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    Eye Brow Basics

    Eye Brows

    Eye Brows can make or break your look

    “Similar to a haircut, shaping your own eye brows is really not something you want to do,” says Anjali, Master Specialist at New York eye brow salon Shobha. “Seek out a professional who will determine the best shape for you based on the current state of your eye brows, facial fea­tures, personality and age.”“Eye Brows Make or
    Break Your Look”

    Oval faces look best with tapered eye brow arches that are thick in front and slightly thin toward the end, explains Hibba of Htbba NYC. A long face shape should be counter-balanced with round and softly arched eye brows, while a square face shape’s prominent jawline is complemented by thick, pointy arched eye brows. Round faces need an elongated arch that should be placed beyond mid-point. “Eye brows should complement your face, not take away attention.”


    Celebrity eye brow and makeup guru, Rarny. explains: “Each person has their own individual eye brow shape and maintenance requirements. Taylor Swift, for example, is a natural blonde with low-maintenance eye brows, while Julianna Margulies  has fuller eye brows that grow faster and require more upkeep. The trend is classic eye brows that are full with an obvious but soft arch.”

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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    Hair Styling Tips for all Hair Types

    Type Hair

    DIY How To Styling Secrets for any Type Hair

    By Victoria Wurdinger

    Most women think they know their own hair type best, but why do so many still struggle with it? From bad advice to product propaganda, the reasons are endless. When you want real answers, ask the pros.

    Hair Texture

    Curly Type Hair

    Hair Styling Tips ~~Hair Texture Type: Curly

    Curly hair has two main issues: dryness and frizz. Even if you use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, don’t overdo it. Advises celebrity hairdresser Kimmi Hendrix, who has styled Jennifer Hudson, “Don’t over-shampoo and always opt for air-drying when you can.”

    In the past, most hair styling solutions relied on silicone, which tends to build up and look greasy, particularly if your hair is fine. Today, a slew of new “dry oils” put back the moisture without the weight. For instance, Macadamia Natural Oil is a new line that blends macadamia with argan oil. Several companies offer similar “natural oil” products, all formulated to absorb fast without looking greasy.

    To fight frizz, you need to add moisture and smooth the cuticle. To do that, rub a few drops of oil between your palms, bend at the waist and work through your hair.

    When you blow-dry, use this trick from Sam Villa, Redken Education Artistic Director: “Dry naturally curly hair on the ‘cold’ setting with a diffuser and keep your hands off. The colder air will close the cuticle, reducing frizz and promoting shine.”

    Thin Hair Medium Length Hair Cut with Fringe

    Fine or Thin Hair Texture

    Hair Styling Tips ~~Hair Texture Type: Fine or Thin Hair

    The first step to putting in the fix is to add minimal layers. Then, create a little chaos by making your hair style a bit messy so it looks fuller.

    Chances are you know all about volumizing mousses and sprays, but a new product type comes in powder form. For example, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play boosts volume instantly—just sprinkle on the roots and massage into your scalp. The powder liquefies and dries on contact, absorbing into the hair shaft.

    New flat irons with tightly waved plates also help. Redken’s Villa advises you use them by isolating the hair in the crown and nape, then start an inch or two from the hairline. “Mist vertical sections with Redken Spray Starch 15,” says Villa. “Then compress the base with a tool like my Texture Iron. Work vertically around the head until finished and drop the crown and nape sections to hide the texture you’ve created. The volume will add beautiful natural fullness to fine hair.”

    Hair Styling Tips ~~Hair Texture Type: Straight

    Straight hair isn’t so hard to style; the goal is usually to add volume. Jane Sebeldina from Patrick McIvor Color Studio in Bethlehem, PA, shares this technique:

    Apply Matrix Vavoom Volumizing Foam and work through to the ends. Pre-dry hair at the base of the neck, lifting sections with a medium or large round brush. When dry, spritz on Vavoom Gold Heat Iron-In Volume Protective Dry Mist and use a curling iron or hot rollers to curl random sections, then run your fingers throughout to create big wavy texture.

    Hot roller sets also give you volume: remember, the bigger the rollers, the bigger and softer the volume and curl.

    Hair Texture Type: Thick

    Hair Styling Tips ~~Hair Texture Type: Thick

    Thick hair is so heavy, it takes a long time to dry, then it won’t hold a set. For a smart solution, start by drying with a micro-fiber towel. Wrap up hair in a turban for 5 minutes, then gently towel-dry (those who tested the new towels say they speed drying time by 20%). Next, blow-dry with a T3 ceramic tourmaline hair dryer , which speeds things up even more. For styling, H2pro’s Presto Flat Iron, especially made for long, thick hair, features a “turbo trigger” to cut styling time and simultaneously seal in moisture. If you want to blow-dry, then roller-set or iron-curl hair, use a strong gel on damp locks. Take sections that are no more than 1 inch thick. If you use Velcro rollers, direct air flow at the rollers. When all else fails, set damp hair and sleep on rollers overnight. In the morning, a quick brush-out is all you’ll need.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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    Trim Bangs DIY How To Secrets

    How to Cut Your Own Hair

    How to Cut Your Own Hair Bangs

    Most hairdressers will trim bangs for free, but if you don’t have time for a trip to the hair salon, you can trim bangs yourself. Here’s how:“Trim Bangs
    at Home”

    • Always Start with clean, blow-dried hair. Wet hair will shrink after it dries, leaving you with shorter bangs than you anticipated.
    • Brush everything but your bangs off your face so you don’t cut into the rest of your hair style; put it into a ponytail or use a headband if your hair is short.
    • Use a cuticle scissors, which gives you more control and prevents you from suddenly slicing off a big chunk of your bangs by mistake. Hold the scissors at a 45-degree angle as you cut—this is called ‘point-cutting.’
    • Only snip off a little bit of your bangs at a time—no more than a quarter inch.
    • If you have a cowlick, be careful when you reach the edge of your eyebrow or you could end up with a hole. In fact, women with front cowlicks have the most success with long, angled bangs.

    Here is a video that will help in your trim bangs trials:


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