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Fergie, How’d You Get That Bouncy Hairstyle?

Fergie Hairstyle

A Few Tips To Get Fergie’s New-Hairdo!

Fellow Glamer, showed this picture of Fergie, on her celebrity site, after she changed her hairstyle up a bit and went with that bouncy All American Girl curl. She asks how you get this look? It is, the hairstyle we’re seeing all over Hollywood these days.

“perfect hair type is slightly wavy and medium volume”

It’s not hard to achieve as long as you have some body to your hair and you don’t mind a little putzing.

If your hair is sleek, straight and glossy by nature, don’t waste your time. You probably deep down already know this but, it won’t hold for you. Even if your hair is high lighted, which will give it more ooomph, this type of bounce ain’t gonna happen for you. I’m sorry to say, I’m just trying to save you some time and aggravation here.

The perfect hair type for this hairstyle is slightly wavy with a medium volume, that is, not too heavy and thick and not too thin.

  • Blow-dry fast upside down, using a root lifter and a mousse, fluffing it till 90% dry.

  • Blow-dry with a round brush to tip ends and smooth hair a bit.

  • Set in large rollers and spray lightly with a finishing spray.

  • Heat rollers up with your hair dryer on medium power with a high heat setting, not blowing hair out of place.

  • Leave in for at least 20 minutes. Take out gently, brush through upside down spraying lightly underneath with a finishing spray.

  • Flip up and finish lightly.

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Britney’s Hairdresser Ken Paves, Bails

Ken Paves installs clip in hair extensions on Jessica Simpson

Back to that infamous VMA performance

The obvious faux-pas at the VMA performance for Britney was the outfit she chose to wear, but what about her hair? What happened there?

“in a loop, attracting bad energy over and over again”

To tell the truth, Britney has never swayed me to use her as a hair model, that is, someone I write about to mirror her hairstyles. Her hair doesn’t seem to change much and she looks the same to me pretty much all the time. But, what happened the night of the VMA awards is another story. According to hollyscoop, her infamous hairdresser, Ken Paves, whose known for his work with Jessica Simpson, and many other high-profile clients, decided to bail after arguments between the two persisted.

Apparently Britney hasn’t picked up any hair styling tips over the years from Ken, or anyone else for that matter. Her hair had no style that night. What do you think she did to style her hair for her comeback performance on VMA? It’s unfortunate, but when it rains, it pours.

Britney seems to be in a loop, attracting more of the same kind of bad energy over and over again. She would do well for herself to learn what all the buzz is about on the hot topic of, “The Law of Attraction.” Do you think she is in a mindset where she is attracting what she is putting out?


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Change My Hairstyle

Charlize Theron Hairstyle

Changing my hairstyle is easier than you think

It’s no secret that you always want what you don’t have: straight strands to replace your endlessly frizzy, curly hair; body and waves to give your flat, limp pieces an injection of life. But while your mother might’ve had to make do with the hair she was born with, you don’t have to! From long-term hair salon remedies to at-home solutions that require less of commitment, there’s lots you can do to take charge of your hairstyles. Here, Mo Smith, hairdresser and Salon Director of Glow salon in New York City, uncurls (and straightens out) the way you can create a whole new you.


There are lots of options for femmes who crave the wave. Options offer no-care curls for as short as one day or as long as a few months. Coil size is up to you!

To Get Tight Twists . . .

SALON FIX: A chemical body wave takes about an hour and a half to complete, and provides coils that keep for the long haul (up to three months). The risk is minimized with products like Rusk Anti-Curl, which can remove unwanted perms from hair.

The first thing you need to discuss with your hairdresser is the overall effect you are hoping for. Any cutting should be done before the permanent is begun. Next, the size of the curls is determined and the appropriate rods selected. Plastic or mesh rollers work best for permanents. Since the chemicals are harsh, hairdressers must protect ends with tissue before wrapping strands around rollers. “The Matrix Three Step Perm is great, because the middle step is a conditioning treatment which protects hair and makes a nice wave,” says Smith, The actual perm solution is a thio perm, which means it is heat activated. After ten to twenty minutes under the hair dryer, the hair’s bonds are broken down and accept the suggestion of the wave rods. When the curls look firm, hair is rinsed.

“take charge of your tresses”

Another alternative is the Natural pH Wave Perm. This process starts with a rinse, then the hair is towel-dried and the conditioning step is performed.  The neutralizer is the last chemical which seals the perm. and should never be kept on longer than five minutes (it is very potent!)

