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    Sassy Short Hairstyle

    Hair Care Product Brand “Salon Selectives” is Back

    A popular hair care product brand is back on the market as of March 1st. It is unclear from the press releases how soon it will be available on shelves at your local drug stores. My calls to their media department went unanswered but check which will more than likely list where you can find their products.

    Quite frankly I didn’t notice that Salon Selectives was missing from the hair care product scene since 2004. I remember this product from back in the 80’s and it was a popular over-the-counter hair care product.  It had a signature pleasant apple scent aroma, was widely available and was priced right. The Salon Selectives hair care product was the first salon-inspired brand, now of course the market is flooded with competitors.

    It seems that the original owners of the brand were Helene Curtis, Inc. The consumer product giant Unilever acquired Helene Curtis in 1996, then in a move that baffles me they took the Salon Selectives brand off the market. It seems the hair care product has a very favorable brand awareness factor that exists to this day.

    So a couple of 3 piece suits from Helene Curtis, Inc. got the bright idea to re-launch the hair care product as of March 1st. Their PR claims that they will have a new formula. Lets hope they don’t mess too much with a good thing.

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    Emo hair styles-created like an art form


    Emo Hair Styles are Hair Styles with an Attitude

    The emotional punk movement is what defines emo hair styles. The people of this movement are incredibly unique individuals who set themselves apart from the mainstream fashion or trends. They live in a world with their own ideals and values and their fashion sense is created like an art form to declare their deepest emotions. There is no set technique to follow when creating this emo hair style, although there are a few guidelines that definitely help to draw them out in a crowd.


    The Bolder the Better
    Emo Hair Styles Picture

    You want your heart-ache to scream from the strands of your hair, and the people around you should feel the gloom and darkness from your blanketing bangs. You have to choose hair colors that evoke these emotions. I hope you are a cool tone person because those are the colors that work best with emo hair styles. Any tone from black, blue, red, or purple will be considerable in defining your emo hair style. However if you are going with any of these colors you must make sure that they are strong and pure.

    I suggest in order to keep these strong colors lasting longer, use the proper washing and conditioning products, especially during the winter months when the hair tends to be dryer. Use a color protecting shampoo, and once a week you can also use a color enhancing shampoo to match the color. The reason I suggest only once a week is because using this too often will leave a build-up on the hair and it will become dull. Rinse the hair with cold water and use a leave-in conditioner with a heat protector. Cold water closes the cuticle of the hair sealing the color and giving more shine. And, most emo hair styles are straight and sleek, so they require heat styling.

    Emo Hair styles 4

    Most emo hair styles are characterized by asymmetrical lines. Even though you may think that these styles look self indulged, by hacking into your hair with a razor or pair of scissors, there is in fact a fine art to the style. Each style is created by in-depth texturizing to thin the hair out causing more edgy and jagged ends. You want to grow out your bangs well past the eye level, and make sure a hairdresser has put a pair of thinning sheers through them at least every six weeks.

    There are no followers in this movement so there can’t be any following in hairstyles. It is best to check out some salons first and see their work before you ask them to create an emo hair style for you. If you do the research most of the time there are salons that specialize in this creative look. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the haircut must be tailored to express who you are in this movement. Most emo hair styles are straight and pointy so using a flat iron is the key.

    Emo Hair Styles 23
    When we think emo hair styles, we think grunge or punk style. Just because the style and look seems to be dark and dank doesn’t mean that the hair has to be forever unwashed. It is true that hair shouldn’t be washed too often because it will strip the natural oils from the hair shaft, but you should wash it about every three days to remove the build up from the cuticle and pores.
    If you find that your hair doesn’t match the emo hair style you want to express unless it is greasier, a great trick is to use a little dry shampoo on the hair. You can purchase dry shampoo in almost any drug store, and it is easy to apply. Dry shampoo usually comes as a white powder. I suggest with your dark hair you should pour a coin size portion in your hands first and then rough it through the hair starting at the back and working your way to the front. This will make the hair feel more pliable.

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    Trend Alert, Amy Winehouse Beehive Hair

    Amy Winehouse Beehive Hair

    Amy Winehouse Beehive Hair is Sure to Start a Trend

    You’d have to be living on Mars not to have seen lots of the Amy Winehouse beehive hairdos plastered everywhere we turn. All the media attention plus her 5 Grammy’s Sunday night, almost guarantees that we’ll start seeing the 60’s Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Brigitte Bardot beehive hairdo everywhere.

    “Amy Winehouse beehive hairdo plastered everywhere I turn”

    I for one hope it doesn’t happen, I have never liked this look . . . it simply is not attractive. Be careful before jumping on the Amy Winehouse hair bandwagon, you’ll need to be thin as a rail or this is going to make you look like a blimp, you’ll need to have the right body to carry off this look. If you’re even a few pounds heavier than you’d like, take a pass on the beehive.

    It will make a splash at any semi formal party or any event where an up do is appropriate. You’ll need at least shoulder length hair, lots of time and hairspray or a wig. Wigs are showing up all over Ebay. EHow has a great step by step on how to create the Amy Winehouse beehive hairdo, if you must.

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

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