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Susan Boyle Makeover

Susan Boyle Makeover

Susan Boyle . . . To Makeover or Not to Makeover?

“Barb weighs in on the Susan Boyle
makeover drama”

Wow! I don’t know about you, but I can’t pull out of my hat a memory of when such “a star was born,” overnight as Susan Boyle. The woman walks onto the stage, to the laughs of the audience and the rolling of eyes of the judges, and when she opens her mouth to sing, turns the house into tears and standing ovations.  The show, “Britain’s Got Talent” with, Simon Cowell, knows how the human psyche works, we love to cheer on the underdog.  This past weekend she was the topic of conversation from every news and radio station internationally, to our local churches and watering holes.

I’ve been asked if I would do a makeover on Susan Boyle, or if I think she should stay ‘Au natural,’ for all that it has done for her international appeal! Should we change her hair? Change her make-up? Change her wardrobe? Eyebrows? OH . . . what a dilemma!

Well as I said it in last weeks post, I think she is great just as she is. She doesn’t need to change a thing. She’s the real deal and happy in her own skin.  However . . . do I think she will have a makeover soon? Undoubtedly! Do I think she will enjoy it? . . Surely!  The wheels are in motion and it would take a great deal of resistance to stop the inevitable.

If you follow my blog, you know I’ve done literally thousands of virtual hairstyle makeover on women and in classes I teach face to face and online called, Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!.  I know Susan Boyle will get a kick in having a makeover done, but I applaud her self reliance as I’m sure you do.

Susan was a guest on Larry King Live last night and after awkwardly pointing out perceived flaws, he asked the question; “Will you be getting a makeover?”  Stalwartly, Susan replied, “Why should I?” (gotta love her).

Then, before I could get all my thoughts on the subject out,  the first makeover (albeit virtual makeover) already shows up.

Susan Boyle Makeover
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Susan Boyle’s Hair Style

Susan Boyle Hair Style

Susan Boyle’s Hair Style, A Big No-No or a Huge Yes?
“Kristle weighs in on the Susan Boyle
hair issue”

If you haven’t heard of Susan Boyle by now you must have been living under a rock for the past week. Susan Boyle has skyrocketed to superstardom virtually overnight via British TV Show, Britain’s Got Talent.

Her extraordinary performance on the show, along with her unconventional appearance grabbed the attention of millions. Along with this attention came offers and suggestions for a makeover. My opinion…no makeover needed.
This woman grabbed the attention of millions with not just her voice, but her unconventional look. If Susan Boyle was just another pretty teen with a great voice she would have just blended in with the majority that tries out for the show. Because of her unique style she has been able to stand apart from the crowd.

As a hairdresser, when I see Susan Boyle, I see virgin hair crying out to be colored and brows that are yearning to be shaped. A little makeup, manicure and updated attire along with those things wouldn’t hurt either. But as a viewer, when I see Susan Boyle, I see someone unique and incomparable; someone who stands apart from all the other Britney wannabe’s and someone who catches my attention for not only her voice, but her quirky look too.

Let Susan Boyle be who she wants to be, it has obviously worked in her favor thus far (she has received over 20 million internet hits since her debut). So although a makeover is long overdue for Susan, now is not the time for her to start.

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Chignon How To

Reese Witherspoon Chignon Hairstyle

Chignon How to (In 3 Easy Steps)

“Chignon How ToIf you’re looking for an evening hairstyle you can create at home, Danny DuBose of Bob Steele Salon in Atlanta says your best bet is a low chignon. “It’s easiest to create this look if you have mid-to shoulder-length hair with longer layers or hair that’s one length,” he explains.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Working from ear to ear, divide the head into two parts, front and back. “That lets you determine if you want a part in front or plan to wear hair all off the face,” says DuBose.
  2. Take the back section and create a smooth ponytail, catching it with a coated elastic. Then flip it up and move it back through the band so it lies flat against the crown. ‘Next, take the hair that’s in the ponytail, Sub-divide it and pin it at the base of the neck.”
  3. As a finishing touch, create a part, then smooth out one side with a brush. Bring it toward the back of the head and wrap it around the tail to conceal the elastic. “Do the same on the other side. Use a holding spray like Aveda Air Control to keep strands in place.”

Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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