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Jennifer Hudson a Real Life Dreamgirl

jennifer hudson dream girls

Jennifer Hudson Hair Style will Spark a Comeback of a 60s Hair Style

Jennifer Hudson, who was rejected in 2004 on American Idol is now WOW-ing them all. Not only does she prove to have an electrifying and soulful voice, but rises to the occasion of nailing her role as the defiant diva, Effie Melody White, in the upcoming movie, Dreamgirls. Simon Cowell, of American Idol told Hudson, “you’re out of your league,” on national television back in 2004. If I want to recognize any redeeming factor in his comment, it’s that Jennifer resolved that he made her want to prove him wrong.

“Jennifer Hudson hair styles for this movie”

You go girl! Jennifer Hudson, just this week was named best supporting actress for the New York Film Critics Online Awards. Not bad for her very first movie. Not only that, but she also won the breakthrough performer award. She is also the runner up for best supporting actress for the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. American Film Institute just voted Dreamgirls as one of the top 10 movies.

I can’t wait to see this movie with all its glitz, glamour and music entertainment. Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Tony Award winner Anika Noni-Rose are the Dreamgirls, who are a trio of soul singers, inspired by The Supremes. Jamie Foxx, with his exceptional voice, Eddie Murphy and Danny Glover are all phenomenal actors who are sure to make this an Academy Awards favorite.

Celebrity hairdresser, Kim Kimble, created over 50 wig hair styles for this movie. She needed to follow the girls from their teen years in ponytails and bangs, to arrow cuts, (now called inverted bob’s) to glammed-out bouffant hair style. The hair styles of the 60s and early 70s are seen once again in their full glory. It’s my prediction that this movie will spark a return of at least one hair style of that era, it will just return with a new twist to it, as all hair styles do.

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Hair Style Book Makes Good Gift

Hair Style Book

My Suggestions for Hair Style Book Also Makes for Great Gift

“Hair Style Book
for Gifts”

Over the past couple of years I have done several reviews of the hair style books that are in my library. I’m giving a couple of them this year as Christmas presents.

I know that coming up with a great personalized gift for under $25 can sometimes be a chore, so I thought I’d post what is in my library for those of you who want to know what hair style book to have on hand in your own library or give as a gift. These are the classics. They are all available on Amazon and can be easily delivered before Christmas.


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Hairdresser Gifts Idea

Christmas Ornament "Hairstylists bring out the beauty in everyone"

Looking for Hair Stylist Gifts for Christmas?

I imagine lots of you are out in cyberspace searching for just the “right hair stylist gifts” for those on your Christmas list, driving yourself crazy. So, I thought that sharing with you the types of gifts that I and my fellow stylist received over the years, might help you in being able to narrow down just what gift is appropriate for your hairdresser.

First and foremost, you’ve heard this before, but as a recipient of gifts from my clients, “it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts.” IT’S SO TRUE.

If you can live by this rule, it WILL make your life easier.

These are the top hairdresser gifts:


  • $$$ — Clearly this is the gift given most often . . . and always highly appreciated. How much? Maybe double the normal tip that you might leave. . . but, read below for another way to do it.
  • Food —Chocolate, Nuts, Cheeses, Dipping Oils, Teas
  • Cordials — Wine or a favorite cordial i.e.: Baileys Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, B&B etc.
  • Christmas plant — poinsettia, mix of greens
  • Scented candles



Tipping – It is a personal matter and your hair stylist knows and understands this completely. The true meaning of the “tip” is that you are acknowledging good service. (The biggest tip you can give is to become a loyal client.) That being said, I tip 20% for good service in the hair salon as well as restaurants. Having worked as both a stylist and a waitress in my life, I know that is an appropriate tip for me for service well done. If you can’t afford 20% and still want to give something, than give what you can, not everyone tips 20% and people in service industries understand this.

Hair Stylist Christmas tipping – It follows the above, do what is appropriate for you . . . but here is a good story of another way to do it; My home salon, the one I worked at the longest, was an upscale shop in downtown St. Paul and we had mostly a business clientele. The owner of the hair salon was highly regarded in the business world and had the clientele to prove it, top business people in the Twin Cities. We were a full service salon, before it became vogue, including a shoe shiner and manicurist who would perform these services while you were having your hair styled.

The owner didn’t want tips and would discourage his clients from doing so. But, he expressed one Christmas to me, how classy he thought this particular client handled tipping. He was one of a number of clients who came in regularly, every two weeks, for his hair style, shoe shine and manicure. At his appointment during the Christmas season, he gave each person, hairdresser, shoe shine man and manicurist, money that amounted to a 20% tip for the entire year. As you can imagine, it was a memorable and thoughtful gift to receive. (The client was my hubby, Gary – though we weren’t an item at that time.) I can tell you first hand, that is, my feelings as well as my associates and acquaintances in the business, it’s not the gift, or how much it cost but the thought.

All of these things are mostly appreciated because of the THOUGHT. Your client has taken extra time to acknowledge your good work and your friendship and that is the gift that counts.


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