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Celebrity Hairstyles for Men

Here are some hairstyle articles you might want to stay tuned to

  • Here comes the grooming: Growing pains of men’s hairstyles ~~ Two days ago I did an article on hairstyles for men, now comes this fun article from Dino-Ray Ramos. In the article he does a humorous walk down memory lane about the trials and tribulations men go through over their hairstyles. It is hilarious reading about Cary Grant, David Cassidy, John Travolta, Donny Osmond, the 80’s bouffant, The Caesar Cut, David Beckham, and of course Tom Cruise. My hubby has always been amazed at how attached women are to their hairstyles, but after reading this he might have to rethink that.
  • You CAN color your hair at home ~~


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Rejuvawand Product Review Week 3


Side by side photos of four women with different skin tones


End of Week Three Using RejuvaWand Laser Light Skin Treatment Therapy Product Review

I must say I have been quite diligent in my pursuit of less wrinkled skin with the RejuvaWand laser light skin treatment product review. In 3 weeks I’ve only missed my morning routine of laser light therapy about 4 or 5 times. The directions suggest doing therapy at approximately the same time everyday about 24 hours apart. I have had to fudge on this suggestion at least once or twice, with no ill effects. I wondered if my skin would get red or sensitive by doing the therapy 12 hours apart vs. the 24 hours apart they recommend . . . it didn’t.

But did I mention in my last article that my skin seemed to react to the cleanser and toner that Rejuvawand supplied? I didn’t have sensitive skin years ago, but somewhere after 40- something, it started to let me know it had a mind of it’s own as to what skin care products I could and couldn’t use comfortably. I haven’t tried diagnosing whether it was the cleanser or the toner that was making my skin uncomfortable and a bit red and I may try to do that yet, by process of elimination. (I know the discomfort wasn’t from the wand itself, because it was in area’s that the wand was not being used.)

Do I have a reduction in wrinkles yet? Hmmm . . . I know I would like to think so, but as we all know, sometimes the power of thought is enough to make it seem true. But truth be told, I’m just not sure without doing a comparison picture. I’ll do that December 7th, which will then be a total of six weeks usage of the magic RejuvaWand.

I called the Rejuvawand hot-line to get a couple of questions resolved, I asked; How big of an area can you effectively treat in one 4 minute session? Is up the consumer to discover how intensely to treat any one area? For instance, would you treat the upper and lower lip as one area or two? The support gal told me it can be treated either as one or two areas, try it and see. I have been treating them as two areas, I am going for the gusto here, less lines sooner than later.

I have a furrow between my eyes, the kind that could readily be called a candidate for Botox treatments, that I am treating with the RejuvaWand as one area all in itself. It qualifies for more than a “fine line,” but we’ll see what happens . . . I am putting the RejuvaWand through a good test here, for sure. When asked the question if I could just park the RejuvaWand in that area for a 4 minute session all in itself, the answer came up “no” as I suspected. But, their response was that I should experiment with what seems to work. (I’ve been treating that area with a movement about the size of a half dollar.)


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Celebrity Hairstyle News November

Rumer Willis Hairstyle

Here are some celebrity hairstyling, beauty and fashion articles that you might have missed recently

  • Rumer Willis blows it by forgetting the eyebrows ~~ Rumer Willis daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and step dad Ashton Kutcher goes platinum. But what was her hairdresser Tracey Cunningham at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills thinking, letting her walk out after 7 hours worth of work with these eyebrows. Those of you who are regular readers know from my previous articles on this subject how to prevent your self from looking like a freak show when  making a major swing in hair colors. The blame here certainly has to be put on the hairdresser as most clients are usually not thinking about subtle things like eyebrows in obtaining a great new look.

    Elke von Freudenberg eyebrow

  • The Model Eyebrow by Elke von Freudenberg ~~ Speaking of eyebrows, the adults in Rumer Willis’s life should of read this wonderful article from my fellow Glam blogger Shannon from the Makeup Minute. This is a really complete how-to from one of the top celebrity makeup artists. Elke has a great tip on how to pluck your eyebrows without all of the pain.

  • How To Get Michelle Pfeiffer’s New Hairstyle ~~ Michelle Pfeiffer showed up at the premier for her latest movie “Stardust” with stunning new hairstyle with soft waves. I’m glad to see her kicking up her hairstyling a notch, her hairstyles have been less than inspiring of late. Exit Salon hairdresser Monique Bisson was interviewed by Canadian Canoe Media and has a great step by step on how to style this latest hairstyle of Michelle Pfeiffer.


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