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Fringe Hairstyles, Who Can Wear Them?

Swept Fringe Hairstyles

Love this fringe hairstyle on Lea Michele

The sleek style of it suits her well, don’t you think? Lea’s face shape is a longer oval with some oblong features and the full fringe shortens the overall look of length to her face. It’s ‘eye catching’ and just a cute look on her!

I also like the amount of ‘chipping’ her hairdresser did on the ends of the fringe. Chipping is a way of softening the edges of the fringe, it gives an uneven edge to an even cut. The hairdresser ‘chips in’ to the ends, cutting out random pieces with the tip of the shears.

Her hair was straightened with a flat iron after blow drying it smooth. He also used a frizz free cream, over the finished hair to smooth and give more shine.

Swept Fringe Hairstyles

Heidi Klum – a face framing fringe hairstyle

This long hairstyle with bangs works great on Heidi’s square face shape by elongating, softening and framing her face shape. You might argue that she doesn’t have a square face shape, but maybe a round face shape or an oval/square face shape. It’s common that some face shapes can look different from different angles, or when smiling or not smiling. Heidi’s face shape is one of those face shapes that looks different from different angles. None-the-less this is a great look on Heidi and would flatter any face shape as well!

These straight styles are a fun way to change things up when you are bored with your same old same old. And you don’t even need to worry if you fight cowlicks or wavy/curly bangs, a flat iron will take care of it . . . no worries.



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Bangs or No Bangs

Hair Styles with a Fringe

Bangs or No Bangs . . . Here are Your Options!

Michelle asks:

Bangs or no bangs . . . it’s one of those hair dilemmas that drives me nuts! It’s taken me forever to grow out my layered haircut into a long one length hairstyle. I’ve had to have so many haircuts to get me here. (I previously had shag haircuts that I mostly liked) The hairdressers typically trimmed the bottom length of my hair so that the long layered hair would catch up. Now that it is long (it’s about two inches past my collarbone) I’m getting bored with it and I’m not sure that it looks all that good on my face shape.

My longer hairstyle has been great for updos. I can get a thick ponytail, braid it or put it in a bun easily and that means a lot because it makes for really quick and easy hairstyles when I don’t have time to style my hair. But, when I wear it down it is flat on top and looks like it just hangs there. I’m afraid of a hairdresser cutting too much off after I’ve spent so much time growing out my layers. Hairdressers have told me I have an oval face shape and my hair is medium thick with some wave. I can straighten it or curl it but I want to keep it long so I can still wear updos.

Please help!!



Bangs Haircuts

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Michelle, the dilemma of whether to have bangs or no bangs is prevalent, so don’t worry yourself about it, you’re not alone! Now there are a number of sites where you can try on hairstyles before cutting it off. Some charge for the service and some are free! Hairstyle Blog has done a review of these sites in this article; Face in Hole Hairstyles Site Reviews.

Here is how Jennifer Daulton, hairdresser of Daulton Studios, weighed in on the issue of “bangs or no bangs!”

Start with Wispy Bangs ~~ You don’t need to cut a lot of hair off to get a new look. I suggest starting slow by cutting in light, wispy bangs. It’s easy to blend light, wispy bangs into a long hairstyle if you don’t like the look and you can always cut in heavier bangs later.
Bangs Haircuts

Long Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

Long hairstyles with straight bangs are trendy but these blunt bangs aren’t for everyone. Straight bangs can look abrupt on some face shapes without at least some face framing layers. Even the straight hairstyle with bangs above has slight layers that contribute softness and a slight frame to the face.

If you have a long oval face shape or a oblong face shape and want to wear straight bangs, layering around the face will alleviate a severe look. Long hairstyles on long face shapes need face framing layers to soften and shorten the look of the face.

Hair Styles with a Fringe

Long Hairstyles with Long Swept Bangs

Long hairstyles with side swept bangs suit all face shapes. Cutting in a long swept bang is less of a commitment than cutting in straight bangs. Side swept bangs are longer and in a short time they will grow out to blend in as face framing layers.

Bangs Haircuts

Long Hairstyles with Asymmetrical Bangs

The asymmetrical bang is a favorite of mine for an artsy look! This look works well for all face shapes and especially draws attention to the eyes. Like all hairstyles with bangs, it’s important to be vigilant on keeping your bangs trimmed regularly.


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Layered Haircuts for Your Hair Type

Long Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

Layered Haircuts Make Style

Salon owner and hairdresser Alana Nelson, blogs about hair styling and layered haircuts.  Alana says, “It’s not a hairstyle without layers!”

Layered haircuts are the most requested haircuts we are asked to do in the hair salon. But most clients aren’t really sure what constitutes the layered haircuts they are drawn to. Unless you have one length hair that just gets trimmed across the bottom, chances are you have one of the many types of layered haircuts.

If your hair is too thin, too floppy or just doesn’t do what you want it to, it’s because you don’t have the right type of layered haircut for your face shape and hair texture. So here’s the basic Do’s and Don’ts for you to watch out for:

Layered Hair Cuts

Long Layered Haircuts


DON’T be afraid — I know you fine haired ladies (me included) feel like you need to hang on to all your hair, but trust me when I say the right type of layered haircuts WILL create volume!

DO try hairstyles with bangs — full layered bangs. Wispy bangs will only accentuate your fine hair and make you look indecisive as to whether you wanted them or not.

DO find a good hairdresser — Locate people with fine hair that have great layered haircuts and try out their hairdresser. You are bound to find a good fit!  Fine hair is less forgiving of bad haircuts, especially bad layered haircuts!

Layered Hairstyles

Layered Haircut


DO get layered haircuts if you have thick hair — Layered haircuts will give thick hair shape and is the only way to keep it under some kind of control. A great layered haircut will thin out your hairstyle in just the right places, framing your face instead of hiding it AND unquestionably shortening your hair styling time!  See, much better, with layered haircuts you’ve just lost a few pounds, the easy way and that neck pain from your thick heavy hair, is gone, voila!

DO you know layers can create length! — That’s right, layered haircuts can make your hair look longer. Your length comes from the hair in the nape section, so if you cut layers you expose that section a get a long cascading effect.

DON’T go overboard — with short layers or you could end up impersonating an 80’s mullet.

Layered haircuts can be the difference between an average and an awesome looking haircut. So go forth and check to see if your layered haircut is working for or against you.


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