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Procter and Gamble Adds Fekkai Hair Care Products

Hair Care Product Giant Looking for a New Image

Procter & Gamble wants to learn how to sell shampoo to women who shop at Saks instead of at Wal-Mart. The company is trying to spruce up its hair care products division by putting more hair care products into upscale department and specialty stores. Procter will buy Fredric Fekkai Co., a New York hair care products company, was the first step in the strategy.

“spruce up its hair care products”If successful, the move could boost the hair care products division because department store hair care products sell for far higher prices than Procter’s existing ones.

Fekkai sells a 3.4-ounce “Advanced Overnight Hair Repair” serum at Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora, for $159, for example. Procter’s Clairol Herbal Essences hair color is on sale for $6 this week at Wal-Mart stores.

And women shopping the beauty counter at a department store respond differently to advertising than those who shop the supermarket beauty aisle, analysts said.
“It’s far more about word of mouth and about recommendations from hairdressers,” said Lynn Dornblaser, a senior analyst for Mintel International Group, a Chicago market research firm.

The image that Dornblaser said appeals to department store beauty shoppers is all about exclusivity: They want to be recognized as buying a more expensive product than their peers.

So-called prestige hair care products – those sold in upscale department and specialty stores – make up only a fraction of total U.S. hair care product sales but are growing at a much faster rate.

Stores like Saks and Bloomingdale’s used to focus on fragrance and skin-care products at their beauty counters, but in recent years they’ve added hair care products to keep up with specialty competitors such as Sephora. Recognizing the trend, Fekkai expanded beyond its traditional hair care salon business and aggressively went after department stores.

Procter has made similar moves in its skin-care business, which also is part of its $23 billion beauty division. Last year, it bought HDS Cosmetics Lab Inc., which makes DDF, a high-end line of skin products sold in department stores, spas and specialty retailers.

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Celebrities with Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

Celebrities with Bangs this Summer!

“Celebrities with
Bangs are Hot”

I’m seeing celebrities with bangs everywhere right now. Cutting in bangs or a chin length bob after having a long hair style forever can be scary, but it becomes easier the more you actually see others like celebrities make successful transformations. Reese Witherspoon was a pioneer celebrity with bangs when she cut straight bangs into her long sleek hair style, and that was my favorite look on her as of late. Reese has a heart shaped face. Sometimes the squareness of her prominent jaw bones can throw you off when trying to put her into a face shape category. I think the bob hair style will look better a bit longer, just above or grazing her shoulders. At that length it will add a balancing fullness to her more narrow chin line.

Check out the new bangs and bobs hairstyles on these celebrities with bangs. It may just give you the push you need for pondering a plan of your own permutation!

Fringe Hairstyle
Demi Moore Hairstyle with Bangs

Demi Moore is another celebrity with bangs. She just cut in wispy bangs in her new hair style last week. Demi Moore has a dramatic square face shape and let’s face it, she always looks good. (Ok, I had a least favorite look for Demi, which would have been no hair, the buzz look.) I think her new found hairstyle with bangs will look best with her hair style worn in an updo or a half updo. And she wears a full fringe hairstyles great. If she is keeping her hair long with the bangs, I would cut the length a few inches shorter and wear it straight rather than wavy. I also loved her hair short as in “Ghost ” with Patrick Swayze, bless his soul.

Emma Bunton Bob Hairstyle
Emma Bunton with a new Bob Hairstyle


Another celebrity with bangs is Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, cut her long hairstyle to a bob and told People magazine she loves the ease of it now. With Emma’s square face shape I think soft waves, side swept bangs with the other side tucked behind the ear works well. What you want to stay away from with a square face shape is too much fullness or a full fringe hairstyle.

Celebrity Hair
Aundrina Patridge look great with a hairstyle with bangs

Another celebrity with bangs seen recently is Audrina Patridge looks years younger, and just way cuter with bangs . . . don’t you think? The long, split down the middle, hair on the left, is covering up too much of her beautiful oval (with a round face shape tendency) face shape. The hairstyle with bangs frame her face and draws attention to her most beautiful feature, in my opinion . . . her eyes!

Kim Rave Fringe Hairstyles
Kim Raver looks sexier in a hairstyle with bangs

Other celebrities with bangs include Kim Raver of “Lipstick Jungle” and “24” has a oblong heart face shape. The smooth bob with a full bang hairstyle wins best look hands down in my book. It looks classic. The longer hair style looks too long and without bangs contributes to elongating the look of her face shape.

Celebrity Hair
A hairstyle with bangs high lights Live Tyler’s great eyes

Celebrities with bangs, include Liv Tyler who cut close to a foot of hair off and I say, looks better for it! That’s lots of hair to cut off, but, Liv has an oblong, oval face shape and a shoulder length bob hair style does much more for giving the illusion of shortening and adding width to her narrow face shape. To stay current with what is happening follow our Pinterest Celebrities and our Pinterest Beautiful Bangs Boards.



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Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women

Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women

Clip On Hair Extensions For Black Hair Beauties

Clip on hair extensions offer endless possibilities. The idea of adding instant length to our hair has taken huge leaps and bounds since hair extensions first surfaced some years back. Rightfully so, I mean really now, ladies think about it, how many women do you think are willing to fork out hundreds of dollars regularly and endless hours in the salon to have a little extra added, temporary length to their hair? And if that isn’t painful enough, these salon hair extensions have been notorious for breaking off the good healthy hair you might have had in the first place. (Remember Paris Hilton?)  Whew, no wonder why so many of you didn’t give the idea a second thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I love extra add-on hair, clip on hair extensions and partial wigs. There will always be a big market for these easy to use accessories.  I have a number of different styles of the synthetic stuff in all different shapes and sizes. I’ve been a consumer of extra added hair for years, I think it may be a compulsion of sorts.

Thank the lord for the way consumerism and the marketplace works. We now have available instant, beautiful, sexy hair that’s quick-n-easy to achieve AND at an affordable price! (I’m not selling for anyone here, I promise.) OH . . . did I forget to mention, it would take a professional hair-weaver to recognize the extra accessory you are wearing  with the new clip on hair extensions? I swear, even your Mother won’t know for sure.



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