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    Costume Hair – Hairstyle Blogs Top 5 Halloween Costumes

    Hair Costumes

    JD’s Mad Hatter . . . the king of costume!

    What does Halloween “costume hair” look like this year? Ohhh . . . don’t get us started!!

    “Costume Hair Ideas”
    Costume Hair, there is so much material to work with here, where do we begin? For all you closet vixens out there, who are just counting the days before you can break out your alter-ego, put on some costume hair and become entirely anonymous for an evening . . . here are some choice costume hair ideas for your consideration.

    Of course, at hairstyle blog, we totally believe if you get the hair thing right, you’re more than half way there! Whomever you choose to emulate this Halloween, try a spray in hair color, dye it, put some hair bling in it, or simply pick up some costume hair and be done with it!

    #1 Costume hair to emulate . . .


    Going for Costume Hair 1st prize? Go Gaga meat dress!!

    Go Gaga costume hair! It has to start with Lady Gaga wouldn’t you agree? We have an overabundance of material to work with here . . . but I think if you can put together a couple of rib eyes, combined with some flank steaks and two eye of the round . . . I think you have a good chance of taking home costume hair 1st prize!

    Pick up some short, medium or long icy blonde costume hair, put on some oversized sunglasses and have a good day. It’s inevitable, costume shops far and wide will be oozing with Lady Gaga costume hair, meat dresses and who knows what!

    A quick 2nd to Gaga costume hair and attire would have to be costumes of the vampire nature! Twilighters everywhere must be so excited!! Here is your chance to sink your teeth into it for real!

    Guys, your vampire costume requires some dark clothing, pale make-up, (don’t forget the eyeliner and dark sultry eyebrows) and a little bit of gel. If you can’t get your hair style to mirror Robert’s, there is sure to be some costume hair at your local costume haunts. Oh . . . and don’t forget to practice your best ‘come hither’ look ahead of time to score the tastiest bites!

    What you need here is not just the wild child hair (costume hair) or a little pink slinky, sparkly, sexy little dress . . . you better have the gams and the rest of the package to go with it or . . . leave it alone!

    Halloween Cosume Wigs

    Think blue! Braided costume hair, cat-like stripes and yellow eyes to complete your Avatar look-alike. Plenty of money saving coupons here for this look;

    Halloween Costume Wigs

    Johnny – the scissorhands – Depp – appropriate for a hair site right?

    Nobody does a costumed character better than JD! We were originally only going to include Edward Scissorhands, perfectly scary, maybe a bit cumbersome to pull off, but with the depth of Depps talents . . . there’s no better looking classic pirate or Mad Hatter (Believe us, costume hair is the easiest way to go here.)

    Hair Costumes

    Too cute to not include!


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    Blonde Hair Dye Tips

    Katherine Heigl Brunette to Blonde Makeover

    Katherine Heigl Goes for a Blonde Hair Dye

    Summer is on the way out and as you reminisce about warm, sunny days, you might decide you want to keep a little of that sunshine in your hair with a blonde hair dye. It’s not for everyone, but you may even decide to dye it a funky color like purple, blue, red, etc with something like this fudge headpaint. But if you do decide to go with blonde, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, who went brunette earlier this year, but has recently had a blonde hair dye and returned to her signature light blonde bob.“Blonde Hair Dye Protection Tips”

    Blonde Hair Dye Tip #1 — Look after your hair in advance

    Whether you choose to go to a hair salon for your blonde hair dye or brave the hair dyeing process on your own, you will always achieve the best results if your hair is in good condition before you subject your hair to blonde hair dye. Investing in top quality, moisturizing hair care products, such as those by Kerastase, is one way to ensure your hair stays shiny and healthy before and after the blonde dye process.

    Blonde Hair Dye Tip #2 — Be aware of the effects of bleach in blonde hair dye

    If you are going three or more shades lighter than your natural hair color, it is likely you will be using bleach in the blonde hair dye process. Bleach will have the effect of stripping out moisture from the hair and can leave it dry and brittle. This is another reason to prepare yourself in advance with professional blonde hair shampoo and conditioners such as the Aveda hair products designed for blonde hair dye, which will preserve a strong, healthy and glowing lustre, even after using a strong blonde hair dye bleach. It might be a good idea instead to go for a natural hair dye. My friend has had good results without bleaching.

    Blonde Hair Dye Tip #3 — Get your hair professionally dyed

    If you want to avoid blonde hair dye horror stories such as hair turning orange, green or even falling out, a professional dye job at a hair salon is the best way to go, and you may be advised that high lights will give you a more natural and long-lasting. If you do choose to save your pennies and do a blonde hair dye at home, be sure to get advice from your hairdresser beforehand on the safest ways to do so without causing permanent damage.

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    Face in Hole Hairstyles Site Reviews

    Author Pictured in Celebrity Face in Hole site

    Face in Hole Hairstyles Sites . . . The Good Bad and the Ugly

    Face in Hole Hairstyles sites are showing up everywhere. We thought it was time we check them out and give you guys the low down on all these sites. Once you know what you are doing it takes just a couple of minutes to have your face put on another person’s image to try hair styles out without going under the shears. It’s all about clicking and dragging, so there are no special skills needed for the average person.

