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Celebrity Hairstyles Gone Wrong?

Celebrity Hairstyles

Even celebrity hairstyles can go bad!

Celebrity hairstyles change as often as the seasons come and go . . . but do they always get it right? These recent hair color changes struck-out in my opinion. Change isn’t always a good thing!

“I’m Bored with Celebrity Hairstyles”Rihanna, forever the style risk-taker, recently went from black to blonde. Adding in chunky blonde high lights to her dark hair gave her already rocker hairstyle an even edgier look. My take on this celebrity hair color change . . . I think that the blonde is all wrong and should be red or purple instead. This blonde is brassy and in great need of a toner. If Rihanna wants her hair to look rocker-chic, red or purple where the blonde is would give her exactly what she needs.

Celebrity Hairstyles
Celebrity hairstyles transform repeatedly

Jessica Alba changes hair colors faster than we can keep up with! A few months back she was a brunette, then morphed into a blonde and now she has taken on this auburn red hue. The red reminds me of another celebrity hair color change, namely Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s. The shade is flattering on Ashlee, but I can’t say the same for Jessica Alba. I would like to see Jessica go back to brunette this season.  Brunette is the most flattering hair color I’ve seen on Jessica Alba for her skin tone.

Celebrity Hairstyles
Drew is a chameleon!

Just when I was loving Drew Barrymore’s big blonde hairstyle, she goes and switches it up on. Her new hair color of choice is blonde with black tips. This look reminds me of vintage Gwen Stefani when she colored the tips of her hair pink. I’m not sure what prompted Drew Barrymore to do this to her hair, but I am not a fan. She should go back to a honey blonde color for now and ditch the black hairstyle!

Boy, I really wish Hollywood would just give us some more beautiful fall hair colors to write about! What do you think of these celebrity hair color switches?  Leave your comments on Rihanna, Jessica and Drew’s new hues.



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African American Hair Products Warning

Afro American Hair

African-American Hair Harmed Says Dermatologist

We’ve all known for years that the ingredients in hair relaxers, hair straighteners, perms and hair colors can be harmful to our hair and scalp. But, this doesn’t deter us from our quest for beauty.

Hair straighteners, hair relaxers and hair extensions can break, burn and otherwise damage the hair and scalp. It’s easy to believe that when you can buy these hair care products off the shelves that they must be safe, or at least safe to use at home . . . but it’s simply not always true.

Hair Warning”
In a recent article in Dermatology Times, by Paula Moyer, Dr. Marta Rendon M.D. associate clinical professor at both the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, sums up her warning by saying, “They need to know that if something itches or burns, it’s not good for them.”

Pay Attention

“Several of the hair straightening products and practices can make things worse, because they break, burn and irritate the hair, and can cause allergic dermatitis of the scalp,” Dr. Rendon says. So-called “hair relaxing” agents are also often used by patients of African-American heritage or others with very curly hair. In these black hair care products, which loosen the curl and make the hair easier to blow dry and comb, the active ingredient is typically lye, which can also cause allergic contact dermatitis, dry scalp, and scalp infections.”

Some of the newer hair straightening products and procedures, like Brazilian treatments or Japanese straightening treatments are advertised as “formaldehyde-free.”  Earlier hair straightening products contained formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

Hair care for black hair is much more fragile than Asian or Caucasian hair. African-Americans have fewer follicles per inch on the scalp making the hair less dense. The African-American hair type also has less strength, breaks easily and is difficult to comb.

“Patients who use hair straighteners, hair relaxers, hair dryers and flat irons can eventually lose their hair, Dr. Rendon says. “The hair just can’t tolerate all these procedures.” Other procedures that can cause traction alopecia are the gluing of hair extensions to the scalp and the fusing of hair strands to give the illusion of more volume. Some hair extensions are now fastened with clips, which create less traction than glue.

I learned early on in beauty school that any scalp disorder needs to be referred to a dermatologist immediately. Dr. Rendon points out that timing is critical to being able to influence the ability to treat the condition. “We get them very early or very late,” Dr. Rendon says. “Problems that are fairly new are more likely to be reversed, but those of long duration can cause permanent hair loss due to scarring.”

“Brazilian treatments are often smuggled in and done in someones kitchen, often with disastrous consequences,” Dr. Rendon says. “We can teach patients to ask their hairdressers to tell them the manufacturers of the hair care products they use, and to stick with reputable companies.”

“The major cosmetics companies have done their homework to make sure that their products are safe,” Dr. Rendon says. Dermatologists can also teach patients to be suspicious of discomfort, she says. “They need to know that if something itches or burns, it’s not good for them.”


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Halloween Hair Styles

Easy Hairstyles

Try one of These Easy Halloween Hair Styles

If you are looking for fun and easy Halloween hair styles to make your look complete this Halloween, get out your creative hat and try on one of these for amusement! This beehive look is perfect! You will need medium to long hair length for this easy hairstyle.

“Easy Halloween
Hair Styles”
Follow these tips that we got from Martha Stewart to get this beehive easy Halloween hair style:

  • Step 1: You’ll need one skein of yellow yarn cut into 50 three-foot strands; divide into five bundles.
  • Step 2: Part hair into five ponytails; secure each with an elastic band.
  • Step 3: For each ponytail, secure middle of a yarn bundle to base of ponytail with elastic band. Take half the ponytail and half the yarn in each hand. Twist the hair and yarn in your right hand together a few times in a clockwise direction; repeat with the left hand. Then wrap the twisted pairings around each other in the opposite direction. Continue until you come to the end of the yarn; secure end with elastic band.
  • Step 4: Once all ponytails have been combined with yarn, make the beehive. One at a time, coil each ponytail on head; secure with bobby pins. Tuck ends inside. Use bobby pins to attach pipe-cleaner bees, silk flowers, and plastic twigs.
Easy Hairstyles
Pippi’s pigtails make for Halloween hair styles!

For one wild and wacky Halloween hair style, try pigtails that point upwards and outwards! When my customers are looking for easy Halloween hair style, this is one that tops my list! To get this look, you just have to braid pipe cleaners into your hair while styling.

Here’s how to get this Pippi Longstocking-esque easy Halloween hair style:

  • Step 1: You’ll need two to four pipe cleaners in a similar color to your hair.
  • Step 2: For thin to medium hair, braid one pipe cleaner in with each braid. For thick and coarse hair, braid two pipe cleaners in with each braid.
  • Step 3: Style pigtails pointing in any direction you choose.
Easy Hairstyles
Easy Halloween hair styles with neon colors!

Many of my clients wonder how to get a certain color of hair for their Halloween costumes. They wonder if they’ll have to wear a wig or if there is a product on the market available to give them quick and easy hairstyles for Halloween.

Two of my favorite products are Jerome Russell’s Temp’ry Hair Color Spray and Joico’s Ice Spikerz Colorz Styling Glue. To use Jerome Russell’s Temp’ry Hair Color Spray simply style hair and then spray the colored aerosol spray all over until you reach your desired result of color. Joico’s Ice Spikerz Colorz Styling Glue is used for looks that call for an extreme hold gel with color. Both of these products are temporary and wash out with a good clarifying shampoo.

These are all easy Halloween hair styles to achieve with just a little practice and they are perfect for Halloween. My daughter will be wearing a bee costume this year and I’ll be doing her hair like the beehive hairstyle above. Comment and let us know if you have any easy Halloween hair styles that will make your look this Halloween!!


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