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    My Hair Remedy for Dandruff, Oily Hair & Head Lice

    Hair Remedy

    A hair remedy solution that works!
    “Looking For a Hair Remedy?”

    Reportedly, about one in five people have tried at least one hair remedy for dandruff sometime in their life. Even though dandruff is a harmless condition, it can be both annoying and embarrassing for people who have it. Dandruff can be caused by a variety of things including an overproduction of a type of yeast on the scalp, stress, sickness and even the change of seasons.

    A hair remedy that I recommend to my clients for dandruff and itchy scalp is Redken Dandruff Control. The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, works to reduce flaking, irritation and itching according to Redken. The Redken Dandruff Control line also has a conditioner and leave-in treatment.
    Oily Hair

    Hair Remedy
    Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo

    Oily scalp and/or hair are another issue I see regularly in the salon. Typically I tell my clients to go at least two days without shampooing, but my clients who have oily scalp/hair complain that they can’t without looking like an oil slick.

    Did you know that frequent shampooing can actually contribute to oily hair and scalp?   Shampooing everyday can strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils and protectants, which triggers your hair follicles to produce more oil . . . and the pattern goes!

    Try using a ‘dry shampoo’ like Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo in-between shampoos to soak up excess oil. Also, when applying conditioner, stay away from  the roots of your hair (this is a common mistake). Instead, concentrate the conditioner only on the effected hair.

    One last option is to do a vinegar rinse every few weeks before shampooing. Using one part vinegar to four parts water, apply the solution to hair (avoiding scalp) and then shampoo and condition as normal.

    Head Lice

    When kids go back to school, they are susceptible to bringing home many different ‘catchy’ ailments of one type or another and head lice is one of them. Having head lice is NOT a result of poor hygiene, so don’t beat yourself up!  It’s an extremely contagious condition as the lice easily transport from one person to another. Signs of head lice can be itchiness and tiny yellowish-white eggs or lice that look like small sesame seeds attached to the hair.

    Hair remedies for head lice include the tried and true over-the-counter head lice treatment shampoos like Nix. Nix Complete Lice Treatment System has proven to be the go-to shampoo for head lice for years! After using the shampoo, run a lice comb through your child’s hair to remove any lice or eggs and then be sure to wash all bedding, clothing, hats, etc. in very hot water to make sure you are rid of all the little creatures!

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    5 Hair Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

    How to Find a Great Hairstylist

    Hair Care Tips You Can’t Live Without

    “Hair Care Tips Hairdressers Forget to Tell You About”After being in the hair industry for as long as I have, it’s easy to forget that my clients don’t know all of the hair care tips that I have learned along the way. Yesterday one of my clients asked a simple question that made me think these hair care tips are always worth repeating.

    So here are a few hair care tips that you may or may not be engaging in when taking care of your own hair . . . if you’re doing them now, then you get a gold star!

    Hair Care Tips

    Hair Care Tip #1 Don’t Shampoo Daily

    Shampooing your hair daily can strip your strands of natural oils that protect your hair and can effectively dry your hair. Skip a day or two of shampooing to allow your natural oils to be distributed through strands naturally. Brushing your hair daily with a boar bristle brush helps to pull the oils through your hair.

    If your hair feels greasy after 24 hours, use a dry shampoo product in-between regular shampooing to get rid of excess oil and shine without stripping your hair. Try this year’s favorite dry shampoo at the hairdresser Choice Awards; TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret.

    Hair Care Tip#2 Color Only Re-Growth

    When touching up your hair color at home, make sure to only color your roots. This is a common mistake that my clients make when coloring their hair at home. The result is color build-up on the ends and mid-shaft of the hair. It looks like a dye job done at home! It is unnecessary to color the entire length of your hair every time you do a touch up. Simply touch up your re-growth only. If the rest of your color is looking dull or faded, use a glaze (my favorite, John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze) to refresh your ends.

