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Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle, a Royal One?

Kate Middleton Hair Styles

Kate Middleton with the Ring

Prince William’s fianc√© Kate Middleton to undergo hairstyle makeover?

Kate Middleton’s hairstyle is about to under-go some changes, at least her wedding hairstyle . . . that’s my prediction and I’m sticking with it!“Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle Rut”

Up to now there really hasn’t been a reason to give rise to Kate Middleton’s hairstyle, simple yes, nice yes, but nothing to write home about, so hairstyle blog has let-it-be. But, like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding hair, with all the hub-bub about to begin on the future wife of Prince William, (her title will be left to the discretion of the Queen) we think it’s about time to start some hairstyle banter on this future royal bride.

Hairstyle blog has been talking plenty on the subject of bangs or no bangs lately and we think Kate would look ‘cute as a bug’ in a long hairstyle with bangs, but we guess it may be scary for her to go there (hint, hint . . . clip-in bangs would be a great option for a temporary change.)

Kate Middleton fits the picture of a majority of women who fall into hairstyle ruts! It’s been 8 years after all, with literally the same hairstyle for Kate Middleton. But possibly the bigger faux-pas in this case is it appears that Kate’s hair seems to be styled (I use the term lightly) the same way day-in and day-out!

The one style change Kate embraces in the area of the hair is . . . the hat! We love the hat! And, Kate is fearless when it comes to the hat. In the case of the English, the hat is part of being unconventional, and touches a bit on the eccentric! Looky here!

Kate Middlton Hairstyle

Nice Hat!

Kate Middleton Hair

Feather Frenzy

Kate Middleton Hair Style


Kate Middleton Hairstyle

Black & White Feathers

Kate Middleton Hair Style

The Boller is Nice!

Kate Middleton Hair

Kate Middleton wears cowgirl well

Well, we think Kate’s hairstyle is about to undergo some changes, be it small or whatever, we will be keeping her in our radar for new hairstyle ideas and throw in our two cents worth. Two of Kate’s biggest fashion decision to come will be #1 the wedding dress and # 2 her wedding hair style to compliment the dress.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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Quick and Easy Hairstyles with Bangs

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs using Clip-In Extensions

Every woman at some time or other asks “should I get bangs?” and “what bangs are right for me”? Whether you call them bangs or fringe . . . lots of attention is being paid to bangs by Hollywood celebrity hairdressers these days.

Personally I’m glad to see it. I think hairstyles with bangs are often overlooked as a style option. It can be wonderful for those of you that have great eyes. Bangs will draw the visual focal point toward your eyes.

Bangs are also a must for those of you with oblong face shapes and high foreheads.

Fringe is showing up everywhere lately so if you want the look but are terrified at taking the plunge . . . it might be time to reconsider clip-in bangs.

Hairstyle Blog wrote an article back in the summer of ’09, ‘Hairstyles with Bangs” which introduced clip-in bang extensions. At that time the Jessica Simpson HairDo line of clip-in extensions was just being released for retail sale at hair salons. Prior to that time clip-in bangs were only available on-line.

Our largest professional beauty supply store locally, Aerial, carried the Jessica Simpson HairDo clip-in bangs for a while, but told hairstyle blog that hair salons just weren’t buying them. Katherine said,” We had lots of hairdressers who just loved them and purchased them for personal use, but not for salon retail.” The biggest problem reported with buying clip-in bangs on-line has been in getting the hair color to match up right and no return policies . . . not a surprise.

Salons in our area didn’t jump on the band-wagon to get into the clip-in bangs retailing and you more than likely won’t be able to find them at a salon near you either . . . so where can you go where you can see them or match them up to your own hair color? These are the only two stores in my area that carry the clip-in bangs.

Ulta Stores – Jessica Simpson HairDo Clip-in Bangs $29.99

The majority of women who have bought these clip-in hair extensions have been very happy with them. They say they are comfortable and blend well especially with the bit of side layering they have. They are made from a synthetic fiber that is thermal friendly up to 350 degrees. These bangs can be wet set or curled with steam rollers. Also, when placed at the crown these clip in bangs will give height and more fullness to thinning hair.

Ulta stores have a good return policy and have told up you can return these if you’re not happy with your clip-in bangs. Ask them upfront before buying however, as normally any product that may be in contact with the scalp is normally NOT returnable. Keep in mind, your hairdresser can trim these pieces making it shorter or wispier!

Sally’s Beauty Supply –The Sassy Collection The Bang Thing

These Human hair clip-in bangs can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $22.99 or for sale on-line now for $16.99 the hair color chart has 6 colors to choose from. I would highly recommend visiting Sally’s in person where you can determine if the color is a match.

The Sassy Collection is a clip-in side swept bang and is 8″ long. These bangs can be curled or flat-ironed with a low to medium heat setting before attaching.

Sally’s Beauty Supply also carries Design Length The Bang Thing for $22.99 or $16.99 on-line.

These clip-in bangs were given a poor rating by 2 out of 3 people who bought them. Bad clips, hair too thick and clumpy and they can’t be returned.

Check out how quick and easy these bangs hairstyles happen with Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson clip-in bangs. Also remember your hairdresser can trim these pieces making them shorter, thinner or wispier!



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