or flat brush are best for dry hair, while soft, rubber-toothed wide-paneled brushes are best for damp hair.” Our favorite brushes include the Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush and Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush.


  1. Brush before shampooing. A few gentle strokes on dry hair will help remove product buildup and scalp flakes, as well as stimulate the scalp and promote blood flow (which delivers nutrients like oxygen) to hair follicles. For a smoother slide, try Clairol Herbal Essences Let It Loose Detangling Spray.


  1. Know your water. If your hair looks dull or is hard to style, the problem could be your tap water. According to Minneapolis-based Gordon Nelson, international creative director for Regis Salons, well water contains natural minerals (called “hard water”) that can leave hair lusterless and hard to manage and can impart a brassy, orange hue. Soft water, on the other hand, has fewer damaging minerals. (Ask your local water department if your water is soft or hard, or try using Robert Craig’s No More Bad Hair Days Kit, $20; with strips to test your water.) To rid hair of mineral buildup, suds up every week with a clarifying shampoo. We like Frederic Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo 8 oz .

Read the entire article, 12 Tips For Hair Health


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Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Be very wary of the snake oil salesmen on hair loss prevention products

Please read this article with care it is full of nonsense, but it does contain some good information for those of you who are seeing some troubling hair loss symptoms.

I’m sorry I just don’t buy into these hair re-growth claims no matter who they come from. I have yet to see a legitimate double-blind scientific study from any source that has proven you can re-grow hair with any product. Just save your money, when and if a product ever does scientifically prove to re-grow hair you won’t have to worry about being in the loop. It will be front page headlines in every news media in every corner of the globe. You could be living in a cave and the news will get to you. It will be the biggest medical story of the decade. You’ll get tired of hearing the story.

In the meantime just say no to all these claims.

But if you begin to see the telltale signs that you are experiencing hair loss there are some pro active things you should do immediately, they are:

  1. Make an appointment immediately to see a Doctor. Many times it can be a simple chemical imbalance that could be fixed by something as simple as using finasteride.

  2. Take the braids, ponytails and other tight hair pulling hairstyles off the table immediately.

  3. Stop all chemical treatments immediately.

  4. Change to a healthier diet and drink lots of water.

You can’t re-grow your hair but you can for sure slow down hair loss.

Female hair loss not so rare
Contra Costa Times

By Jessica Yadegaran

CHERYL BREWSTER was the envy of every gym rat, with her hard body and shoulder-length, sun-kissed locks.

So when she began experiencing hair loss two years ago, the personal trainer was devastated.

‘My part was getting wider, I could see more of my scalp and it was no coincidence that clumps of hair were falling out in the shower,’ says Brewster, 40, of Orinda.

A slew of vitamins and thickening hair loss shampoos later, Brewster’s dermatologist diagnosed her with female-pattern baldness and started her on Rogaine — the drug minoxidil — which initially caused Brewster to shed more hair. It is only recently, after a year of use, that Brewster is seeing regrowth.

‘I was horrified,’ recalls Brewster, who went on anti-depressants. ‘I didn’t want to be the trainer with the bald head.’

It’s likely that stress and anemia exacerbated Brewster’s genetic condition. In fact, there are endless triggers for the millions of women who suffer from hair loss — from medications and crash dieting to thyroid problems and autoimmune disorders, says Alexander Lewis, a Walnut Creek dermatologist. Millions more suffer from traction alopecia, a hair-loss epidemic caused by cornrow braids and other tight hairstyles.

Unlike male-pattern baldness, which is triggered by a known hormone, women with the hair loss condition often find themselves on a frustrating journey with more dead-ends than answers. Often they become depressed, coping with the loss of their crowning glory in a society that favors full, youthful heads of hair. For that reason, many don’t seek help. But a growing online hair loss community is now spreading the word on what works and where to get help.

‘Women have camouflaged their hair loss for a long time,’ says Alan Bauman, a Florida hair transplant surgeon whose clientele is 40 percent female. ‘But it is definitely coming out of the closet, thanks to new hair loss treatments.’

Hair loss is perfectly normal. The average woman sheds 50 to 100 hairs daily, experts say. With age, follicles produce less quality hair, particularly after menopause. Regardless, dermatologists see just as many women in their 30s and 40s as post-menopausal women, says Dr. Lewis, a Stanford University adjunct associate professor of dermatology.



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Hair Salon Marketing Slow to Adopt Technology

Salon Marketing, because you’re a hairdresser . . . and not a geek!

I love it! I laughed out loud when the headline “Hair Salon Marketing Slow to Adopt Technology” popped up in my mailbox. In my world, hair stylists DO know how to do salon marketing! The words hairdresser and geek in the same sentence may best be described as an oxymoron . . . wouldn’t you agree?

There simply are not enough hours in a day to do the creative hair styling stuff you love and keep up with technology. hairdressers can run a business the way they always have and get by, at least for a while, or you could hire Salon Geeks to keep you in touch with the newest computer, marketing and business technologies in the hair salon and spa world.

That being said, embracing social media is so important in our industry! Some salons use their Facebook page to not only show off the latest hairstyles but as an online booking system where clients can send a message and get booked in that very same day! One of my friends who owns a salon business recently told me about how changing their facebook cover photo size lead to more customers liking and sharing her photos. It’s so cool that hair salons can use social media to their advantage!

Salon Geeks was founded by Anthony Angell, a hairdresser/geek who recognized the missed opportunities many hair salons face because of the lack of experience they may have in the techie world. He saw this first hand, in a friends’ hair salon, that the computer and software he was using was so antiquated that, well, for my lack of better words, it may have better served him if used as a door-stop!

Recently, I posted articles about chain hair salons, specifically the new Sports Clips opportunity, which is run primarily by businessmen, not hairdressers. As a matter of fact, they encourage non-hairdressers to own the hair salon to have the owners focus on salon marketing vs. behind the chair customer service. That way they know if the business side of operations is handled up to their proven business standards, they will have more successful salons and so more hair salon sales.

History shows us that this business concept does work, much to the chagrin of many professionals in the hair salon business.

I do understand the feeling of . . . who knows our business better than us? But yet not one of them will reduce the impact of the franchises on the competitive market environment in the hair salon business.

Salon Geeks is a company worth checking out. If you don’t have the time to stay on top of the next new thing that will keep your salon marketing up to speed, check out what Salon Geeks has to offer.

Just a few of the services offered to hair salons and spas;

  • Advertising, Design and Salon Marketing
  • Hair Salon Software
  • Management Best Practices
  • Retail Therapy, Merchandising Concepts
  • Web Design & e-Commerce
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • Receptionist Boot Camp
  • Hair Salon Geeks University
  • Email, SMS & Interactive Voice Marketing



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