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Free Hair Styles for Prom and Make-up for the Taking!

Prom Hairstyles

Complimentary prom hairstyles and make-up, Win-Win!


Here’s an idea that might be of interest to hair salon owners and hairdressers looking for new ways to grow their business!


The owners of The House of Trends: A Hair & Make Up Studio, has come up with a novel way of servicing clients, staying on top of trends and bringing more business through the door!


The salon located in Staten Island, Huguenot hosted its first free “Prom Night” expo. Going the extra mile and putting their hard work and effort into this free event, will no doubt pay off with new clients not only for the ‘real’ prom night, but also for the long run.


“Prom Hairstyles Salon Promotion”


Michelle Rodriguez and her sister Jessica Uriarte have owned the full service, Staten Island hair salon for about 3 years and their business has grown from 6 to 13 chairs during that time.


This year they decided to host a free ‘Prom Night’ where teens actually got to test out prom hairstyles and makeup ideas before the big event!


Clients usually bring in pictures of celebrities or models wearing the looks they want and the hairdressers, in order to recreate these looks, need to keep up with these trends. “A lot of clients have used us for their Sweet 16s and their prom hairstyles, but they’re in college now,” said Michelle. “This gives us the opportunity to reach out to a new generation of clients and give them an idea of what we can do for them.”


To get the word out Michelle and Jessica contacted prom committees from area high schools and sent fliers advertising the “Prom Night” expo. They also sent out information via Facebook and their website. They quickly filled 70 spaces before needing to cut off appointments. All others were invited to come in, watch and ask any questions as the hairdressers worked on the girls.


Free prom hairstyles and make-up sounds like a win-win to me! Teens and hairdressers could consult and make a personal connection and they were shown what the salons $140.00 prom hairstyles and make-up package included as well as being able to view some prom dresses from a neighboring Bridal Shop!


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Stretching Between Hair Color Touch Up

hair color touch up

Stretch the time between hair color touch up

Not many women today can spend half a day in the salon every four weeks. Even if you have the cash, chances are you don’t have the time. To stretch visits between hair color touch up to every six or even eight weeks, ask for diffused high lights—with or without a slightly darker or lighter base color.
“Get More From Hair Color Touch Ups”
Diffused high lights only require retouches every six months. The key is to use three different colors from the same tonal family on each woven high light. The color will be different from roots to ends.

Say you want red high lights. To diffuse them, your hair colorist uses the darkest red at the roots, the next lightest one on the mid-shaft and the very lightest one at the ends. This creates incredible depth at the scalp, so the grow-out factor is minimized. The lighter ends look naturally sun-kissed, so you may not need to have the ends refreshed with the next visit. That’ll save you time in the salon, as well as money.


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The Best Hair Salon Coupons


Best Hair Salon


The best Hair salon coupons are a win-win!

Here’s a great opportunity for best hair salons to bring in new clients, grow specific services AND for customers to get great one-of-a-kind hair salon coupons!! You can find plenty of Groupon discount codes here! offers one daily coupon to its membership for normally 50 to 70% off regular prices for hair salon services, restaurants and much more.
“Checkout Groupon for the Best Hair Salon Bargains”
One coupon is announced daily, in each of its more than 40 city locations, to members by email. Members have typically 24 hours to sign up if interested. The coupon becomes valid only when a required number of people sign up for the deal.

The required number of sales necessary to seal the deal is set by the participating business and the folks at Groupon. This way it costs nothing for businesses to be featured on the site and Groupon takes its cut only when the minimum number of discount coupons has been purchased. Speaking of discount coupons, my friend was telling me about They told me they made a fantastic saving on a range of products.

Cleo Patrie, owner of Haven Salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota told me, “the response to the ad campaign we ran for a day far out-reached our expectations. She ran a $75.00 coupon for $150.00 worth of hair salon services. They met her minimum requirement of sales early and sold over 575 coupons by the end of the day!

The folks at Groupon report that the paying customer is not “looking for the perfect deal, but rather is ‘’looking for the perfect excuse to try something new. Better yet they report the average Groupon customer spends 60% more than the value of the Groupon! currently has over 3 million subscribers they reach through email, Twitter and Facebook and on the sites location-based home pages.Here’s what they say: “A Groupon feature puts you in front of hundreds of thousands of subscribers nationwide — with thousands more opting in each day. Our subscribers share your offer with everyone they know via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. This buzz will continue to attract new customers for months following your feature.

Groupon has been in business just over a year now and have plans to expand to 80 cities by the year’s end. So what are you waiting for . . . your best hair salon coupons and other best buys, are knocking!!

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