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The Definitive Summer Hair Guide

Summer Hair Styles

Summer hair can be wicked!

Summer hair texture can change in a flash from smooth and sleek, to a poofy, frizzy unmanageable mess and it happens in a flash! It’s like the famed ‘horse of a different color’ in the Land of Oz . . . you know what I mean, when you step out the door in the height of summer’s heat and humidity and your hair takes on the attributes of a whole different species.“Summer Hair
Tune Up Tips”

My summer hair, when left to its own demise, hardly resembles my normal hair type at all, at least that is for the remaining three seasons of the year. This appears to be true for the majority of people and the higher the humidity where you live, the more you can relate!

Ahhh . . . but all is not lost and you are not destined to tout the Rosanna Rosanna Danna do’ throughout summers end! Just because your summer hair has a mind of its own, doesn’t mean you can’t outsmart its mischievous ways! When summer’s heat and humidity get wicked and you feel like just burying your head in the sand . . . take a deep breath, regroup, take the path of least resistance and . . .


Great looking summer hair starts with a fresh hair cut. We get out more in summer; it’s the time of year to’ see and be seen.’ There’s so much more to do in summer, more people to see and more places to go, so don’t delay getting a hair cut to clean up your ends. Damaged hair never looks pretty and trimming is the only way to get rid of those ragged, damaged ends.


This most important step will strengthen damaged hair and keep healthy hair from getting damaged. Condition your hair to add moisture and deep conditioning the hair to strengthen and add body and shine.


Think about it! In the sun’s brightest light, your hair color will either be your shinning crown of glory, or . . . not! Seriously, at garden parties, the tennis court, the golf course or the beach, your hair color is right up front with nowhere to hide, (except under a flirty summer hat, which by the way, should be part of your summer hair protection plan.)

Find a professional hair colorist, they are well worth their weight in gold. How many times have you seen it . . . lines of demarcation, the wrong hair color, hair color too light or dark, uneven or just a dull, dried out hair color? Now, in comparison picture great hair color like that of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, Jessica Alba, J.Lo, or Helen Mirren. If you’re going to color your hair, get it right and be lovely!


Allow your summer hair type to be what it is and find ways to work with it, not against it. Consider the Buddhist philosophy of non-resistance and go with the flow, no fighting, no worries, be happy! If heat and humidity is in the air your hair will react and . . . it will prevail. So, why fight it?

For wavy and curly hair types – layer the hair for a wash-n-go shape that fits your face shape and your hair style. Wavy or curly hair whether long, medium or short, will look best when cut to let it air dry and styled into shape with fingers.

Wear more updo’s like, ponytails, braids, high buns, and twists. Summer is the perfect time to change your look with these fun, quick and easy hair styles. One or two hair care products are all you need to define your curl and keep it shiny and pretty. We like: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Moroccan Oil Treatment.

For straight and fine hair types – shampoo to keep the hair squeaky clean. A daily shampooing with a product formulated for your hair type will allow for the most shine and fullness. Add a favorite dry shampoo for a quick hair refresher when unable to shampoo. Wear plenty of updo’s, braid it, wear a variety of ponytails, buns and chignons and don’t forget headbands, barrettes, scarves, hats and other hair accessories that allow for style options.

We like: PureOlogy Hydrate, TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret


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Hair Products Don’t Need a Prescription

Best Hair Product

Hair Products

Best Hair Products Should be Prescribed by a Hairdresser

I’ve had a horrible “cold” for well over a week, that just wouldn’t go away. The doctor did a thorough examination to investigate my symptoms and concluded that it was allergies and not a cold. I asked which over the counter drug would be the best and she said, “Well, with how bad you’ve been feeling, I’ll prescribe you a medication that I know will work.” After just a day of taking what can only be described as a miracle prescription, I felt much better. All it took was the right product!“Best Hair Products Come From Hairdressers”

Hairdressers are a bit like medical doctors; just a different kind. Hairdressers prescribe hair products that suit each individual’s needs, hair type and hair texture. And the perk, is we don’t have to go to medical school!