    But, there are some differences that Hairstyle Blog thinks you should know about, so here are our top favorite and our least favorite face in the hairstyle makeover sites out there now!

    Author's photo super imposed on Beauty Magizine cover

    What is the Face in the Hole Hairstyles Experience?

    It’s the same idea as selecting?a hairstyle picture from a magazine, cutting out the face of that person and sliding a picture of yourself underneath to fit. However you know how difficult that would be to make it look real. So hair styles software is a much more refined experience. As always, guard you personal information carefully as that is how some of the bad guys make their living.

    Author's photo superimposed on Times Square billboard

    Top 5 Face in Hairstyles Online Sites

    In my investigation of as many of the face in hole type websites, the first two sites win the prize! I rated the sites in order. The top 5 being the best sites out there from my search.

    These top 5 sites do not require you to “register” to try them out, they are all FREE.

    #1) It overlaps two faces. So the result is your face in a celebrity’s hair or your hair and a celebrity’s face. You pick the combination of either of the two images. If you want to play with it too, you can just go to the website and have FUN. No account required! You can upload your own photos and combine a celebrity with your friends’ pictures too!

    You don’t need to pay anything. And it wasn’t hard at all, it’s 1) pick a scenario 2) upload your photo and 3) click and drag. I right clicked my mouse so I could save the photo once I was done. They make it pretty simple to follow and no special equipment. The key is to have your head facing or tilting the same direction as the models head.

    I liked the other options available to tryout makeup, show weight loss, display your photo in Times Square, NY, try a tan, change hair color, airbrush the photo and do a facelift (injectibles for forehead, frown lines, crows feet, etc, eyebrow lift, rhinoplasty, smile correction, lip augmentation and neck lift. They also have an “iPhone” application where you can try on any hair style you see in real life on your own photo in seconds. A warning . . . you can’t have another person’s body and neck length using this site. You can even put a facelift effect on the photos, including things such as lip augmentation and rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, you cannot make these apply for real life as well. However, there are plenty of places that can give you high-quality rhinoplasty, helping you to feel as amazing about yourself as ever. Experts in the field Lotus Medical International state that ‘a small surgical alteration can have a massive impact on the overall appearance of your face’, so why wouldn’t you want to improve your look through a revolutionary cosmetic procedure?

    #2) Face in I liked the scenarios you can pick from and there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from like, people and celebrities, film and TV, advertising, books and magazines, music, sports, etc. I also liked the fact that you can adjust your skin-tone to match the body you put your face into so the result looks more realistic. No account required!

    You create an account for free to keep your creations. You can post to your social network (MySpace-Facebook-Twitter etc.) You can even make a postcard (99 cents) or a greeting card ($5) or have your photo put on a t-shirt ($20) or sweatshirt ($35). A warning . . . you can’t have another person’s body and neck length.

    #3) This try hairstyles site actually traces your face (from your uploaded photo) and lets you make adjustments by dragging points to the edge of your face so the hairdos fit properly. It also traces your eyes and mouth and you have to make adjustments on these points also. Once the hair style is placed on your image you can make width or length adjustments and rotate or flip (hair parting.) It’s also fun to try on makeup, jewelry, eyewear and head wear.

    #4) You can do a “Hollywood Celebrity Makeover” and try on celebrity hair and makeup and try on hairstyles straight from their best magazine covers (you can put your image on a magazine cover . . . exciting!). It’s free but you have to register to use their hairstyles.

    You can select the hair color and hair type such as short, wavy, curly, straight, long hairstyles with bangs, gray hair, etc.) You can try on eye makeup, lipstick and face makeup. You have to adjust blue dots on your eyes, mouth and teeth in order to proceed. When the style comes up you have to adjust more blue dots.

    Way too many blue dots used for adjusting the hair and a little hard to maneuver the hairdo at times. They also keep track of the makeup you try on and offer you to “buy” the makeup.

    You can save your photos and virtual makeovers and share with friends. The software is different from face in hole hairstyles, but I like the adjustments they give you (height, width, up, down, sideways, rotate, flip, zoom in or out) to make sure your face fits.

    Barb Quinn has written a great review of the Instyle iPad App. Check it out!

    #5) This site uses th?same hairstyle software as the site above’s identical) and it’s called “INSTANT MAKEOVER”

    The virtual hairstyle sites that require personal information

    The rest of these Internet sites want either a deposit or a fee to try them out. Or, you have to “register” by signing up.

    #1 Can you believe they want $14.95 to sign up for a 3 month subscription just to try on hairstyles on your uploaded photo?

    #2) Never did get to do a virtual makeover……took forever to load……I gave up waiting.

    #3) Ladies Home Journal Must register to try (name, email address and a password required)

    #4) Fitness Magazine A 5 minute makeover, but you must register to try it out (name email address and a password)

    All in all face in the hole hairstyles are pretty amazing advancements to change hair style without having to see your hairdresser OR a plastic surgeon!

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