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    Eyebrow Threading

    Eyebrow Threading, an Alternative to Waxing and Plucking Eyebrows

    Eyebrow threading has been around for hundreds of years, but I haven’t discovered it until today! Where have I been, this sounds like a great alternative to messy waxing or painful plucking eyebrows.

    It takes just minutes and is very inexpensive ($15 in my area). A method of removing individual hair by using cotton thread and a twisting motion. The procedure is a lifesaver for women who use retinoid creams for acne or anti-aging. The usually have to stop using those treatments for a week before waxing. With eyebrow threading they can get it done without interrupting their treatments.

    I did a Google search on the phrase “eyebrow threading” and then added my zip code and I found several salons nearby who offer eyebrow threading services.

    For those like me who have no clue what eyebrow threading is, here is a video that will explain it all:

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    Ashlee Simpson’s Wedding Hair Style

    Ashlee Simpson Wedding Hair Style

    Ashlee Simpson’s Wedding Hairstyle – Sign of the Times?

    “Ashlee Simpson Wedding Hair Style”People magazine released the first pics I’ve seen of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding hair style. More pics will be coming of course, but the front page of the magazine doesn’t tell much of the “ivory laced, Monique Lhuillier gown” reportedly worn by the glowing bride. BUT . . .  what does it tell?

    Are you seeing the beginning of a trend here, or is it just my imagination?  Are the forever notable, celebrated and memorable wedding up-do hair style of days gone by . . . gone bye-bye?  Probably not but certainly we’ve been seeing more “half up-do hairstyles” on celebrities and others of note, but you’ll see a post on that coming soon.

    Half up-do hairstyles aren’t new, but they have been showing up on runways and celebrities again and again in the recent past. Famed hairdresser, David Angelista, shows a couple improvisations of the half up-do hairstyle on a CBS Special, inspired by Fashion Week last spring. He shows us the “slick half up-do hair style” and the “half up-do hairstyle.” He gives easy and simplistic directions to achieve the new looks in hair styles. I wrote an article about it recently.

    As much as I love a beautifully done up-do hair style, I’m certainly not stuck on the idea that everyone with long hair needs to turn their hair style into a piece of artwork on their wedding day. On the contrary, I applaud the idea of keeping it simple, comfortable and beautiful with what you wear. We will see the whole picture of the hairstyle Ashlee created, when we see the Monique Lhuillier ivory laced gown, in Friday’s edition of People Magazine.

    I think this hair color is the best I’ve seen with Ashlee’s skin tone. And the hair style is shiny and healthy looking, so why not show it off.

    What do you think of Ashlee Simpson’s half up-do hair style?  Do you like hubby Pete Wentz’s modified emo hairstyle?

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles, Celebrities, and Braid Boards.

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    Fantasia Rocks in Red Hair

    Side by side photos of Fantasia with Stunning Red Hair Color

    Fantasia’s Red Hair Color Steals the Show on American Idol!

    “Fantasia Red Hair on American Idol”

    You can’t say American Idol’s season 3 winner, Fantasia, is boring! She came out rockin on last nights show and shook the crowd into a heat! She showcased her funky new release, “Bore Me” in her hot new red hair color . . . hmmmm . . . let’s call it, brilliant, beaming, bright but mostly not boring red.

    What Fantasia’s promoters know all too well, is that if you UP the WOW factor in a celebrities hair style, dress and performance, you’ve now got everyones attention . . . including Simon Cowell’s in this case. So if you are of the type who likes to make a statement from time to time, all you need to do is change your hair color.

    It needn’t be as drastic as Fantasia’s firey red hair color, to get you noticed. Yet, if you’re nature is wild, carefree, artistic or of that sort, there are plenty of new brilliantly bright hair colors out there to choose from in pinks, blues, violets, reds, yellows and even green!

    I predict we will be seeing more of these ‘not boring’ hair colors showing up this summer. Ahh, as the schools let go of the young and the restless, I presume we will be viewing an amplitude of individualism cropping up all around us and not just in the emo hairstyles.

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

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