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Permanent False Eye Lashes




False Eye Lash Transplants, Do You Believe it?

My grand mother, bless her soul didn’t believe in coloring her hair. She would be rolling over in her grave if she could read this article. She would be asking “what does this mean for human evolution?”

“Permanent False
Eye Lashes”

Now comes false eye lash transplants . . . Not something that I would do. Sounds painful and is very pricey coming in at $8,000. Even by cosmetic surgery standards this procedure will be beyond the reach of a good many of us.

But for burn victims and others that experience some form of disfiguration this could be a real blessing. I must admit I really feel fashionable when I have spent some extra time on my eye lashes in the morning. My guess is that we are going to start reading about celebrities who undergo this false eye lash transplant procedure.

“Eye Lash transplantation does for the eyes what breast augmentation does for the figure,” said Dr Alan Bauman, a leading proponent of false eye lash transplants.

Under the procedure, a small incision is made at the back of the scalp to remove 30 or 40 hair follicles which are carefully sewn one by one onto the patient’s eyelids. Only light sedation and local anesthetist are used.



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The Sallys Beauty Saga Continues

Sallys Beauty Supply
What more can befall poor Sally’s Beauty Supply?

It all started in January with my article Regis and Sally’s Beauty Supply, in which the whole mess got started with proposed marriage between Sally and Regis. Then in April Sally gave back the ring, Sally’s Beauty Supply – Regis deal is off when everybody found out that Regis didn’t have as fat a wallet as they thought. Then in another April story, Sally Beauty Supply, nobody wants her Sally’s parents announced they were hunting for a new beau for Sally. Finding nobody, they foisted the wounded Sally on the rest of us by selling stock to the public. I am sure glad I did not buy any of the stock (had I known, I probably would have).

“Now Sally’s Beauty Supply is a soap opera”

Now comes news that Sally’s Beauty Supply is losing the exclusive rights to market the L’Oreal line of hair care products. Looks like the French three piece suits are going to be letting their new offspring The Body Shop in on some of the action. Also it looks like Sally may be having some difficulties with Redken as well as the same press release announces that Sally’s Armstrong-McCall division will be ceasing to distribute Redken products. What this means is that Sally will take a $110 million loss. What a shame, I really do like my local Sally’s Beauty Supply. At this point it seems it might be seeing some changes.

BY SANDRA GUY Business Reporter

French hair-care giant L’Oreal surprised Sally’s Beauty Holdings, the spin-off of Alberto-Culver, by taking away Sally’s exclusive rights to sell L’Oreal’s shampoo and hair-care products to beauty salons.



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What to do When a Hair Stylist Messes up

Hairloss Pic

Finding a New Hair stylist is Not Always Your Best Option

Any hair salon, that wants to stay in business, will stand behind their work and will generally do what it takes to correct any errors or mistakes that they or a hairdresser may have made.

“don’t want to whine and think they just have to live with it”

But . . . do you trust them try to be able to resolve their screw up?

I see sometimes 35 women a week or more in my hair style classes. The atmosphere is one where they feel comfortable and non threatened in expressing their true feelings about experiences with their hairdressers. I now realize, that as a hairdresser, I was unaware of how many women, when faced with a screw up or an unhappy result from a salon visit, feel between a rock and a hard place as to how to handle it.

From these women’s stories, I break down their dilemmas into two categories; those who have lost trust and those who don’t want to whine and think they just have to live with it.

Have you lost trust in your hairdresser or hair colorists abilities? You need to make an important decision; do you stay or walk away? It will be to your advantage if you can work it out with a hairdresser you have built trust and a history with. Before just walking away, or just putting up with it, ask yourself this;

  • Could the problem be because of a communication misunderstanding vs. a lack of ability or concern on your hairdresser’s part? If your problem comes from a communication mishap, by talking it out now, you have a good possibility of being able to resurrect the screw up. It is up to you to be assertive if you’re unhappy, to be clear and up front about your disappointments. Lots of women express that by being honest, they feel they will hurt their hairdresser’s feelings, so they say nothing, remain unhappy and sometimes walk away, only to have it happen with their next hairdresser as well. A good hairdresser have tougher skin than you may think, but they would want the chance to make it right, make you feel good about your look and keep you as a customer and friend. In short, if the hairdresser doesn’t know it’s broke, they can’t fix it.

  • If you assess the “screw up” comes from incompetence on the hairdressers part, you have two choices. Leave or give the hair salon another shot. Contact the hair salon owner or manager, explain that you are not satisfied with the outcome and request a consultation to decide on a strategy to rectify the situation. Again, the hair salon owner wants to keep you as a satisfied customer and will work at getting things back on track for you. Rely on your gut instinct. It will tell you if the hair salon is reputable and worth giving another try or not.



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