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Hot Flashes Haircut that Adds Relief

Hot Flashes Haircut

Rosie O’Donnell’s Hot Flashes make way for Menopause Haircut

Did you happen to watch Oprah on Monday? Rosie O’Donnell was a guest for the hour and they really got into deep, personal discussion as if it were just between 2 girlfriends. The discussion between Rosie and Oprah (and millions of others) headed in the direction of menopause. Rosie said her symptoms of menopause started when she was 41 years old, and still continue. The hot flashes were getting pretty bad so she went to her hair designer and received a haircut she calls the menopause hot flashes haircut. She lifts up the back of her hair and shows the world her new look. At her back hairline, about 11/2s above the hairline, the hair is cut extremely short and close, removing the extra bulk. This haircut was a smart idea, but she could have visited a site like Advanced Gynecology to have her get rid of these hot flashes altogether.
“Rosie Inspires Hot Flashes Haircut”
Rosie said she loves the hot flashes haircut and can tell a big temperature difference by getting all that hair off of the back of her neck. I never realized how much hair Rosie actually had until she held it up! I am sure it makes a difference in the severity of hot flashes, almost like wearing a scarf or not.

In combination with her new haircut, Rosie also uses Suzanne Summers holistic creams and pills to decrease or eliminate some of her symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and newly acquired facial hair. I don’t believe I would want to be quite as candid in front of millions of people about my menopause symptoms and facial hair! Some people who suffer from menopause may find that a symptom they may go through is an overactive bladder. If this is something you relate to, you could look into a site like as this may help you if you experience something like this regarding your menopause.

Actually, Rosie’s cut is not new we were doing it in the 80’s on people with thick hair. How far up the back of the head we went was determined by the thickness of the hair. Now Rosie has attached a name to a cut that suits her needs very well. We were also cutting hair around the front hairline about an inch up into the hairline extra short to promote the sides of the hair to stand out away from the face while creating a big hair look.

Thinking about Rosie and hair, it brings to mind a few years ago her imitating The Donald on The View. Rosie would pull her hair back to one side to resemble the infamous comb-over, the unique hairstyle Donald Trump still wears today.

Rosie O’Donnell’s hot flashes inspired a creative menopause hot flashes haircut . . . and Donald Trump’s comb-over . . . is just . . . The Donald.

Hot Flashes Haircut

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Hairdresser Heals Haiti Quake Victims


Hairdresser Has a Healing Touch

I’m convinced Claudia Martinez is a 31-year-old hairdresser and Angel from God, sent to help heal victims of the devastating Haiti earthquake. We all know we can make a difference in people’s lives and hairdressers can see this many times over in a days work.

“Hairdresser From Heaven”In looking through news articles today I came across this piece that told the story of this one little person making a real difference in people’s lives who happens to be a hairdresser.

Claudia Martinez goes to The Dario Contreras trauma hospital in Santo Domingo daily. Santo Domingo is in the Dominican Republic which borders Haiti where over 150 Haitians have been brought to be treated at the trauma unit. Armed with a jar of petroleum jelly, brightly colored elastic bands and a comb, she makes patients feel better by combing and braiding their hair. She says she wants to make people feel “clean and a little bit better.”

Claudia learned back in 1992 of the value that a hairdresser can bring to others who are down and out. Her cousin was in an accident that put her in the hospital for sometime. Claudia said, “One day I started to comb her hair and she said it made her feel so much better, after that, I kept coming.

Even though she doesn’t speak Creole, the Haitians native language, she communicates with gestures and smiles.There is a blessing for the hairdresser as well as the patient. When you know you have made someone else feel better, you feel better! Simple!

Hairdressers have a great job!



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