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Hairstyle trend for fall


Hair powder to be a fall hairstyle trend

This week hubby and I watched the four hour TV saga Elizabeth I, they must have used a spent a sizable portion of the budget for the movie with hairdressers.

“looks like it might become a fashion trend this fall”

The entire movie was filled with dozens of those also a sixteenth century beehive type hairstyles that required hours and hours of labor to produce. Hair powder became a useful technique to make a style last. These elaborate hairstyles required that the style be kept in place for sometimes longer than a week without shampooing in between.

Hair powder absorbs oil, therefore by using hair powder in their hair women were able to avoid that oily hair look that can occur after just a few days without shampooing. A fashion trend evolved and it was considered a unclean not to have hair powder in a hairstyle. In fact even your wigs had to have a hair powdered look.

To this day if you walk into a court room in the UK you will see the judges and barristers wearing powdered wigs. Now, the hair care product manufacturers here in the United States think they have something new. As you can see in this article from Coutorture.

But before I ran out and bought a brand new pricey hair care product, I would use what my grandmother used and that is plain old cornstarch, it will perform the same function as any expensive hair care powder product. Apparently I might have to do just that, it looks like it might become a fashion trend this fall.

I don’t know about you but I will draw the line at the beehive look.

Fall Trend Watch: Hair Powder

Apply hair powder at the roots and work into the hair until the powder is completely dissolved. Allow the powder to dry completely, and then brush through the hair to help spread the powder to the ends of the hair and remove any excess. At that point, style the hair or tease roots for lasting body and style.




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New Perm Technique


Permed Hairstyles, New Perms


We have light beer, light butter now comes new light perms

“New Perms”

Michele Bender of Health magazine reports on her experience with a new perms technique. ISO Nexture Treatment from new perms that washes out after about 20 shampoos. The price for this new perm treatment was $200.

What really had me scratching my hair was “who is going to want to perm their hair for only six weeks”, especially at $200? Is it just me? Or does a six week hair perm hold some promise? Leave me a comment.

Get New-Age Perms

The challenge: With hair as straight as Marcia Brady’s, Megan has always longed for curls. “Wavy hair looks so sexy and carefree,” she says. “Still, I was afraid to get a new perm. I’ve seen too many people suffer that fried-hair look. And since I have high lights, I worried that a new perm would damage my already-processed hair.”



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Celebrity Hairstyles How Tos

hairstyles how toos

Looking for celebrity hairstyles how to’s?

I love the European media for good hairstyles how to’s . It seems that I see so many articles with good how to hairstyling tips in the European media than some of their American Counter parts. So much of the American media hairstyle coverage is a lot of PR for the hair care product manufacturer or to stroke the ego of some la-de-da hotshot hairdresser. Most articles are pretty lean when it comes to really good hairstyling tips for the likes of you and I.

Celebrity Hairstyles How To’s”

But every time I wander over the pond to see what is going on I’m often treated to a pleasant surprise. Today was one of those days. Charlotte Haigh of the site has a wonderfully detailed article on how to on how to obtain the hairstyle look of some of your favorite celebrities, including:

How to get the:

  • Christina Aguilera, Blonde bombshell look

  • Coleen McLoughlin’s Extensions

  • Davina McCall, Super-glossy look

  • Britney Spears, Blonde to brunette

  • Kate Beckinsale, in that wonderful perfectly straight look



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