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    Chop Crop How To

    Chop Hairstyle

    Chop Crop Short Hairstyles How To

    This shorter version of the chop crop cut features irregular ends, long interior layers and piecy bangs that you can play up or down as desired. At Elon salon in Marietta, GA, Stacy King says the haircut isn’t intended to look perfectly in place, which makes it ideal for those who like a more casual look or aren’t great at precision hairstyle finishing. Long bangs are snipped into a curved shape to frame the eyes, but can be brushed back into the style anytime you want. Worn in front of the ears, the cut takes on a whole new look that can be styled full or sleek.

    • This Hairstyle Works Best If:

      • Your hair is medium in volume and medium in texture.

      • Your hair is naturally straight or slightly bodified.


    • This Hairstyle Requires:

      • Daily blow-drying. Start with freshly shampooed hair, towel-dry and add a dollop of mousse, working it evenly from roots to ends. Comb hair behind your ears and begin blow-drying by bending up the ends with a round brush. Lift top layers to add some volume then curve bangs slightly around the brush. Now, finger-style the top moving pieces to either side of the part and pulling down a few more pieces to act as bangs if desired.

      • A trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

    • This Hairstyle is Not Recommended If:

      • Your hair is sparse or very fine.

      • You have somewhat irregular features . . . this cut reveals all!


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    Hairstyle Tips and Trends

    Brittany Snow with Dark Roots

    Here are some articles that you might have missed recently

    • Get the Brittany Snow Look ~~ Brittany Snow’s look at the premier for the movie Hairspray was stunning. The hairstyle is pretty basic, half up and half down, was well done. But what made her a showstopper was her makeup. Glam has an excellent step by step on how to get this knockout look. With step by step including specific cosmetic product recommendations. Give it a look.

    • Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss ~~ Women who become pregnant can look forward to lots of changes in their hair both before the big day and after. Hair Loss is not unusual, if it becomes a concern see your doctor, but if it is just routine hair loss Gina Bevinetto at has this excellent article for a hair care routine for new mothers. Even if you’re not experiencing hair loss this routine will get your hair back to it’s natural healthy state quickly.

    Hairstyles for a rectangular face shape

    • Face Shape~~ My articles on face shape are always some of my most highly read pages, so I try to keep you all abreast of new information on matching a hairstyle to your face shape that comes across my desk. Lynne Chapman at Bella Online as usual, has the best article I have ever seen on matching a hairstyle to a narrow or rectangular face shape. Nicely done Lynn!

    Courteney Cox Arquette’s Hairstyle

    • Vodka, Courteney Cox Arquette’s Secret ~~ Gorgeous hair is one of the hallmarks of this beauty and Fit Fare is reporting that her hairdresser Robert Hallowell uses a concoction that sounds like something your friendly bartender would serve. I’m a little concerned about the citrus aspect though, generally speaking the high acid in citrus can be hard on your hair.

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    Rihanna Short Hair Cut

    Rihanna Pictures

    Rihanna Short Hair Cut . . . Another Celebrity Goes For a Short Hairstyle!

    Now that Rihanna Short Hair Cut has peaked into the picture. Another celebrity who has fallen off the long hair wagon is R&B singer, Rihanna. She is one of several celebrities recently to go to short hair and that’s just how hot new hairstyle trends begin. Rihanna short hair cut, as seen on Victoria (Posh) Beckham first, will be showing up everywhere, in variations.

    I’m not hot on this version that’s created on Rihanna short hair cut though, I think she’ll get tired of it quickly as she can’t do too much to change the shape and look of the hair cut. Also, the Rihanna short hair cut is too severe, the long side is too long and unbalanced. She would do much better to shorten that side and add long textured layers throughout, with a partial long hint of a bang. That would add interest and shape and compliment her beautiful heart shaped face! But of course that would also look more like Victoria Beckham’s cut, which her hairdresser said he was trying to avoid.

    Rihanna Short HaircutRihanna Pictures

    Rihanna did wear this voguish looking short hair cut before growing into the long hairstyle. This shape fits her better for balance and style. But, again with a little tweaking, her newest short hair cut will look fab! And, as much as I like long hair, both of these short cut’s have more attitude and style than her long hair. Don’t you think?


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