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Chi Ceramic Flat Iron Counterfeits on Ebay

Ceramic Curling Iron

Chi Ceramic Flat Iron, Buyer Beware

Do not buy a Chi ceramic flat iron from a source you do not recognize.

Counterfeit Chi ceramic flat irons are showing up all over the Internet especially on Ebay.  Farouk Systems the manufacturer of the Chi ceramic flat iron got a defective Chi ceramic flat iron back from a customer they immediately identified it as a counterfeit. Farouk Systems notified the Royal Canadian Mounted police who launched an investigation. On January 29th the RCMP confiscated 4,500 chi ceramic flat irons in a Quebec City raid.

 Farouk Systems has received hundreds of complaints from consumers who bought counterfeit Chi ceramic flat irons on Ebay and other Internet sources. Ebay most likely fingered the perpetrators for the RCMP as they have a very aggressive fraud attitude. The Chi ceramic flat iron is one of the best flat irons on the market and they do not deserve this kind of attention. None the less, protect yourself, buy your Chi ceramic flat iron from a source you are sure of such as Folica or Sally Beauty supply.


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Is Your Hair Dryer and Hair Curling Iron Safe?

Ceramic Curling Iron

Make Your Hair Dryer and Hair Curling Iron Last Longer

Defective hair styling tools such as hair dryers and hair curling irons cause hundreds of injuries and fires every year unnecessarily. It pays occasionally to inspect your hair dryer and hair curling iron for early evidence of problems.

The most common defects occur in the cords. Look for fraying, cracking or broken insulation on the cords. Try to store your hair dryer or hair curling irons with the cords wrapped loosely whenever possible. Cords on hair dryers and hair curling irons should last 5-7 years, but if wound tightly everyday, you’ll shorten the life span considerably.

Shut your hair dryer off before you lay it on high-lint prone surfaces such as towels and bed spreads. Remove loose hair etc., from the lint filter on your hair dryer once a month or so with a vacuum.

Even though your hair dryer has a heat element at the front of the motor, the back of the motor should be able to cool the bearings in the motor. A clogged filter will cause the motor to overheat and shorten the life span.

If your hair dryer, hair curling iron or any other hair styling tool ever smells funny . . .unplug it immediately! That is a sure signal that something is amiss.

Don’t take chances, Ditch it! Lets face it these things are pretty inexpensive to replace compared to a fire in your house or worse yet injury to you or your loved ones.


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Clairol Color Hair Breakthrough

Hair Color Pictures
Clairol Color Hair is About to Become Much Gentler

  • Clairol Color Hair Breakthrough ~~ If you regularly color your hair at home or high light your hair, pay attention. Sometime in March you’re going to have a product at your local drugstore and beauty supply stores that claims to be gentler on your hair. Proctor and Gamble has come up with some hair color chemistry using Amino Glycine, which promises to reduce the damage done by coloring your hair. Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice ‘n Easy Color Hair will be available in 15 hair color shades at $13.99 and has gone through rigorous testing.

    P&G is a pretty upstanding player in the hair coloring industry business, so I’m looking for this product to capture a sizable share of the hair color product market. It could be a life saver for those of your who color your hair often. This is the most significant enhancement that P&G Clairol color hair has had since its introduction in 1956. I’m anxious to hear about your experiences if you try Clairol color hair


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