Often times I have clients insist that they hate their hair and I should “just cut it all off.” After talking them off the ledge, a good hairdresser will talk some sense into them and go through a thorough hair consultation to find out what is really the problem.

Usually what they’re experiencing is one of three things: they are misusing their hair products, they’re using the wrong hair products, or they aren’t using any hair products at all (GAHHH!). The vast majority of the times, new clients come to a hairdresser because they are looking for solutions to their chronic problem of bad hair days. I must confess – a lot of those bad hair days are a result of a bad haircut combined with the wrong prescription for hair products; they work hand-in-hand.

When it comes to choosing a medical doctor, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who would prescribe a product that wouldn’t make you feel better – it’s the same thing with a hairdresser. I’ve been told that hairdressers are a dime a dozen. My rebuttal: maybe, but not all hairdressers are interested in hair malpractice – we don’t sell hair products, we sell solutions!

If your hairdresser does the same thing every time you see them, without ever asking if you want a change, chances are they aren’t interested in you! Without at least the opportunity to change (hair styles or hair products), you are missing out! You won’t have the chance to feel better about how you look because you won’t  know if there is a hair style more suitable for you – the real you or maybe even the you that you want to become.

Guest Blogger Nicole Greenhagen is a hairstylist professional with Hair Expressions in Arden Hills, MN


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What’s Your Best Hair Style?

Top Hair Styles

What’s Your Best Hair Style

Best Hair Styles for You

Have you ever wished you could be someone new for a night, or that you could try out a whole new attitude? Being you is great, but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun. If you want to mix things up, consider getting a daring, different hair style than the one you normally sport.“What’s Your
Best Hair Style”

Believe it or not, your hair speaks volumes about you. We frequently make conclusions about what people are like based solely on their hair style. There’s no need to make like a celebrity, spending hundreds of dollars on a day-long hair salon marathon; plenty of simple transformations can be done.


Best hair styles for a sexy, flirty, feminine you!

Top Hair Styles

Best Hair Styles

There’s a reason so many celebrities and models sport long, wavy locks; it transforms you perfectly into the part of a sexy, flirty woman who isn’t afraid to steal the show. Long hair is ultra flattering on most women, and dark brunette hair will make your gorgeous peepers pop.


Best hair styles for a carefree, playful, and beach sexy you!

What's your best Hair Style
Farrah Fawcett and Bridget Bardot knew how to work the beach babe look; big, voluminous, long layered locks.  And with big curls and sun-kissed hair, you’ll easily slip into the role of fun, fancy free, and sexy, even when you’re just at the office.


Best hair styles for a classic, sophisticated, coy you!

Best Hair Styles

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate blonde bombshell, famous for her sophisticated and super sexy trademark short blonde wavy hair style. Why not take a note from Marilyn’s book and have a classic come-hither, bombshell makeover? This length works with most face shapes; complete the look with ruby red lipstick and lots of mascara.


Best hair styles for a modern, confident, magnificent you!

What's Your Best Hair Style

Not all women can pull off deep side parted bangs, long big soft curls, and sexy blonde tresses. If you want to take over the room in a hair style that says you’re trendy, oozing confidence, but never too stuffy for fun, this hair style is it.


Best hair styles for a classy, assertive, stylish you!

What's Your Best Hair Style

More and more celebrities are turning up sans extra long locks and sporting a chic and super short bob hair style. This modern meets classic top hair style says you’ve got nothing but self-assurance and more than a little sex appeal. It will make you fabulous in your office and on the weekend.

Even though this is the shortest hair style of them all (aside from the pixie) you don’t have to necessarily take the leap with this one. There’s plenty of angled bob wigs that you can sport so you don’t go through transformation shock. Get comfortable with it. Celebs and smart fashionistas know wigs are a great style tool every girl should have . . . especially when trying a new hair style for the first time.

Which look will you be sporting for the summer?

Guest Blogger Julee Russo is a dog trainer and fashionista who is obsessed with changing her hair color like the weather changes. She has a Twitter (it’s pretty lonely) @JBarkRusso

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