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    Brassy Hair Color Mistakes

    Miley Cyrus with brassy hair highlights

    Home Hair Coloring Results in Brassy Hair Highlights!

    Whitney asks

    I just high lighted my hair with lighter blonde streaks. I have dark blonde dyed hair with lighter streaks. Naturally my hair colour is brown so i just high light the roots but, they turned out brassy. I usually get them done at the salon but i wanted to save money. I’m afraid now it will cost double what it would have been. I don’t want to dry my hair out and do a hair coloring right away, or get rid of some the streaks that are already there. I just want my hair back with my darker roots! Please help me!


    It sounds like the chemical wasn’t on your hair long enough to effectively lift enough of your own natural hair coloring out. The problem you have now is best treated by a professional. Don’t color over your roots again or you will be adding more problems. The brassy streaks and your own virgin hair would grab the hair color differently, and the brassy streaks could turn a nasty muddy hair color.

    My best suggestion for you is to go to a beauty school that has a good reputation and let them fix your hair color dilemma. If you are near a good-sized metropolitan area, you may have a couple of choices. You could choose to go to a ‘advanced training center’ for your hair color correction or you could go to a regular beauty school.

    At the ‘advanced training center’ you would have a licensed hairdresser, who is receiving this training, work on your hair. Usually these schools are owned by a reputable hair salon in your area and they stand behind their work. They do all services at approximately half the price you would pay at your regular hair salon. I have seen lots of good work come from two of these schools in my area.

    Hair coloring correction at your regular beauty school may or may not be done. I would call in advance and let them know your problem. They won’t take you unless they are willing to show the students how to fix your specific hair coloring issue. The service would probably cost less here than the advanced training school and you can count on it taking longer.

    One more thing, have this corrected before new roots grow in . . . it will make life easier!

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    Hair Color Trending Darker

    Hair Color Trends

    Hair Color Trends . . . Blondes won’t have as much fun

    Nissa Botthoff at has a thoughtful piece on where hair color trends have been and where it they are headed.

    Hair Color Trends, Getting Rich

    After years of super-streaking and platinum galore, deep, dark hair color trends are staging a comeback.

    By Nissa Botthoff

    As long as women want to enhance their complexions, cover their gray, or just change-up their look, hair coloring will never go out of style. Which of the countless options to choose, however, is another, constantly evolving story. For the past several years, sun-bleached blondes and chunky high lights have reigned dominant among the hair hip. Recently, however, we’ve begun to see a shift in hair color trends.

    High-profile blondes like Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson have been getting in touch with their darker sides, while diehard streakers Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Richie have been enriching their lives by going monochromatic. Even legendary blonde Deborah Harry has gone red, which may officially signal the end of the platinum age.

    Hair Color Trends, Beyond the Pale

    If today’s prevailing hair color trends can be summed up in a phrase, it would be “get rich–quick.” In fact, according to the American Board of Certified Hair colorists’ national survey, for the first time in recent history, blonde has been dethroned from its top spot on the hair color popularity pyramid and is now the third most sought-after hue. Brunette has taken the hair color trend lead, with red following closely behind. Colorists polled cited that the celebrity hair color shades most requested by their clientele are now those of darker-haired beauties, such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Catherine Zeta Jones, as well as redheads Julianne Moore and Debra Messing. Now that it seems blondes are no longer the only ones having fun, hair color trends are also moving away from almost a decade of dizzying streaks toward solid, continuous colors. “Today’s tones are monochromatic, so I’m doing a lot of single processes lately,” says Simone Sanchez of New York City’s Warren-TriHair Color Trendscomi Salon.

    In addition, the fall fashion shows featured a stunning array of dramatic ravens, warm walnuts, and radiant reds. And it’s no wonder: These vibrant hair color tones provided the perfect ladylike balance to the season’s Bohemian spirit. “There’s something so classic about solid hair color,” muses Sanchez. “It’s very reminiscent of the 1930s.” Today’s runway makeup trends also call for rich, glossy hair color. “In beauty, it’s always a good rule of thumb to mix textures,” explains celebrity makeup artist Malika Borghese. “Matte skin and creamy lips are very big this winter, and bright, shiny hair really complements that.”



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    Add Volume to Hairstyles for Fine Hair

    hairstyles for fine hair
    How to Add Volume to Hairstyles for Fine Hair

    Lots of women have baby-fine hair, and when they choose hairstyles for fine hair they insist on wearing it long. With volume being one of the top trends for fall, we spoke to Francky L’Official of his namesake salon in NYC for tips on how to pump things up.

    • Tip #1~~Get the right haircut.“Adding layers is a great way to add volume and fullness to long, fine hair,” he says.“For an extra boost, you can texturize the top and bottom.
    • Tip #2~~For a full, smooth style, L’OffiCial suggests applying a small amount of mousse like L’Oreal Tex Aero Mousse, and blow-drying hair with a large round brush. “After finishing the blow-dry, I like to use four or five rollers on top layers for about five minutes.”
    • Tip #3~~To create big, fat curls, L’Oreal Tex Hot Style Curling Iron Fix is his product of choice. “I’ll use it with a medium-sized curling iron to achieve a fun, glamorous hairstyle.
    • Tip #4~~While you might be tempted to back-comb hair to fatten it up, L’Official gives teasing a thumbs-down.“I’ve found that it can create an unnatural look,” he says. “The trend now is to use something like rollers or a curling iron to add volume to hairstyles for fine hair.”

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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