    Hair Care Tip #3 – Take Your hairdresser’s Suggestions

    A professional hairdresser is just that . . . a professional. With years of training and experience, a hairdresser is typically able to pinpoint a few different hairstyle options that would look great on you. Switching up your hairstyle regularly is also important and that’s where a hairdresser can help you. You may be stuck in a hairstyle rut simply because it is comfortable and you don’t know what else to do with your hair.

    Next time you are at the salon, ask your hairdresser for a few new hairstyle ideas to inspire you. Bring them by your most trusted family and friends if need be, but take the suggestion . . . it’s probably time to make a change.

    Hair Care Tips

    Hair Care Tip#4 – Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

    We are all guilty of using flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, three barrel wavers and other heated hair styling tools without heat protection. But after reading this, there are no excuses . . . go out and get a heat protectant product for your hair! I see too many clients with damaged (or even worse, burned) hair come into the hair salon asking for help, but of course by then . . . it’s too late. Don’t be one of those clients! Protect your hair every time you use a heated styling tool. Maybe try new products like a hair serum that helps lock in the moisture and adds shine to troubled areas. Companies such as Modere know all to well about the importance of overall self care. This should be your main priority too.

    Hair Care Tips

    Hair Care Tip #5 – A Great Blow-Out

    Ever notice how fabulous your hair looks after the hairdresser blows it dry? That’s because your hairdresser knows a secret . . . a great blow out is well worth the time spent on it because it will make your hairstyle last and will look great. Watch your hairdresser next time she blows out your hair and take notes. Then take your time when blow drying your own hair, it will be worth your while! Use a round brush, a thermal protector and blow dry in small sections using the hot and cool buttons, for a blow out that will look fantastic and last!
    Follow these simple hair care tips and see how these little things’ matter!

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    Healthier Hair, Healthier Hair Color Alternatives

    Brunette with long shiny healthy hair

    Healthier Hair with Alternative Products

    My clients are often torn between choosing to have healthier hair by leaving it natural  and using harsh chemicals to color their hair. Chemicals used in hair coloring products and the fumes produced are just plain yucky to both the client and hairdresser. There are now healthier hair coloring products on the market for those who are fed up with fumes, chemicals and un-healthy hair.

    “Healthier Hair Products don’t Cost any More”Organic Color Systems is just one of the brands that offer a healthier hair alternative to traditional hair coloring products. L’Oreal INOA Hair Color is another as of January 2010.

    Organic Color Systems contains no ammonia and no parabens as well as other chemicals that can cause negative reactions for both the client and hairdresser. This particular brand also offers a perm that has organic ingredients and is ammonia and thioglycolate (a common ingredient in many hair color products) free. I spoke to Matthew, from Organic Color Systems who answered a few of my questions regarding their hair colors.


    Kristle: Will Organic Color Systems cover resistant gray hair?

    Matthew: Organic Color Systems is used in 30 countries, has been around 12 years and has been covering gray for all that time and for all those hairdressers. Organic Color Systems uses a moisturizing oil base in their hair color which helps to soften resistant grays so that the color can penetrate.

    Kristle: Is Organic Color Systems  a better choice than other hair color lines for someone sick from cancer or other illnesses?

    Matthew: Although Organic Color Systems cannot recommend a hair care product for any particular person, they did say that their product is a less toxic hair coloring product than others. They also will supply an ingredient list by request so that anyone suffering from an illness can check with their doctor.

    Kristle: Does Organic Color Systems offer the same amount of lift and deposit as traditional hair color systems such as Redken or L’OREAL Professional?

    Matthew: You will  get the same lift or deposit as traditional hair color systems with a few adjustments.

    Matthew also told me they market their hair colors to professionals at a comparable price to other leading hair color product manufacturers. He says they are priced right in the middle, which is good news as it shouldn’t cost any more to get this color service compared to any other!We should be seeing more and more of these healthier hair alternatives that offer less toxic chemicals in products available soon.  Maybe your hair salon already has a healthier hair care product offer for you . . . be sure to ask the question!!


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