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Hair Type – Medium Textured Wavy Hair

Jennifer Aniston has Medium Textured Wavy Hair

Hair Type Medium Textured Wavy Hair

If you have this hair type, you’re in good company Jennifer Aniston has medium textured wavy hair. Your hair is beautiful and one of the most versatile hair types. It has a beautiful wave and has lots of volume of its own. I know what you’re saying to yourself, “But it doesn’t wave the same throughout.” With some coaching from your hairdresser you can learn how to work with your medium textured wavy hair to make the best of its natural beauty.

“Jennifer Aniston has medium textured wavy hair”

The art of the hair cut is critical in achieving the best from your waves and minimizing the styling process. Just remember, it’s not a war. If you find yourself with more bad hair days than good, it’s time to find the right hairdresser.

The downside to medium textured wavy hair is that it can become frizzy, especially in humid weather. Those of you with medium textured wavy hair who are living in climates with high humidity . . . you especially need a hair style that works with that in mind. You will not be able to battle your locks into submission for very long, Mother Nature will win out. So, you need a hair style that will give shape to your particular wave patterns, one that will look good even with minimal hair styling effort on your part. Finding a talented hairdresser is key.

A great frizz-busting trick for your hair type; mix spray gel and shine product on your medium textured wavy hair. But don’t use too much . . . just a bit of both on your hands and run them throughout the ends evenly.



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The Complete Guide to Coarse and Thick Hair

Thick Hair Styles

Coarse and Thick Hair – is the most resistant to curling

You, more than likely, have lots of admirers wishing they had as much hair as you—meanwhile you are probably trying to find more ways of getting rid of some of it. Am I right? It’s true . . . the grass is always greener elsewhere.

“the haircut is most important for coarse and thick hair type”

Coarse hair and thick hair type is normally dry and generally resistant to curling. Experiment with how long you can go between shampooing and still have your hair look good. Some people with Coarse and thick hair can go as long as a week between shampoos and see their hair become softer and shinier during the process.

Try just a water shampoo, (massaging your scalp with water) in the shower in-between regular shampooing. This will add much need moisture to your hair without striping away all your natural oils.

Conditioning is important. It’s your lifeline to softer, shinier, more manageable coarse and thick hair. Condition after your faux (water) shampoo daily and do a deep conditioning basically when you feel your hair getting too dry and dull. For your thick and coarse hair once every two weeks wouldn’t be too much.

You can use any thick, concentrated conditioner for doing a deep conditioning treatment. If you want to read more on how-to do a deep conditioning treatment at home, check out my article Hair Type – Straight Hair with Body.

As you might have learned from past bad experiences, that the art of the haircut is most important for coarse and thick hair type. Your hair type requires a talented hairdresser . . . period! It takes experience and know-how to be able to make your coarse and thick hair submissive and keep it under control. The correct thinning techniques on you will work wonders but, the wrong ones will leave you with a mass of uncontrollable frizz.

It’s well worth your time and effort to search and find an experienced hairdresser. It will save you countless hours of unnecessary pain and frustration in battling with your hair. Although chemical treatments can be done on your hair . . . less is definitely better than more. Lean towards more gentle hair color treatments. Perms can be absolutely explosive unless done with TLC and kept to a minimum. But again, done artistically these processes can be good, especially when tamed down with creative styling techniques



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Hair Type – Straight Hair with Body

Hair Type, Straight Hair with Body

Straight hair with some body, if this is your hair type count yourself lucky

Unlike the fine, thin or coarse heavy hair that is in the straight hair category, your hair will hold when styled . . . at least for some time. It can be formed and shaped usually into soft bouncy curls, although to get these looks you’ll need to do some type of styling to your hair. Your hair takes nicely to chemical treatments, perms, hair color and high lighting when done right with the right hair care products. Your hair type is also receptive to a variety of hair cutting techniques, one length hairstyles, asymmetrical bobs, layering of all sorts, texturizing and razor cuts. Your face shape and your individual lifestyle issues will be more of a determining factor in finding the right hair style for you than your hair type, being that you can do so much with it.

Carrie Underwood Has Straight Hair with Body
Carrie Underwood with loose, free falling, curls. Iron-curl in large sections.

Carrie Underwood with loose, free falling, curls. Iron-curl in large sections. If your hair is long, you will be able to easily wear it straight by simply blow-drying with a straightening serum and a flat brush, or flat iron. Just as easily you can coax it into this season’s hair style of loose, soft waves with a large barrel curling iron, 1 1/4 inch barrel is a great size for these waves. Use a Thermal Active Spray before curling to protect your hair and to hold in the curl. Kenra’s, Thermal Active Spray, is a good choice among others.

Your hair should be washed daily or possibly every other day with a gentle shampoo. If your hair has been colored or permed, choose a shampoo specified for that to keep it in good shape. Your hair will benefit from using a clarifying shampoo periodically, if you use product on your hair. Also a deep conditioning treatment after using a clarifying shampoo can give your hair a big lift in shine and body. You can use any good heavy conditioner as a deep conditioner.

To give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at home, apply conditioner on towel dried hair and cover with a shower cap or saran wrap. Apply heat from your hair dryer and wrap in a towel for 30 minutes. It helps to apply heat periodically, as that is what opens the cuticle to allow deeper penetration of the conditioner. I like Paul Mitchell’s Super Charge Conditioner as a deep conditioning as well as a weekly conditioner.


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