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    Free Prom Makeovers

    free prom makeovers

    Houston Chronicle giving away free Prom hair style makeover – Hurry

    The Houston Chronicle is doing a fun promotion for Prom this spring . . . letting it’s readers vote on the most deserving high school Prom attendee, who’ll get a free prom makeover, including the dress, hairstyle and makeover. The whole ball of wax.

    “Free Prom Makeovers”

    It is sure to be a hit with the Houston prom aged girls. It got me thinking that free prom makeovers would be a great hair salon promotion this spring anywhere.

    Prom hairstyles are a big business and girls that age usually haven’t developed a loyalty to a specific hair salon by that age. So it is pretty easy for a hairdresser to get lots of new long-term, high spending clients.

    If you know of a young hairdresser just out of beauty school, pass this tip along.

    Send us a short story about why you (or someone you know) should get a free prom makeover — dress and all. We’ll pick finalists and then readers will vote online for the young woman who most deserves to be treated like a prom queen for a day.


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    How Can I Get my Natural Hair Color Back?

    stripping hair back to natural colour

    A recently posted question on stripping back to your natural hair color

    I want to let my natural (almost pure white) hair grow in. I have very healthy, coarse-textured fairly long hair that I have been coloring honey blonde for years. Is there a way to match this bright white hair with some kind of streaks or hair high lights? Lately, on TV, I have been seeing young men with beautiful white or silver hair, so it must be possible — surely they could not have gone completely white/grey at such an early age! A couple hairdressers have suggested bleached hair high lights — but they say they cannot achieve a match with the white that is my natural hair color — it will just have to grow out, they say. Is this true? What do you suggest I do, especially to avoid damaging my hair?

    Comment by Laura — January 18, 2007


    From my perspective you have 3 options to get back to your natural hair color:

    1. Cut it short and let the hair color grow out, or bleach and tone.

    2. Bleached hair high lights, as the hairdressers you mentioned suggested but which won’t match your natural white hair color.

    3. Bleach up and tone back with a semi-permanent hair color. (My choice)

    Find a reputable hair colorist to do this and you’ll be happy with the results. They’ll bleach your hair up to a pale yellow hair color shade leaving your regrowth untouched.

    “Getting Back to Natural Hair Color”

    Then they can tone back all of the hair with a semi-permanent platinum hair color shade. Bleaching is the only way to get the blonde hair color out of your hair. A semi-permanent tone back will fade in 6 to 12 weeks or more.

    You may need to tone the regrowth to even out the hair color until the old bleached hair is cut out. As the toner fades, you’re left with your natural white hair color. Since your hair is very healthy you shouldn’t have a problem going this route, unless you have extremely long hair. It’s more difficult to lift color out of long hair evenly.

    Deep conditioning treatments would be good to do beforehand and afterwords. The young men you mentioned seeing on TV with white hair, no doubt had their hair bleached up and toned back to the hair color you’re seeing.

    Don’t miss our complete guide to hair coloring for more in-depth information.

    For further discussion on hair color correction you might want to check out these other articles:

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    American Idol Hairstyles – Minneapolis Disaster!

    American Idol Hairstyles Disappointment

    “American Idol Hairstyle Let Down”

    I was watching as American Idol began their new season showcasing hopefuls from my area of Minneapolis, St. Paul. Hooked, like so many others, apparently 37 million others, I was confident I could do a twofer that night. Thought I could catch some good entertainment AND find some American Idol hairstyles that would be blog-worthy. Little did I know of the shows plan of events. I ended up with absolutely nothing to report on the American Idol hairstyle front and I was not very entertained. So forgive me if I do a little personal rant.

    Last year I got hooked on the show but hadn’t seen it from the very beginning. Did past episodes start like this one, with sooo many poor vulnerable souls who are set up for the big put down? Maybe it was that I was expecting to see a lot more talent from my stomping grounds of Minneapolis, St. Paul, that I know we have plenty of. I am reminded that American Idol has its own agenda on which it’s achieved it’s number 1 status.

    There is a part in all of us that wants to see the underdog make it to the top of the heap and the kid next door become the next American Idol. That is after all the American Dream. But, in the name of entertainment, we hear the hard luck stories and see the . . . oh, so hard to watch . . . hopeful individuals who, apparently are unaware of the demise before them. The producers have chosen these contestants, out of thousands who audition, to compete in front of America, to be given up for the slaughter.

    I’m hopeful they will find a way to keep the show a success and drop the rather inhuman ridicule of the unsuspecting. They have heard this already echoed across the country. If your uncertain that many talented kids get passed by in order to fill the chopping blocks with the lambs . . . here is a friend who didn’t make the cut . . . check it out . . .

    I guess I’m mad at Simon and Randy’s comments about the lack of talent in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We have an abundance of musical talent here in the Twin Cities, you just weren’t allowed to see it. What do you think?

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