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    Hair Care Product and Beauty News

    Hair care product news that I’ve picked up on my travels. Everyday I end up seeing all sorts of hair care product news and hype from manufacturers. Much of it is not worth passing along, but here are three hair care products that are worth paying attention to.

    Redken’s New Straightening Hair Spray

    Hair Care Product
    Redken Iron Silk 07 Hair Spray

    Redken has just released their latest and greatest, a new hair care product called, Iron Silk 07 Ultra-Straightening Spray. This is great news for all flat-iron addicts like me.
    Redken, promises that Iron Silk 07, will not only protect, but strengthen strands, give hair shine and best of all . . . it leaves hair smooth, with no stiff feel! That is amazing considering most straightening sprays I’ve tried always seem to leave the hair stiff as a board and then you have to run your fingers through strands to soften them. If you use a flat-iron daily, I strongly suggest using a heat protectant product and I don’t know about you, but I’m trying this one next!

    Redken was voted “Best Overall Professional Products Company,” last year by hairdressers at the hairdresser Choice Awards, which is why I am always following the most up-to-the-minute news from Redken. For a complete list of products picked as favorites at this years, hairdresser Choice Awards.

    L’Oreal’s New Color Breakthrough

    Hair Care Product
    L’Oreal Releasing a No-Ammonia, No-Odor Color Line!

    Good news for those who  have an aversion to chemicals in hair color! L’Oreal  has just announced their new innovative line of hair color that has no ammonia, and no odor! This new hair color line, called INOA, which stands for “Innovation No Ammonia,” is revolutionary because it is a permanent hair color line, which will cover gray but contains no ammonia!

    So what does this all mean for you? No ammonia means less damage for your hair and scalp and no odor means . . . well, no odor. Ammonia is a toxin and many people have an aversion to it’s use, such as itchy scalp. It also does damage to the hair, but its use in hair color has been successful for covering gray, so it’s use has been prevalent.

    L’Oreal’s  new INOA color line will have 50 colors to choose from initially! This hair care product line is for professional use only, so you won’t be able to go pick this up at the drugstore. But . . . ask your hairdressers to give it a try if you have a serious aversion to any chemicals. This truly is a breakthrough in hair color technology and has “success” written all over it as long as it can deliver the goods!. INOA is set to debut in the United States in January of 2010.

    New Products from TIGI Rockaholic Line

    TIGI Rockaholic Groupie
    TIGI Rockaholic Groupie Spray Pomade

    As you may or may not know, TIGI was voted ‘Favorite Overall Hair Care Products Company’ at the 2009 hairdresser Choice Awards. Their product, TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret, was also a hairdresser’s favorite, getting voted ‘Favorite New Styling Product’. Well readers, TIGI has added to their fabulous Rockaholic line by giving us three new products; Way Out Super Hair Glue (a super hard hold gel for Mohawks, etc.), Groupie Texturizing Spray Pomade (an innovative new product to replace traditional pomades) and All Access Go Anywhere Shampoo Bar (which is literally a bar of shampoo).

    The Groupie Texturizing Spray Pomade, is a fun new texturizing product that I am dying to try. I have yet to see a spray pomade hair care product and I think this would be a great tool in getting pomade onto hair without overdoing it. If you are currently using pomade to style your hair, give this product a go-around and see what you think. I think you’ll like not getting the ‘goop’ on your fingers and under your fingernails and being able to apply the pomade with a lighter touch.

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    Celebrity Hairstyles: Want to get Noticed? Change Your Hairstyle!

    Katherine Heigel

    Celebrity hairstyles change and they get noticed!

    Celebrity hairstyles may seem to change more quickly than most, but I’m not sure that’s true. One thing is true however with celebrity hairstyles changes and that is that their changes are usually very timely. Producers and agents know well that by simply changing their celebrities hairstyles in some way before an opening, they will draw lots of attention resulting in lots of free publicity!

