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Newest Virtual Styling Tool Uses a Robot!

Can the “Air Hair” Virtual Styling Simulator Work?

I don’t quite know what to think about this new virtual styling tool for wannabe hairdressers, but it’s always fun to see what creative minds are up to and to let imaginations wander. . . you be the judge!

Some students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology came up with a new idea that they hope may be useful as a virtual styling tool for rookie hairdressers. The “Air Hair” haircut simulator had its birth and was originally created for a student VR contest. Now the Robot Technology Research Group is doing research and development on this latest innovation in virtual styling.

The “Air Hair” haircut simulator virtual styling tool can be used as a ‘work experience for kids,’ but was also created in hopes that new hairdressers can practice their cutting techniques in a VR world with no worries of cutting mistakes on real clients . . . a noble cause.

The simulator makes use of a mannequin, a motorized scissors and a display screen with a digital avatar. The video explains that by adding combs and razors this virtual styling simulator can be used as a training tool for new hairdressers.

It seems like a s-t-r-e-t-c-h to me that any real hair cutting skills could be sharpened with this virtual styling tool  . . . at least as it is shown today . . . but who knows what this new innovative idea will bring in the future.


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