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    New Beauty Stores Coming to Your Mall

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    Regis to Dominate the Mall Hair Care Salon Market

    You will soon be seeing a new European looking, beauty-boutique store opening in a site near you . . . that is, at least if you have a major mall that has a “Trade Secret” or “Beauty Express” store in it. Regis Corporation has recently announced their newest acquisition of Pure Beauty and Beauty First hair care salon operations. Renovations to existing stores are expected to begin immediately and eight new locations will be added to the mix.

    What does this mean for you? interviewed Regis CEO, Paul Finkelstein who said, ‘We represent a huge opportunity for consumers to find the brands they want and for the manufacturers who need outlets to sell their product. Also, consider that Sephora only has 187 stores and Ulta only has 200 locations. We have over 750 locations, so it’s three times as many as these other beauty retailers. Plus, we have incredible real estate to work with in all our locations.” Look for the current, “Trade Secret,” stores to have a new look, new name and new product lines. Their new name will be PureBeauty. The current Beauty Express locations will be renamed BeautyFirst. Both stores will be expanding their product lines to include unique skin, hair, bath, body and facial products.

    A four chair hair care salon will also be in the back of the stores.

    Several years ago I had a working relationship with some of the folks at the headquarters of Regis and have been  impressed with their management savvy and upscale attitudes about the hair styling industry. I live in the Twin Cities, where their new major site in the Mall of America will be opening in another couple months, in March. . . I’m looking forward to seeing not only what product lines they choose to carry but also how they service the needs of the customer.

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    Heads Up For Long Hair Readers

    Mannequin with a variety of wigs that were donated

    Pantene helps out with real-hair wigs for cancer patients

    Make a life wish and Pantene will donate $1 to Beautiful Lengths a campaign that provides real-hair wigs to women with cancer. Plus you will be entered into a contest and just might win your wish. Its an interactive page that asks users what their wishes are related to list of categories (family, relationships, community, career, etc). For every person that submits their wishes, Pantene will donate $1 to the Beautiful Lengths program. This program was created to bring people together to donate their hair to create free wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

    Join the Million-Inch Chain of hair by cutting or pledging to grow your own hair. If you have long hair and have been thinking of going shorter, here is your chance to do something for women less fortunate.

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    Hair Type – Kinky Hair

    Kinky Hair Type

    Angela Bassett and Oprah both have kinky hair type.

    This hair type is the most fragile of all the hair types. The reason for this is that kinky hair has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types. The cuticle layer is the only protection your hair has from the elements of heat and manhandling. So, your cuticle layer gives less natural protection than other hair types and you need to be careful as to how much damage you inflict on your hair.

    “kinky hair is the most fragile of all the hair types.”

    The cuticle layer of the hair also works to hold moisture in the hair. Once the hair shaft is damaged it cannot be repaired. Products that claim to repair the hair, don’t. They can only temporarily camouflage the damage until it is cut off.

    Generally, your hair is very wiry, kinky or tightly coiled. Your hair may appear coarse however, it generally is soft. In its natural state, your hair will not look shiny.

    There are two types of curl patterns to kinky hair types.

    • “S” Pattern ~~ When stretched this kinky hair type has a tightly coiled “S” pattern to it and when healthy it will be soft.

    • “Z” Pattern ~~ has a “Z” pattern to it as it bends sharply. This kinky hair type will tend to be more wiry and dry.

    Chemical  hair relaxers are often used to help control kinky hair, but avoid overdoing it. It only needs to be relaxed enough to make it a little more manageable; the rest can be done with hair styling. Leave the relaxing to a professional or you could risk extensive damage to your hair.

    More than likely you only need to shampoo once or twice weekly. Like curly hair however, your hair may benefit from rinsing with water on day’s you don’t shampoo. Look for shampoos and other products with ingredients such as, shea butter, glycerin, sulfur or carotene. Products containing protein may help in strengthening your delicate kinky hair type.

    Kinky hair naturally tends to be dry and brittle so look for shampoo’s and conditioners that are formulated to add moisture to the hair. Use a daily conditioner every time you wet down your hair. Conditioning kinky hair won’t repair past damage, but it will help to strengthen the hair and prevent further damage. A deep conditioning treatment regularly would also greatly benefit your kinky hair type. Once or twice a month, a deep conditioning would be helpful in protecting your hair and keeping it in good shape.


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