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Hair Body, Here are the Tricks

hair body

Hair Body . . . 5 ways to get all pumped up!

Get the limp out of your hair with these speedy solutions.

“Hair Body Tips”

  1. Hair Body Tip~~Use a heat-activated thickening product when you blow-dry. When hair is nearly dry, add a volumizing product and finish styling.
  2. Hair Body Tip~~Roller sets add volume when you make sections of hair the same size as the circumference of the rollers and roll strands straight down. They should sit right in the center of the part lines.
  3. Hair Body Tip~~Go shorter. Long, heavy manes are hard to pump up.
  4. Hair Body Tip~~A Style for root boost. Mist with a styling spray, then hold damp strands straight up with a brush as you hit them with airflow; don’t drop the section until roots are Completely dry.
  5. Hair Body Tip~~For lots of natural looking volume, pin damp hair on top of your head, allow to dry, then take out bobby pins and let it fall. The same thing happens if you wear an updo all day and take it down at night.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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Dandruff and Dry Itchy Scalp

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Katy Perry’s Grammy Hair Style

Katy Perry Hair Style

Katy Perry Hair Style at the Grammys

I do love to see the stars wear Old Hollywood glamour hairstyles like Katy Perry’s hairstyle at the Grammy’s. Although the finger wave hairstyle has made a big comeback, we still don’t see enough women wearing it. If you ask me, I think this mostly has to do with the lack of know-how when it comes to styling this hairstyle that keeps more women away from wearing it.

It takes a bit of practice to get it right, even for gifted hairdressers! The finger wave is unlike other hairstyles we are used to creating. Here is an article with a finger wave how to video.
“Katy Perry’s Hair Style at the Grammys”Katy Perry’s hair looked edgy-elegant and movie star fabulous for the Grammys Sunday night. Mix-up a cool blend of Marilyn Monroe from “How to Marry A Millionaire” and a touch of Elizabeth Taylor and they were Katy Perry for the night.

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Enzo Angileri styled the glam-noir look.
Enzo’s favorite black and white Italian films and thoughts of La Dolce Vita were all part of the inspiration. Angileri styles the hair of the world’s most beautiful women including Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Faith Hill and Demi Moore, and has won numerous awards for his film work.

“Katy’s black hair looks fantastic on her,” says Angileri, “and the dress she wore was pure glamour. This look shows off her beautiful face and features, and emphasizes high-energy shine and the silky texture of her hair.”

First Angileri blow dried Katy’s hair with a round brush. Next, he used a curling iron to create a loose marcel wave, then curled and shaped the bottom of the style.

Since the focal point of the look was its super-light, silky, natural shine, Angileri used new Moroccanoil Gold Shimmer Spray, infused with Argan Oil, all over the hair for a natural shine that was dramatically visible on the red carpet. It was important that the shine look intense without the look of any silicon-like product in the hair. It had to have the lightness of La Dolce Vita.”

Products used for Katy Perry’s look:
Moroccanoil Treatment for beautiful, extra shine and smoothness.
(MSRP: $39.00 / 3.4 fl. oz.)

Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine Spray for weightless, natural silky-looking shine.
(MSRP: $24.00 / 3.4 fl. oz.)



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