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    Stripping Hair Back to Natural Color

    Natural Hair Color

    Want the Perfect Natural Hair Color? Then Try Your Childhood Natural Hair Color Again

    “Stripping Hair Back to Natural Color”
    If you’ve been searching for your perfect hair color, look no further than your baby book. Your childhood natural hair color is typically your perfect hair color. As I look at my own daughter’s natural hair color, I am yearning for her beautiful medium brown hue that has copper and blonde high lights scattered throughout.


    If you had a toe-head blonde (very light blonde) natural hair color as a child, ask your hairdresser to lighten your base hair color to a level 8 or 9 beige blonde. A lighter shade like this one will likely blend with your skin tone perfectly, just as it did when you were just a babe.

    Natural Hair Colorant
    Coppery Red Natural Hair Color

    Childhood Natural Hair Color: Coppery Red

    Natural red hair color tends to have more copper in it than the violet reds that my clients often ask for. If your hair is still in a virgin state (meaning it hasn’t been colored), then you can boost your hue with a glaze. A glaze will give your hair color a boost every time you shampoo. Try one like John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze in Deeper Richer Red. I like this particular brand because it gives incredible shine (just like you had when you were a kid).

    Natural Color Hair
    Bold Brunette Natural Hair Color

    Childhood Natural Hair Color: Bold Brunette

    Brunette hair color in its basic childlike state has natural high lights and different tones within it. You can get this by going with any brown hair color and then adding in two or three additional high light colors. This three-in-one hair color will give you added dimension and shine and brighten your complexion too.

    Next time you are seeking the perfect hair color, bring your 2nd grade picture with you to the salon to re-create that shining natural hair color shade you had as a child. It is the most natural hair color you can do, but it will give you the most brilliant color results possible.


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    The Perfect Mothers Day Gift!

    Mothers Day Gifts

    Makeover Mom for Mothers Day Gift!
    “Mothers Day
    Gift Idea”

    What could be a better gift to give your Mother, than a Mothers Day gift of a makeover? Mothers do it all, juggle work, kids, the household and more and because of all their responsibilities, they don’t always get a chance to take time out for themselves. It’s no wonder that you might want to get her something worth more than a thousand dollars since she deserves the absolute best considering all she does. I would know, I am a new Mother! Mothers Day comes but once a year, so treat your Mother to a fabulous Mothers Day gift makeover, to give her the R&R that she so desperately needs and deserves.

    The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Makeover

    My idea of the ultimate Mothers Day gift would be getting a full day of pampering at a local day spa. Who wouldn’t like that? I mean, it’s not the kind of thing we feel we can always splurge on for ourselves but what a great Mothers day gift to receive!! It’s a special indulgence!

    If you or your Mom has never been to a spa, here are a few suggestions to consider. Have your Mother begin her spa experience by soaking in a warm Jacuzzi tub or taking a hot shower before her first treatment, she will be in ‘ready mode’ and hit the floor running, for her Mothers Day gift makeover. Then choose a massage for her first treatment. This will get her muscles relaxed and truly pamper her whole self. Then she can move onto a facial. There are many different kinds of facials to choose from so ask the esthetician for suggestions on helping customize a facial to your Moms needs. If you have the cash, consider adding a haircut, color or makeup to make her feel like a million bucks. You could even <ahref=”” alt=”” title=””>buy perfume with Afterpay to make her feel extra special. Then consider finishing out her Mothers Day gift makeover, with a manicure and pedicure. Obviously, this all can add up, so check out the site below to compare prices and specials salons have to offer.

    If you can swing it, spend the day with your Mom at the spa. I’m sure she’d love the company and you’ll get a little pampering for yourself as well! Check out to find a spa in your area. This is a great resource for price, services and location shopping. A number of salons listed have customer reviews too, that might help in your selection.

    A New Mattress
    Every lady needs her beauty sleep to be able to keep juggling all of her responsibilities so why not treat her to a lovely new memory foam mattress to allow her to sleep even better at night. These mattresses help keep you cool at night, decrease pressure on her body and increase comfort. If you do get her a new one then make sure that you check you’re getting one the correct size by checking out this guide on mattress sizes.

    DIY Mothers Day Gift Makeover

    If you’re strapped for cash (like many American’s are right now), a DIY at-home Mothers Day makeover, can provide your Mom with the much needed pampering she deserves, without causing you to go broke! Here’s an idea how to plan the perfect DIY Mothers Day makeover.

    Prepare for the day by filling a gift bag with nail polishes, yummy smelling lotions and a new lipstick or hair product for Mom. You could even get her some jewellery from Jacobs The Jeweller official. How about starting by, bringing over breakfast for your Mom? It doesn’t need to be anything extraordinary, coffee and homemade muffins will be perfect. You can paint your Moms toes while she enjoys her morning coffee and a magazine. Massage her tootsies beforehand with your yummy smelling lotion for an added treat.

    Then let her try on her new lipstick or hair product. Let Mom choose what she wants to do for the rest of the day (as long as it’s something relaxing). If she’s short on ideas, you can take her to a park to lounge on the grass in the sunshine or, drive her to the mall so the both of you can go shopping for the rest of the day. The whole point of Mothers Day is to let mom relax, so whatever suits her fancy is just fine.

    If you are a husband (hint-hint to my husband), daughter or son, definitely give ‘Mothers Day Gift Makeover’ a whirl. Your Mom will be thanking you for weeks to come.

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    Beauty Schools Offer Recession Alternative

    Beauty Schools

    Beauty Schools are a great career choice

    Is there a beauty school in your future? Times are tough, you’ve just lost the job you hated and you are looking for a new beginning in one of the hardest economic times this country has faced in decades. Things are looking gloomy, but perhaps this is the time to re-think your path. Are you a style hound on a budget? That’s where being a recessionista involves getting creative.  Even in an economic downturn, you can still use a bad situation as an opportunity to start again!  All you need is a Beauty School Boost!

    “Beauty Schools a Career Alternative”Cosmetology beauty schools and its related career fields is a solid part of the workforce that will not be going away any time soon. In fact, the need for personal appearance workers is projected to grow slightly faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. What does that mean for someone considering the field? For over half of cosmetologists nationwide, it means being self-employed. This offers plenty of perks not available in other walks of life including setting your own hours, being a business owner, and seeing the direct effects of helping someone else feel better! Maintaining one’s personal appearance never goes out of style, and neither does the feeling you get when you create a job well done.

    The prospect of “going back to school” may be a bit intimidating, but a beauty school is often a terrific learning experience that lasts only a year or less. It also offers an environment rich with hands-on learning and minimal “book work”.  Cosmetologists are lucky people in that they come to work ready for an outlet for their creativity and skill and go home knowing they will always be in demand.

    Another great thing about enrolling in a beauty school is that they are plentiful, meaning you will most likely be able to avoid moving far away or a long commute.

    I’ve gathered for you the best beauty school in my neighborhood that provides
    all three means of study:

    Chicago Beauty School and the Chicago Nail School or the Chicago Esthetician School. But if you’d like to find one near you, here’s a fantastic resource of schools across the nation! Beauty Schools Central or Beauty School Directory.

    Good luck on your search and all the best in getting your most important license since you learned to drive!

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