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    Weird Hair Ideas!

    Weird Hair

    5 weird hair ideas to think over!

    I’m kinda bored today with hair news and need a change from the same old, same old . . . hairstyles, hair products, hair color, hair extensions, updo’s, downdo’s, whatever . . . so here are some weird hair tidbits to ponder instead! (Aren’t we hairdressers really weird after all?)

    “Weird Hair From Around the Globe”Yes, it is weird hair headphones! If you’ve got a streak of the ‘unusual’ in your personality, you might enjoy a pair of human hair headphones twisted and braided into its own concoction, designed by Lim Feu at a 09’ Paris Fashion Week . . . guess he was getting bored too!

    But not as bored as this guy . . . Robert Masciave goes Avant-Garde!

    I actually would love some Hermes/Paris silk scarves like these to extend a summer braid!


    How about those hairy lips!

    Weird Hair


    Don’t forget the shoes, the shoes, the shoes!!
    Weird Hair

    And my favorite, because I’m a lover of music . . .

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    Loreal Hair Colour Event is World Class

    Loreal Hair Colour

    New Loreal hair colour techniques coming!

    We are only two weeks away to the highly anticipated Loreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2010 Awards at the Melbourne Convention Centre on July 4, 2010!  I will be posting the results of the newest Loreal hair colour creations as soon as they are available.
    I love these types of world class events in our industry!  Although the new hair colours and hair styles seen at these competitions may look, shall we say . . . a bit mad . . . it’s all done in the name of innovation!

    Loreal hair colour will be at the heart of this competition that drives the imagination and ingenuity of hairdressers everywhere. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll soon be seeing variations of these new hairstyles and hair colour techniques filtering down to your local hair salons.

    This Loreal hair colour affair is one of the most prestigious hairdressing events in the world. Hairdressers in five continents and 37 countries have been vying for a spot to confirm their talent and creativity as hair colourists. They will be critiqued by a panel of judges, on hair colour, cut, style and the total look including make-up and magazine potential.  The winner will win up to $120,000 of prizes, education and endorsements.
    Watch for new Loreal hair colour and techniques in two weeks!

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    Big Hair Do Day at Aveda Salons

    Morgan Fairchild wearing the Big Hair from the 80's
    Aveda’s Sky High Hair Day Generates Big Hair Do’s!

    You know there has been a come-back of sorts to the big hair dos of the 80’s.  I was a fan back then of big hair and wore a bigger-than-life hair do for more years than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I still can be found in the ladies room with my head upside down brushing my hair to get that extra added volume and ooommph! (Old habits die hard) The problem is unless you pull out the big guns hair spray and douse your tresses till they mold into a helmet head profile, your hair won’t hold its bigness!

    Yesterday, Aveda Salons initiated some fun by creating a big hair do day!  hairdresser’s got their genius out to fashion big hair do’s on clients, as well as themselves, utilizing Aveda’s first firm hold hair spray product.  Participating salons were asked to upload their pictures to the Aveda Face book wall.

    Aveda has released its new firm hold hairspray, which promises to be nice on the hair with UV filters, anti-oxidants and is just in time for summer sun protection!  Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray is a fast drying spray that provides all-day maximum hold with a 24 hour humidity resistance and no sticky residue left on the hair. The new spray promises to be nice on the hair with UV filters and anti-oxidants, just in time for summer sun protection!

    True to Aveda principals, this aerosol spray also offer a ‘net-zero impact’ on the environment . . . leave it to Aveda!  Like most Aveda products I’ve used, this one also touts an earthy fragrant aroma that has a calming affect with organic essential oils of Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, palarosa, and vetiver . . . say what?

    I’m a fan of Aveda’s and thought you might want to check out some of the ‘big hair do’s’ they came up with yesterday at their ‘Sky High Hair Day’ around the world! Their facebook is certain to be updated with more styles today . . . check it out!



    Aveda's Big Hair Day
    Eco Chic AVEDA Lifestyle Salon & Spa - Victoria, BC CanadaThe lovely Jenni Mottlow, Launch Account Manager, poses with our new friend, Control Force. Aveda Corporate | Minneapolis, MN

    Debony Salon and Spa, Jackson NH

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