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Bad Haircuts, Here is How to Avoid Them

Bad Hair Cut

Bad Cut

Bad Haircuts can be debilitating!

Haircuts should be fun and invigorating, stimulating, a lift to your day! It’s an allotted time for you that should leave you a little more exhilarated and definitely looking better when you exit the hair salon, than when you walked through the door. Haircuts, after all, shouldn’t be frustrating or hurt and aren’t like going to the dreaded dentist, or going in for a routine pap!“Bad Haircuts Can
be Avoided”

How your hair looks affects your self-image, so it pays to get haircuts right. A good or bad haircut affects how you are viewed by others and contributes a great deal to your overall happiness in life.

When I was starting out as a new hairdresser years ago, I wanted desperately to make a difference in the lives of my clients. It seemed so easy, just give them the hair styles they wanted and everyone would be happy. I was confident. Naturally then, I wondered why some of my clients weren’t coming back.

One day, it hit me—the haircut the client thought she was describing and the haircut I was seeing could easily be two entirely different images. I soon realized that language was the culprit. When the client said “I want short layered hair,” to me short meant one thing and to her it meant another. Most new hair stylists go through a similar experience early in their careers and learn to iron out differences in language and communication with clients as they become more experienced.


Bad Hair Cut

Bad Haircut


To avoid a bad haircut take the effort to find a few pictures of the haircuts you like before going in for your next appointment. Bring them in to discuss with your hairdresser. Great haircuts can be found in hairstyle magazines or you can even try them out on the Internet. I am a big enthusiast of virtual hairstyle makeovers and have traveled to hundreds of salons and processed thousands of virtual makeovers for women.

I also like Celebrity Hairstyles magazine by Harris Publication, Inc., not only because I’m prejudice, (I write for them periodically,) but also for the variety of wearable, updated haircuts and hair colors they show.  You’ll find them in drug stores or beauty supply stores. If you’re considering a new haircut, check it out and bring in some haircut ideas that will put you and your hairdresser on the same page.

Bad Haircut

Bad Hair Cut


As my hair styling experience grew, another problem became evident. Sometimes I understood very clearly what haircut the client was asking for, but knew it wouldn’t work with her hair type, face shape, life style issues or what she was willing to do with it on a daily basis.

Clients don’t always see their own hair objectively or know what will work best with their hair type and face shape. So, with a limited time to spend with each client, it can be difficult for a hair stylist to convince some clients who have their mind-set on getting a specific haircut, into a hair style that better suits them.

If your hair stylist is trying to steer you away from a haircut you want, it’s for one of two reasons; they know it isn’t right for you, or, they don’t know how to do the haircut! Either way, it’s probably a bad haircut in the making.  It’s a common lose-lose situation for both hairdresser and client. You always have the option of getting more opinions, just schedule some consultations and go with your gut feeling.


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Short Bob Hairstyles You Need To Try

Short Bob Hairstyles Kellie Pickler

Short Bob Hairstyles are Hot, Hot, Hot

For all of you that just can’t handle the heat this summer with long hair, short bob hairstyles may be just what you need for a cool summer hairdo. More and more of my clients have been asking about shorter hairstyles this summer. A short bob will help you to stay cool, not to mention look cool throughout the hot months.

Here are this season’s hottest versions of short bob haircuts!

Short Bob Hairstyles with Razored Ends

Texture is totally hot right now and I love creating texture in my clients haircuts because it lets me bring out my abstract side when cutting hair. If you have thick hair, this is a great look for you because texturizing the haircut will help to remove bulk and weight from the hair, giving you a sleeker look.

To style this short bob, I would suggest using a texturizing spray all over hair before blow drying and then a bit more after as well. I love Enjoy’s Texturizing Spray the best. If you’ve never heard of Enjoy products, you can find out more about them here. If you have fine or thin hair, I’d suggest adding a volumizing product to your regime as well to give your hair some added thickness.

Short Bob Hairstyles-Jennifer Hudson

Short Bob Hairstyle with Side-Swept Fringe

This hairstyle, also chock full of texture looks like a shorter, more updated version of a shag haircut. I personally love shaggy hairstyles and so, no surprise I was drawn to this hairdo. What I love about these shaggy kinds of short bob hairstyles, is that it is so different from what you’d expect to see out of a bob and the side-swept bangs give it an updated twist.

This hairstyle would look great on just about anyone. To style this look, you definitely want to use a flat iron to get the flippy ends and smooth overall look. Try a heat protection product like, CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, so that you don’t end up scorching your ends with everyday flat ironing. If you want a fresh and stylish summer look, then jump on the short bob bandwagon and try out one of these hot hairstyles this year. They easily transition into sleek looks for fall and winter and are easy and fun to style now.


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Kim Kardashian’s New Haircut is like an Illusion

New Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle

3 Tips for Making a New Hairstyle Change!

Kim Kardashian has an enviable head of hair by any girl’s standards; long, shiny, thick hair, full of body and oozing sensuality. So, when Kim changes to a new hairstyle, it’s bound to stir up a whirlwind of incessant chit-chat . . .

Kim Kardashian tweeted yesterday “I cut my hair today! Kinda short, like to my shoulders, I’m loving the change.”

I saw Kim Kardashian on Jay Leno last night and the “new haircut” she seemed to think was a short hairstyle and to her shoulders, wasn’t to her shoulders, wasn’t short and wasn’t even acknowledged on the show as a new hairstyle. What was she seeing?

How we see ourselves is not how others see us!

Do you think it’s true that we see ourselves differently than others see us? When it comes to our hair and a new hairstyle change, you bet!  And this is especially true when it comes to cutting our hair shorter, particularly when it’s been long for many years.

I’ve never watched the Kardashian’s reality show but of course have been exposed to Kim, her sisters and Mother simply from being on the planet and especially with blogging all about hair for so many years. When watching her last night, I was aware of her hair, but was something different? Was her hair styled smoother or was it just a little bit shorter? It wasn’t obvious that anything had changed really, but she doesn’t see it that way. She’s “loving the change” which is “kinda short and to my shoulders.”  Do you see it short and to her shoulders?


We are not able to be objective about ourselves.

In my class, “Finding the Right Hairstyle for You,” that I gave in over 80 local continuing education facilities and over 300 Colleges and Universities online, women received pictures of themselves in 24 different hairstyles and hair colors. These were dramatic new hairstyle changes that altered their looks so much at times that some would be able to go underground and never be found again!

The majority of women were unable to tell what hairstyles looked best on themselves but, oddly enough, they were able to determine what hairstyles they liked best on others. We would do a blind voting of their favorite hairstyles on others in the class which usually resulted in top three or four hairstyles for everyone.

It became painfully clear to me in those classes that most of us are unable to be objective about ourselves. We see ourselves a certain way and any change looks . . . well, different or unusual. We get accustom to our bangs being just so, and our partings always on the same side and any diversion from the norm looks strange to us.

My point?

When considering a new hairstyle change, new hair color or a new haircut, it may serve you best to get input from a few reliable sources.

  • Your hairdresser should be able to assess your face shape, hair type, lifestyle issues and what styling techniques you are willing to do to keep it looking good. If you don’t have one, here are some tips on finding a good hairdresser.
  • Visual makeover – Check out these face in the hole hairstyle sites that offer hairstyle makeovers where you can upload your picture and download new hairstyles to try on.
  • Bring your pictures to people who you respect when it comes to beauty and fashion for their favorite hairstyles or hair colors on you. If you run them by a few people, a few new hairstyles or hair colors should rise to the top of the list.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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