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    Jennifer Aniston Gets New Hairdresser

    /*New Hairstyle for Jennifer Aniston

    I guess it’s blog-worthy news,on this site at least,when the woman with the most famous sought after hair style since the“Farrah Fawcet,”decides to break it off with her long-standing relationship with her hairdresser.Whew...that’s a BIG break-up...dare  I say bigger than recent split from boyfriend,crooner,John Mayer?  Come on’s her HAIR!!!

    What’s a girl to do?Reportedly,she fired her hairdresser,Chris McMillan,of almost 15 years,who should most definitely be credited with the“Rachel”cut.  But,it’s my guess the split was an amicable one,for two reasons;Jen is known pretty much for amicable splits,and Chris is said to have given instruction to a new hairdresser,on how to do Aniston’s hair.Yet earlier this month she reportedly paid a whopping $57,000 to Chris to accompany her on a one week promotional trip across Europe...not a bad job if you can get it!  So,not sure how this split came about,but I’m sure we will hearing more than we need to know soon!

    Anyways,I think it will be interesting to see where Jennifer’s new hairdresser takes her.Jennifer Aniston is working in NYC in her most recent movie,The Baster.  I wonder if we will see a hairstyle change on Jen during the movie?Apparently,Aniston was quoted as saying she wants to“experiment”with her look,so it will be interesting seeing where a new visionary will take her.

    As great a cut and color this hairstyle has been for her,But...after all it’s Spring!!

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    Natasha Richardson’s Hair Styles

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles

    What Do Natasha’s Hairstyles Tell?

    “Natasha Richardson
    Hair Styles”

    Hair styles go around and come around, as all fashions do . . . that’s just the way of it. More often than not, a slight updating twist to an old look will bring it into vogue once again in it’s right time. Natasha Richardson wore various hairstyles which reflect this phenomenon.

    I swore when first hearing the sad news of Natasha Richardson’s passing, I wasn’t going to get on the bandwagon and write about her.  I wasn’t looking to write anything about her as I wasn’t really familiar with much of what she had done. Then, the other night I saw old footage of a number of interviews she had with her friend, Charlie Rose, over the years and she impressed me with her natural beauty inside and out. The other thing I noticed about Natasha Richardson, was the variety of hair styles she wore over the years!

    To a hairdresser, those people who change their hairstyles easily, reflect a very healthy sense of self assurance. (Surprisingly, in the interview with Charlie Rose, Natasha Richardson candidly admitted to feelings in earlier years of not feeling “pretty enough” to which Charlie just about fell off his chair.) But none the less, she did change her hair style often and here are just a few of the hairstyles she wore.  Now, she does have the advantage of having a beautiful oval face shape and a hair type that is easy to work with, but she didn’t appear to be shy about changing her hairstyle . . . which indicates an attitude of a beautiful, self assured woman!  RIP

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson in 1986 “Gothic”

    The Boho look, (in vogue once again) was big in the 80’s and Natasha Richardson wears it here in “The Gothic” 1986

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson in “Patty Hearst”

    Natasha Richardson wears a “stacked bob” (similar to inverted bob) in “Patty Hearst”

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson 2001 GLAAD Media Awards

    Natasha Richardson wears full bangs with long straightened hair . . . vogue once again!

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson and Liam Neison February 1993

    She wore bob’s beautifully!! Longer bob, lightly layered around the face only, with longer bangs.

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson May

    Layered bob, curled into ringlets with curling iron

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson February 2009

    Natasha Richardson with a texturized, razored flip cut, flat-ironed with bangs.

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

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    Haircutting Training Videos

    Screen Shot of Haircutting Video Training


    A Hairdressing Training Site

    Ongoing education and training is a MUST for any hairdresser who has passion for the industry. Day to-day haircutting and hair coloring can become mundane and routine for those hairdressers who don’t seek out new ideas and techniques in the business. And worse for it . . . are the clients who never get new ideas from their hairdressers who are stuck in a rut!

    Here is a leading training site from London that can help hairdressers get their creative juices flowing! The team delivers to you the first dedicated online hairdressing training site that is focused on providing you with the basic tools of how to cut hair to more advanced techniques that will allow you to create the latest looks and fashion hair styling trends.

    For a little under $15.00 per month will give you a minimum of four new online hairdresser videos per month. You will see 2 haircutting videos and 2 hair coloring videos from leading hairdressers in the industry. They bring you detailed step-by-step haircutting and hair coloring using the latest hairdressing techniques from London. All you need is a PC or MAC with broadband connection. Some broadband providers may be a little outdated now considering the rapid advancement of technology, this means your ISP may not be giving you the fastest connection available to you in order to download the necessary items, for example your online subscription includes down-loadable PDF booklets too.

    The sites hairdressing tutors are some of the finest in the world, including a former Creative Director of the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy, a previous Art Director at Toni & Guy, and world-renowned hair colorists. Current instructors include, Lee Stafford, Stacey Broughton, Steve Turner, Tracy Hayes, Callam Warrington and Mark Smith and Charley McEwen, Johnny Russell and Andrew Gilbert.

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