AT-HOME HOW-TO’S: There is a reason you never hear of the Ogilvy Home Perm anymore. With the mix of chemicals, You are asking for a nightmare to happen,” notes Smith. Opt instead for a more temporary solution if you’re not willing to invest the money in a salon perm or wave. Wash and condition hair and blow-dry. Spritz a thermal product like Framesi Pro Form to protect the hair, and smooth over a setting lotion to keep curls intact. Roll hair in sections from the bottom up and secure each roller with a butterfly clip. Allow fifteen to twenty minutes drying time. The resulting waves can stay in place for a couple of days.

To Get Romantic Ripples . . .

A “body wave” or larger, softer wave pattern provides a versatile texture to work with. The supple movement adds body and depth to lifeless locks.

SALON FIX: “I’ve been doing a lot of chemical body waves since it is trendy now for the first time in many years,” reports Mo Smith. Expect the same staying power as a perm, depending on your hair type. The process is exactly the same; the use of a larger roller is the only difference.

AT-HOME HOW-TO’S: If you want to create romantic ripples at home, there are two types of hot rollers to choose from. Rubber or velvet rollers produce comparable results, but the velvet models tend to hold up better over the long run. Size is another consideration, but with today’s sultry waves, bigger rollers are the best choice.


To Get Soft Swirls . . .

SALON FIX: Chemical processes that promise to loosen curls tend to produce inconsistent results, with some straight sections, others slightly wavier, and still others retaining a tight coil pattern. Also, keep in mind that relaxing procedures do not ensure that you will not have to invest time in styling and drying, Another consideration is that the chemicals in hair relaxers are extremely damaging.

The relaxing procedure begins when a cream-based product is applied from root to end. Then, anti-curl is combed through and left on for varying times, depending upon how curly the hair is, and the result desired, usually for no more than seven minutes, Similar to a perm, the relaxer breaks down the bonds of the hair and opens it to the suggestion of a new pattern—in this case, a looser wave, Your hairdresser should always finish with a conditioning treatment, and should exercise special caution if your hair has been bleached.

AT-HOME HOW-TO’S: A metal round brush is the tool of choice when blow-drying curly strands. The center heats up and acts like a curling iron to keep the desired pattern, Even better and easier, wrap large sections of dry hair around hot rollers for a longer lasting, softer look. And if your hair is ultra-curly, use a smidgen of straightening balm or anti-frizz crème to help smooth the hair cuticle.

To Get Straight Strands . . .

SALON FIX: For a straighter look, the same relaxing process as described above is performed. The only difference; The solution is left on for the maximum amount of time (seven minutes). Again, be aware that you may dream of showering and leaving the house with stick-straight, shiny strands, but that’s not a realistic expectation. You’ll still need to spend a bit of time styling tresses.

AT-HOME HOW-TO’S: The right product can make all the difference, Use a heavy conditioner so strands are softer and easier to style. A straightening balm can work wonders. One to try; Modern Organic Products (MOP) D-curl, Apply to wet hair with fingers. Work with smaller sections when blow-drying to got the straightest effect, Start with the bottom sections. First, work fingers through the section, pulling it straight in a downward motion to dry hair a bit and cut down on damage, and then go over hair with the round brush. Top it off with a shine serum for extra glimmer. Remember to go easy on product to keep hair cleaner longer and cut down on the frequency of blowouts. Bonus: Flat irons are a great way to eliminate frizz and unwanted wave. After blow-drying, drag the iron fluidly from roof to end.


To Boost Its Volume . . .

Lifeless locks can be a drag, but a little body can go a long way. Here: a few cues to put your hair back on the pulse.

SALON FIX: A permanent is not the right alternative for infusing body into fine tresses, says Smith, because the elasticity of fine hair is so high, it will not take consistently or at all to the process. A better option is to color hair, which causes the hair shaft to swell. Despite misconceptions, hair color can be safe. Permanent or semi-permanent (lighter) color opens the hair shaft more than darker shades, and therefore provides the most voluminous effects. Cutting layers into locks also removes the weight that lengthy strands can create, achieving movement and texture.

AT-HOME HOW-TO’S: Try Framesi Definition Cream Gel to give hair a thicker appearance. Steer clear of heavy conditioners that weigh hair down, and opt instead for light detanglers. When heat-styling, choose a wide-barreled metal core brush and blow-dry. This method provides much more volume than rollers can.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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