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The Shattered Shag Hairstyle Look

How to Get the Shattered Shag Hairstyle

  • SHATTERED SHAG HAIRSTYLE THE CUT ~~ Long, sliced-in layers make one of the sexiest shag hairstyles I’ve seen from the hands of Heidemarie Hisle of Phoenix, AZ, the cut truly emphasizes today’s on the edge styled woman. The longest pieces appear in front for the illusion of length; back and side layers are short enough for control. Jagged bangs bring the feeling full circle. “Jagged bangs bring the feeling full circle”

  • SHATTERED SHAG HAIRSTYLE THE COLOR ~~ Cool russet with a hint of copper comes from a custom formula you can only get in a hair care salon. By using natural brunette as the base and adding the top tones, you get natural depth and dimension.

  • SHATTERED SHAG HOW TO STYLE IT ~~ Work mousse throughout your hair and dry as you use a round brush to create the basic shape. When hair is damp, mist on spray gel or a finishing spray and continue to dry, emphasizing the piecy layers. To finish, take a touch of styling crème and finger-comb the front and surface strands.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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Laser Light Skin Treatment Therapy at Home



Rejuvawand . . . Fountain of Youth?

I’m a lucky girl! I’ve been asked to try out a new anti-aging device, the Rejuvawand. I thought I would let you folks follow my experience. I’ll be posting updates weekly for the next 4 to 6 weeks of my progress and thoughts along the way.
“Laser light skin treatment therapy has made a leap”
I admit, my first reaction was tinged with a bit of skepticism, built my experience in this business with bogus claims beauty manufacturers have made over the years, of discovering the “fountain of youth.” But, on the other hand, I’ve got nothing to loose and lots to gain, particularly at my age!

I did a bit of research, enough to convince myself it has some promise and more importantly, that there is no evidence of any horror stories out there, I started my test trial today. The Rejuvawand is the first at home skincare appliance to use red and infrared light therapy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Light therapy is the hottest wave of rejuvanation skin care therapies. Laser light skin treatment therapy has made the leap from the doctors office into some hair care salons. I’m not sure if there is any difference in the equipment used or qualifications required for those who administer the treatments in the doctors office vs. in the salon. My, hairdresser recently purchased an expensive system, became certified to give laser treatments and has set up that service in her salon.

She charges somewhere between $200.00 to $800.00, for treatments to rid you of age spots, red spots, scaring and other skin discrepencies.

A clinical study on the Rejuvawand was done with some promising results. The study was done with 36 women who were on average, age 50.5 years of age. The doctor conducting the studies was, Leonardo Rasi M.D., a Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery as well as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. After 30 days, 7 out of 10 subjects reported a 44% improvement, 25% reported “excellent” improvement and 30.6% reported “good” improvement , according to You may this can be very costly to be doing this from home, most people are buying used cosmetic laser to save on costs.

The Rejuvawand retails for $200.00 and comes with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer and gel for use when treating an area. Treatment for any single area takes only 4 minutes a day. I am committing to only 16 minutes a day, by treating both eye areas and around my lips. And, all of this in the privacy of my home!!

Be sure to check in with me on how it’s going. At the end of my trial, I will post before and after pics . . . oh, horrors!


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The Graduated Crop Hairstyle

The Ins and Outs of the Graduated Crop Haircut

  • GRADUATED CROP HAIRSTYLE~~THE CUT  Graduated high in back, this little crop haircut from Linda Cooper-Keller of Identity Salon in Cincinnati, OH, practically brushes right into place. Brushed upward, the back forms a newer version of the ‘50s duck-tail; the longer layered top can be styled for a variety of textured effects. Pull pieces down to create instant bangs or banish them with a quick brush-back.
    “intentionally dark roots showing through.”

  • GRADUATED CROP HAIRSTYLE~~THE COLOR Platinum makes this haircut fabulous and if you’re young, a bit on the bold side and have a cut that’s short and textured, the way to wear it is with intentionally dark roots showing through. Makes re-touch time lots easier!

  • GRADUATED CROP HAIRSTYLE~~HOW TO STYLE IT For a highly textured feeling, try out the crèmes, waxes and molding muds. Work a small amount into the roots, then blowdry as you finger-style, curving layers over your fingers. Liquefy pomade between your fingers and detail individual ends to stand up.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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