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    Clip in Human Hair Extensions on DWTS

    Pamela Anderson wearing human hair extensions on Dancing With the Stars
    “We use clip in hair extensions on everyone in the show!”

    Dancing with the Stars 2010 has all sorts of tricks up their sleeves in making their contestants look flirty, tantalizing and delectable. And now we know for sure that a BIG part of those magnificently mussed hairdos are done with clip in human hair extensions. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have as much hair as Pamela Anderson . . . it’s a fantasy!

    Co-host Brooke Burke, with Velcro rollers in tow, shows us some of the tricks-of-the-trade used by hairdressers, makeup artists and wardrobe professionals in this behind-the-scenes video of a typical dress rehearsal from the show. From contouring make-up on Tony Dovolani’s abs, to collagen patches on Kate’s crows-feet and the night before spray tanning sessions for all to have that healthy, even, glow . . . it’s show business, it’s make-believe, it’s Hollywood!!

    Head hair stylist Mary Guerrero admits everyone on the show wears clip in hair extensions. I figured most are clip in human hair extensions as she is seen backcombing some with curling irons nearby and speaks of using products on them (you are not suppose to use products on synthetic hair extensions) “The secret of locking in the hair extensions, says Mary, is using products, hair clips and rubber bands that we criss cross pins to, so that it will be ready for stunt hair.”

    Clip in Human Hair Extensions

    Clip in human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions because they will hold up to curling, coloring, washing straightening and even perming. So think before you buy. If you think you may want to change the color or style of your hair extensions, I suggest you opt to spend a little more up-front for a product that will last and be as versatile as you are!

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    Wedding Hairdressers “On Call”

    Wedding Hairdressers

    Wedding hairdressers and makeup artists available on call!

    Brides-to-be, here is a great resource for your wedding planning in regards to finding wedding hairdressers and makeup artists! Stacey Roney had a novel idea when she developed Beauty on Call in 2003 which brings brides, wedding hairdressers and makeup artists together at the place of the brides choosing, for their special day! It’s really important though, that you book your hairdresser well in advance of your wedding and make sure that they do exactly what you want to your hair. This is the same for thing for all things wedding related. For example, Wedding venues are booked an average of 11 months before the wedding date, so you need to make sure that you book your hairdresser well in advance.

    “Wedding Hairdressers who know what their doing”I know firsthand that it’s not easy finding the right wedding hairdresser. For all the years I spent behind the chair, I can count on one hand the fellow hairdressers who were interested enough in becoming ‘wedding hairdressers,’ that is, to take the time to become truly proficient at it. Making sure it’s firm enough to last the whole day and still look great in the inspired photographs. Even if you’re having a professional photographer or a family friend taking the pictures, you want your hair to look great. That doesn’t mean there aren’t talented hairdressers out there who are able to do the service. I just think talented ‘wedding hairdressers’ are far and few between.

    Wedding hairdressers and makeup artists – on call Here are a couple questions Stacey answered for me;

    Why should a bride choose your service of a wedding hairdresser over picking another hairdresser or even their own hairdresser?

    • Stacey said, “The hairdressers come to your hotel room, home, or where ever you choose on your wedding day to keep it as easy and stress free as possible. We have a ‘trial run’ appointment before the big day to ensure everything is perfect and our pricing is typically equal or better than the competition.”

    Do you have a wedding day ‘hair from hell” story to share?

    • “This story has happened more than once, but the timing on this one is memorable. We had a frantic Mother of the bride call asking for our services as her daughters hairdresser called the morning of the wedding and cancelled!! We were able to have a wedding hairdresser at her home within 30 minutes!”

    Beauty on Call sets up a ‘trial run’ appointment with the bride and wedding hairdresser ahead of time to be sure they are comfortable working together and they can determine the exact look she wants for her wedding day. It’s her chance to interview the wedding hairdresser, bring photos of hair styles, hair accessories, veil, pins, combs or whatever she may consider wearing in her hair.

    Beauty on Call is a national staffing service that is currently set up in these cities across the United States. Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, New York City, Dallas, Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Scottsdale, Minneapolis and Houston.
    Find more information here;


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    Aveda Bridal Event Spring 2021

    Aveda Bridal Event

    Aveda and Adele Wechsler hosts regional eco-friendly bridal events

    Future brides . . . don’t miss this Aveda bridal event with the pairing of Aveda Salons and Eco-Couture designer Adele Wechsler. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have an Aveda bridal event scheduled in your area this spring, check it out!

    “Aveda Bridal Events”Aveda Salons and Adele Wechsler are both pioneers of greening up America in their own rights. Aveda Salons was first on the board for offering earth friendly ingredients in their products and Adele Wechsler pioneered using eco-friendly components in the makings of bridal gowns. How you ask? She uses certified organic hemp and silk blends, vegetable dyed silks and remnant lace as well as other remnant fabrics.

    It’s always helpful to have another ear and objective opinion when making wedding plans, so bring a friend to a local Aveda bridal event and here is what you’ll do:

    • View new bridal gown designs from Adele Wechsler


    • Talk with wedding service providers from local eco-friendly bakeries, florists, caterers, printers and photographers


    • Get tips from Aveda professionals on bridal hair ideas, wedding day makeup ideas and skin care


    • Have a chance to win from your local event, an Aveda service or product package, eco-vendor products, or an Adele Wechsler veil or headpiece.


    • Enter to win national grand prizes; an Eco Couture wedding gown by Adele Wechsler, or a honeymoon vacation at eco-friendly destination hotel in Belize; Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort


    Here is the event schedule for the Aveda bridal event. These bridal events are scheduled to be held in April, May and June 2010 at select Aveda Salons.To find out more about the Aveda bridal events go to
    • April 24th Costa Mesa, Ca.
    • May 5th New York, N.Y.
    • May 6th Baton Rouge, La.
    • May 11th Toronto, Canada
    • May 16th Atlanta, Ga.
    • May 23rd Washington, DC.
    • June 6th Boston, Ma.
    • June 8th Chicago, IL.
    • June 10th Minneapolis, Mn.
    • June 16th Scottsdale, Az.
    • June 21st & 22nd Seattle, Wa.
    • June 24th Portland, Or.

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