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    Who Was Michael Jackson’s Hair stylist?

    Michael Jackson Hair

    Michael Jackson’s Hair stylist Still Mystery

    Who was Michael Jackson’s hairdresser? I’ve found it an interesting search, but nobody is coming to the forefront as being the Michael Jackson’s recent personal hairdresser. Not yet anyways. Maybe we will find out something different in days to come, but probably not without a gazillion hairdressers or salons trying to make claim to the coveted title.

    “Michael Jackson’s
    Hair stylist?”
    The most recent hairdresser that tops the charts for working with Michael, would be Clyde Haygood. Clyde, was the head hairdresser for Michael’s, “This Is It” tour. From his interview with Access Hollywood, he was responsible for making sure the hair styles of the entire cast, reflected Michael’s vision for the film footage as well as the productions.

    It sounds like a hairdresser would have his hands full working this show. The show encompassed a variety of different styles and era’s, as you might imagine! Parts of the show was made up of film footage depicting Michaels’ biggest hits, Off The Wall – Thriller – BAD – HIStory.  Haygood says, “we created, gangster criminal looks for “Smooth Criminal,” and the womens hair style looks like that of Bridget Bardot.”   In some numbers, male dancers wear hair styles with a “futuristic, kind of militaristic look to them.  A sweet memory Clyde shares about working with Michael Jackson, was that he was kind of magical, adorable and beautiful. For instance, he says Michael asks him if he can place ‘cobwebs’ in the wigs made for a “Thriller” scene.

    I thought it was curious that with all the talk of hair styles for this production, that Clyde never speaks of styling Michael Jackson’s hair. I’m not positive, but my experience tells me that Michael has been wearing extensions or a wig, or maybe both for sometime now. The hair looks too thick to be his, especially at the roots. I remember reading sometime back at the time of Michael Jacson’s trial, that a group of professional hairdressers polled, decided Michael Jackson had to be wearing either a wig or extensions as when he showed up for his trial in his pajama bottoms, his hair looked too perfect and it didn’t blow right in the wind. A tortured life indeed!

    Michael Jackson Hair
    Michael Jackson Hair

    The only hairdresser that has come forward so far as being the King of Pop’s hairdresser is, Plinnie Thompson, of Rudy & Plinnies Beauty Center in Orlando Florida. WFTV Channel 9 reported this news today and have pictures to back it up. This relationship was mostly back in the 80’s and Plinnie was responsible for Michael Jackson’s Jheri-curl at that time. They show an autographed picture signed by Michael Jackson with the 81′ Tour.  Plinnie says when Michael Jackson came to town to see Disney, he came here.

    Also, interestingly enough, they said Michael Jackson paid $65.00 for a Jheri-curl, back then, just like everyone else AND they are still $65.00 today!! (A Jheri-curl is a perm for black hair) They also show some of Michael Jackson’s giving heart.  You can check out Plinnies story here.

    I thought I would try to find out if Michael had a hairdresser he trusted . . . so far nothing, but I’ll keep an ear out. If any of you have anything to add, please share it below with the rest of us. I’m sad for the passing of this greatly talented star and wish him and his family lasting peace. He won’t be forgotten and his music and artistry will live on forever.

    See the interview with lead hairdresser for “This Is It” tour here. Clyde Haygood lead hairdresser for “This Is It” tour.

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    The Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

    Farrach Fawcett Hairstyle

    The Farrah Fawcett hairstyle was the farrah-est of them all!

    Even though Farrah Fawcett will forever be known for that voluptuous head of hair, there was much more to her than that. A pinup, an Angel, a goddess and a fine actress and woman! I don’t think that’s over-stretching when it comes to describing Farrah Fawcett’s career. She very easily could have been categorized as another blonde bombshell who was just another pretty face. But, Farrah instead decided to take the road less traveled and quit a hot series, with millions of weekly viewers, ‘Charlie’s Angels ‘ after just one season to take on her own dreams. Quite a gutsy move don’t you think?

    “Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle”Even though Farrah Fawcett seemed to struggle to find her place as as a film actress, she finally was credited for her leading role in, ‘The Burning Bed” where she played the ‘battered wife’ looking haggered and not goddess like at all. This movie awarded her the first of three nominations for the largely coveted Emmy Awards.

