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Haircuts for Thick Hair

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

These haircuts for thick hair are distinctly for your hair type

Whether your hair is short, medium or long, these haircuts for thick hair are some that will make the best of your hair type. Thick hair can be a blessing or a curse and that primarily depends on how your hair is cut! You will suffer, fighting your hair daily when your haircut is not compatible with your hair type. This is especially true with haircuts for thick hair!“Haircuts for Thick Hair”

If you are spending too much time trying to style your hair . . . you have the wrong haircut! Finding an experienced hairdresser, that understands your hair type, is the solution to not only getting a great haircut but also in having great hair days from here on forward. If you believe you could make a career out of hairdressing, then you may be interested in opening a Supercuts franchise. However, if you just need advice on the correct hairstyle for you then this article will be able to help you.

Thick Hair Styles

Haircuts for Thick Hair Long

Haircuts for Thick Hair – Long

Long haircuts for thick hair look magnificently feminine with lots of layers and curls! With beautifully layered haircuts, long thick hair takes on a sexy, glamorous appeal. Think big hair with lots of body and shine this season and you will be stirring up a whirlwind where ever you go!

Ladies, if you have thick hair this is your year to show off your big beautiful locks. These layered haircuts for thick hair take inspiration from the catwalk . . . so get the right haircut . . . and show us what you’ve got!

Start with a blow-out using a root lifter and drying each section to add volume and to smooth the cuticle of the hair. Spray hair with a thermal spray to protect and to hold set. Set in large hot rollers. Once cool, remove and comb through with fingers. Mist with finishing spray.

Haircuts for Thick Hair – Mid-Length Hair

Haircuts for thick hair combine the best of both worlds with a classic mid-length cut that’s layered from cheekbones down and curved softly at the sides. Medium-long length need layers to give it shape, definition and to thin out the hair.

To get lots of volume and shine, blow-dry with a round brush using a root lifter and a shine enhancer like Macadamia Oil Treatment. Finish with a large barrel curling iron to reinforce volume and soft curl.

Thick Hair Styles

Haircuts for Thick Hair – Short Hair

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Short haircuts for thick hair like Agyness Deyns’ have an alluring charm uniquely their own! A phenomenal color makes it really stand out and the beauty of it is, when it’s this short color maintenance is minimal!

Agyness Deyn is magnificent at slightly changing up her short haircuts and creating totally different looks with how she styles her hair. A great haircut will allow for a variety of looks, so finding a hairdresser knowledgeable with thick hair again is critical.

Short haircuts for thick hair need an experienced touch to give them the sexy, softness and movement that Agyness has above. A short haircut for thick straight hair based on long bangs uses a razor-cutting technique to soften the ends with leaving some heaviness in for fullness. The sides are blended with the weighty top and the tapered nape repeats softness in the back.

The beauty of opting for short haircuts for thick hair is that styling is a breeze! Just blow-dry hair with a large round brush, directing hair the way you want it to fall and voila! Of course, quick and easy styling will only result from an exact cut that is tweaked for your hair type.

To sum up how to get your best haircuts for thick hair . . . find an experienced, talented hairdresser . . . they are worth their weight in GOLD



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Hair Pictures of Funky Hair Styles

Contemporary Classic Funky Hair Style Winner at NAHA Hairstylist Awards

Beautiful hair pictures, funky hair styles!

Hair pictures of funky hair styles don’t get any better than this! These hair pictures of funky hair styles embody the skills of trendsetting professionals who take hairdressing to the next level. Really, when it comes to creating funky hair styles, I love em’, the British hairdressing industry wins hands down!

The 26th annual British Hairdressing Awards 2010 was held in the end of November in London. This awards show is the equivalent of the ‘Oscars’ of the hairdressing world recognizing the creativity of the inspirational British Hairdressing Industry. It is a unique competition in that judging is done by a panel of experts who choose winners from anonymous hair pictures.

These hair pictures of funky hair styles represent work from hairdressers of Rush Hair, who took two awards this year; Artistic Team of the Year and Southern Hairdresser of the Year.

Andy Heasman, “My inspiration for the shoot is striking beauty. The shots have a defined shape/silhouette with intricate areas of movement to add a touch of femininity and beauty to very powerful images”.

Jasmine Redstone, “I wanted to display my interpretation of futuristic hair by using forward thinking trends combining strength and indulgence to show versatility for women of today”.

Sam Burnett, “My latest collection is all about the empowerment of women, I wanted to show that women can be strong, sexy and feminine all at the same time.”

Lorenzo Favata, “My collection is inspired by women with strong yet restrained identities. The shapes are to empower yet the texture and natural colour tones give a warm, hazy autumnal feeling.”

Costa Phouli, “My inspiration came from the catwalks this year, creating long fringes and a high shine and modern finish. I wanted to create a strong theme using a glass and mirror appearance to symbolize ultra modern trends.”

Seung Ki Baek, “My collection has been inspired by “The Coral Reef”. The movement of tropical fish….Their colour, their scales, tail and fins enabled me to create a strong, sophisticated structured look. Their beautiful flowing movement under water inspired these immense looks!”

Rush Hair has 57 salons in the United Kingdom. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!


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How Can I Get Curly Hair With My Flat Iron?

Hairstylist Curling Hair of Woman with a Flat Iron

How can I get curly hair like this?

Noreen asks hairstyle blog;


How can I get curly hair with my flat-iron? I have tried a technique I saw in the mall where you put some hair in the flat-iron and turn it over and then pull the hair through, but that didn’t work for me. They make it look so quick and easy to get curly hair this way. Any suggestions?


Get curly hair via flat-iron in 4 easy steps!

Not only can you get curly hair via your flat-iron, but you can achieve lots of volume and shine with it too when you follow these curly hair tips.

Start with a great haircut; long layered haircuts or medium layered haircuts are best in order to give your curls support and your hairstyle a great shape. Curly hair styles like Taylor Swifts, are the ultimate in femininity and always look best when your hair is in great condition. You can get your hair looking its best by giving it what it needs and playing nice with the hot-tools you use.

Tommy Buckett, Sedu Styling Consultant, put together a quick and easy 4 step plan to get the curly hair you want. He uses a Sedu Revolution Shorty Flat-Iron which looks to be about  inch width to get this look.

Practice makes perfect so try it a few times before expecting to get perfect curls! Here are Tommy’s 4 steps, but also watch the video below to see how easy it is!

To get curly hair with your flat-iron:

  1. Start with ?” sections, clip extra hair out-of-the-way
  2. Warm up hair by quickly sliding section through iron
  3. Twist hair around iron and clamp. If ends have a fish-hook, rewrap hair just on ends and turn iron 180 degrees and pull through. For a tighter curl, wrap hair around iron from the base or closer to the scalp.
  4. Loosen up curls with fingers and finish with a lightweight spray

It may sound like an oxymoron but you really can get curly hair with your flat-iron. Once you master the technique . . . you may decide to ditch your curling irons and save yourself a little space.


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