    “Celebrity Hairstyles”Katherine Heigl is our most recent star falling into that celebrity hairstyles trend. Katherine showed up at the premiere for her new movie, “The Ugly Truth,” due to be released on July 24th, with a new auburn hair color and a shorter hairstyle! She did a double whammy!  Besides having a new auburn hair color her hair was cut into a shorter bob. The short bob was not noticeable at the premiere because she wore it in an updo that evening.

    Celebrity Hairstyles Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl’s New Hair Color Works for Most People!

    I like this hair color change on Katherine Heigl, it suits her skin tone and eye color well. Celebrity hairdresser, Kim Vo, changed Katherine’s look and says it is a,”goof proof color” if you want to try it at home. He adds, “Reds naturally come out of your hair color, so no worries formulating! Add anything with a warm hue which will help bring out the skin color. You should look for a warm chocolate auburn brown. You should also look for browns that have “natural warmth” written on the bottle. For example, L’Oreal 5NW.”

    I think watching celebrity hairstyles change, can be a good inspiration for the rest of us. Katherine Heigl’s hair color and hairstyle change is a good one for her. A funny thing about auburn hair color . . . I have found that most women who look good in blonde hair can transition easily into an auburn hair color. The beauty of the color auburn is that it is a mix of red and brown and can be formulated lighter or darker, warmer or cooler.

    I do think Kim Vo was a bit quick in saying this is a “goof proof color.” Your base color needs to be taken into consideration as well as your skin tone before throwing a box of color on your hair. Look on the back of the box and use their chart of hair colors, to determine what shade you need to go with to get your desired end result.

    So what hair colors can you wear? Take this questionnaire to find out your skin tone;

    There is more here on what hair colors to look for and what hair colors to stay away from with your skin tone and eye color;

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Best Hairdressers Footwear


    Best Hairdressers get happy feet!

    I know I’m not the only hairdresser out there who, in the name of fashion, has put up with the discomforts of the feet! I know you ladies know what I’m talking about, those cute little shoes that makes-the-look but ruins-da-feet! Thankfully, there are lots of different brands such as Vessi Footwear and Skechers, that make comfy shoes.

    “Best Hairdressers get happy feet!”Well, maybe this is easy for me to say now, after a certain age but ‘cute” . . . it’s just not worth it! Ouch! As if a hairdressers job isn’t hard enough on the bod, standing hours on end in various bent up contortions, but now add the wrong shoes and you’ve got a recipe for disaster . . . bunions, disc problems. (A hairdresser friend, Bud, says his chiropractor told him that hairdressers make up a major part of their business!)

    My best friend Ginger, also a hairdresser, was the first person who told me about Skechers, Shape-Ups. She loved them. (I had seen a blurb for them on Oprah a while back) She had gotten a pair of these shoes that came recommended by her sisters . . . also hairdressers. Shape-Ups are designed to change the way the wearer walks and stands.

    The shoe contains a really soft cushioned insert and is designed in a way that it rolls from heels to toes. Skechers Shape-Ups claims to promote weight loss and to tone muscles. “Shape up while you walk.” Just like the chairs you can find on sites like that can help improve your posture and provide comfort, they also claim the design of the shoe improves posture, improves blood circulation, strengthens the back, tightens abdominal muscles firms buttocks muscles, reduces cellulite and tones thighs and firms calf muscles. Whew!

    These shoes come at a hefty price, about $110.00. But I’m sure all you best hairdressers out there know the value of having great footwear! I bought my first pair of Shape-Ups about a month ago, and I think they are great for walking, shopping and standing. They give relief to my knees and ankles but I still find I can’t wear them all day. I feel muscles, especially in my lower legs that become tired after some hours of wearing these shoes. The manufacturer says you need to work up the length of time you wear them. Skechers, also includes a CD with your purchase of Shape-Ups, for instruction on stretching and warming up before walking.

    American Salon also had an article this month on Skechers Shape-Ups and the value they may offer hairdressers. Reading it reminded me of the thousands of hairdressers out there who might do themselves a good turn by finding great shoes for their work.

    I bought mine at “The Mall of America” in the Skecher’s store which was the only place to get them here locally. I also ended up buying a great pair of really comfy, cute, sandals for half price with the other purchase. You can also find them online at

    Barb Quinn on Google+


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