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    Side swept bangs still hot!

    Side Bangs On Nicole Ritchie

    Can’t decide to cut in side swept bangs?

    “Side Swept Bangs and Fringe are Very Much in Style”I had a client ask me the other day, if side swept bangs were still in style. My honest answer was “Since they look good on you and you like them, keep wearing them!” Side swept bangs draw attention to the eyes and look good on every face shape. These side swept bangs also soften and slim the angles of the face. You can wear them with short or long hair as well! They look ultra sleek on Nicole Richie, her soft side swept bangs and fringe give her a totally soft and feminine look.

    Side swept bangs can be blended in with a layered haircut, but if you have a blunt haircut your bangs really don’t need to be blended in. You need to keep your side bangs long and tapered to the side they are combed. You can control the amount of hair you sweep over, by moving your part up or down. Consider having your bangs cut with the slide cutting technique or razor cut.

    Razor cutting your bangs give them a soft, wispy, grown-out look. The razor cuts the ends at an angle so the hair moves more and blends better. Fine and medium textured hair types respond well to razor cutting, showing visible separation on the ends.

    Side Swept Hair

    How to Get Side Swept Bangs

    Do you like Hilary Duff’s retro-looking side swept bangs? You can create some of your own by backcombing underneath, then smoothing the top layer over them and spray with hairspray. I like Joishape by Joico; it’s a shaping and finishing spray that you can use with hair dryers and flat-irons. Joishape is a lighter spray that allows you to work with your hair after spraying it.

    Kate Hudson Side Swept bangs

    Another cutting option for side swept bangs is undercutting. Leaving a longer top section causes the hair to curve under slightly. Most hair types respond nicely to undercutting, especially fine hair. I like Kate Hudson’s under-cut side swept bangs because the ends are tapered underneath, giving her bangs a soft, round look.

    I would say that side swept bangs are still very much in fashion, since they truly do look good on everyone!


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    Aveda Founder Announces Organic Hair Care Products

    Aveda founder unveils Intelligent Nutrients: Will green gals get it?

    Horst Rechelbacher, the Aveda founder who sold his company to Estee Lauder back in the 1990s, is introducing a high-end line of hair and body care products, positioning the Intelligent Nutrients brand on its USDA Certified Organic status.

    The premise is unusual. Currently, while a handful of personal-care products that are also Certified Organic, there are no organic standards for cosmetics in the U.S. That’s what makes it easy for marketers to get away with the green washing IN says is “epidemic” in the beauty industry. Instead of relying on cosmetic standards, IN is using ingredients that are certified organic using food standards.

    “We’ve raised the bar on cosmetic science by using the purest form of the food-derived ingredients to ensure safety, industry organic certification and authenticity–and most important–performance,” the company says in its release. “It’s based on using only certified organic food-derived ingredients–substances the body recognizes and readily assimilates as nutrients in the body.”

    The line–which includes more than 20 SKUs, including certified organic aromatics, scalp and hair care, hair styling, body cleanser, and something called “lip delivery nutrition”–is based on a trademarked substance called Intellimune, itself a certified organic antioxidant seed oil blend. It has black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils. (Some are grown on Rechelbacher’s Minnesota farm.) It’s also selling Intellimune in tablet and oil form, as nutritional supplements.

    The products are both pricey ($39 hairspray, $42 conditioner, $60 nutraceutical tablets) and unexpected: A fragrance called Seductive promises you will want to make love; one called Focus will “feed the mind.” (Both are $65.)

    The line will be sold through flagship stores in Minneapolis and New York, as well as specialty retailers, salons, spas and at

    While the Intelligent Nutrient line will likely gain a competitive edge by calling attention to its certification, experts say consumers are still confused by the way marketers toss around terms like “organic” and “natural.”

    “Consumers do recognize the USDA label as a federal standard,” says Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the Natural Products Association, Washington, D.C. “And they definitely see that as adding value. But there are so many certifications they start to look like Girl Scout badges.”

    It doesn’t help that the lines between the typical good guys and bad guys are blurring. California’s attorney general filed a suit against Whole Foods and other companies last week, alleging that they are selling products that contain a carcinogenic contaminant called 1,4-Dioxane. California requires that such products be sold with warning labels that it may cause cancer.

    “Whole Foods Market is cooperating with the California Attorney General’s office to resolve these claims as quickly as possible,” the company says in a statement. “We do not believe that these products represent a health risk. “We carry many USDA organically certified personal care products, in addition to other products that meet our own Premium Body Care standards.”

    Fabricant says he expects to see more interest in certifications and the precise definition of marketing terms. “There’s a consumer demand for these products,” he says, “and it’s becoming more important than ever for companies to know their supply chain.


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    Shear Genius – Win a Trip to NYC

    Shear Genius

    Hurry, only 5 days left to enter the, “Nexxus Hairdo How-To Contest!”

    I almost missed this one. I guess with summer vacations and all that goes with it, you can’t catch it all. Anyways, if you’ve got a knack with hair and would like to be in the running for some cool stuff, check this out.

    This is a contest and a sweepstakes and it’s not open to professionals in the industry. As of today they have only posted 47 entries in the contest, so there isn’t much competition and if you have a bit of talent with hair, your chances of winning are good!

    Basically, you submit 4 photos or a video explaining in four easy steps, how-to do the hairstyle of your choice. The hairstyle can be anything from an up-do to smooth and sleek, to tousled, wavy, curly or whatever. Video’s need to be less than 2 minutes long. The winner and a guest will fly to NYC to attend the Shear Genius Finale Party. They will also be featured on The winner is currently anticipated to be announced on August 15th, (The good news with entering this late . . . you can view the current entries to eye up the competition!)

    The sweepstakes has been giving away a Nexxus Salon Hair Care Products Basket weekly. It has a retail value of approximately $50.00.

    So, if you love puttsin with hair, it could be you and a friend adding lots more adventure to this summers calendar . . . but you got to get up and get moving now!!

    P.S. Not a bad idea to use Nexxus products in your styling description. Here is all the information;

    Good Luck!!

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