    But arguably her career high lights came when she was picked by Robert Duvall to co-star as his wife, in the Robert Altman film, “The Apostle.” Even though the film didn’t do as well as hoped, she was still the only former Angle to play in some Robert Altman films and next to such greats as Duvall and Richard Gere.

    Farrah Fawcett Hairsytle
    The Farrach Fawcett Hairstyle made more noise than any other hairstyle in history

    In my lifetime, there has been no other person who has come close to the pop culture phenomenon, when it comes to starting a signature hairstyle trend. And, let’s not forget, the ‘Farrah Fawcett hairstyle’ stayed popular for over a decade AND it’s hot again today!  No one close. I was styling hair in the 70,s and 80,s when the “Farrah Fawcett hairstyle” hit mainstream . . . and if you were a woman with hair from that era, I would venture to bet you wore the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle at sometime in your life.

    Anyways, I found some trivia about this 1976 pinup poster of the Farrah-est of them all, and thought you might enjoy this. If you somehow have not seen this most famous wall hanging ever, it literally still holds the record for pinup sales of somewhere over 12 million copies.

    Farrah styled her own hair for this picture! Photographer Bruce McBroom, used an old Indian blanket for the backdrop, which had been covering the front seat of his ’37 Chevy. The photo was shot in the back of then husband, Lee Majors,’ Bel Air home and no ice was used in the making of this poster.

    Farrah Fawcett was probably typecast from this most famous pinup poster in 1976, but should be given credit for making herself a career more than just that moment in time. She also showed great courage and strength of character in her battle against cancer. She even shared with us her experiences in a two hour documentary, “Farrah’s Story,” which aired on NBC on May 15th 2009 and was watched by nearly 9 million people.

    Most women find it extremely devastating in losing their hair during chemotherapy treatments. After all, our hair is part of who we are, part of our identity. If that sounds small, I don’t care, I’ve seen enough women go through this to know the truth of it. And for Farrah, she was a cultural phenomenon who was known for her hair. She took to the razor once her hair started to fall out and showed great self-dignity in doing so. She joked with her doctor saying, “You wouldn’t stop until you got my hair.”

    To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

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    Hairdressers client from hell


    Are you your hairdressers client from hell?

    Every hairdresser has one or two (or more) clients from hell. We may all talk about them in the back room, but you may not always hear about them . . . because you may be one of them! So how do you know you are a hairdressers client from hell? You may not even realize it, so here are some reasons you could be the client from hell for your hairdresser.

    “Hairdressers Clients From Hell”Some of my clients from hell not only don’t realize they are the client from hell, but they think that we are best buds! Being that they think I am their BFF, they tell me stories that are sometimes way too personal for me to know as their hairdresser. One way to stop annoying your hairdresser is to keep the relationship professional. Yes, you tell your hairdresser everything. Yes, gossip goes around the salon. And yes, your hairdresser is so friendly, always offering advice, etc. But, what you don’t realize is your hairdresser still considers you a ‘client’ and has a professional relationship with you as a service provider.

    Go ahead and gossip about who Jennifer Aniston is dating or even about your annoying co-worker, but try and refrain from using your hairdresser as a psychiatrist or getting too nitty-gritty about your, ahem ‘personal’ life.

    You could be thinking your hairdresser is the one from hell if you haven’t had a good haircut or hair color from her for quite awhile. But you are equally at fault for this one if that’s what you’re thinking. Sometimes the hairstyle you are trying to convey to your hairdresser is not what he/she is able to do for you.

    After the second or third appointment where this has happened, it’s time to say sayonara, yet some clients stick around even after this expiration date. On one or two occasions, I’ve actually had to tell clients to see another hairdresser because things just ‘weren’t working out’.

    The serial cheater is another hairdressers client from hell. If you are a client who often bounces around from hairdresser to hairdresser and back again, you are a client from hell! I’ve seen this more times than I’d like to recall. A client will visit me once, twice, maybe even three times and then I don’t see her again for another several months to a year.

    When I do see her again, her hair is in shambles and she wants me to ‘fix’ what she has, a) either done at home or b) had done by another ‘less expensive’ hairdresser. Please realize that these are not easy hair issues to undo, so don’t do this to your hairdresser!

    The majority of you are probably wonderful clients; caring, considerate, always on time and great tippers. However, if you are a client from hell, please know that you will be gossiped about in the back room and when your hairdresser catches your name on her books, it will be met with the occasional eye roll.

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