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    New Dimensional Hair Color

    Dimensional Hair Color

    Dimensional hair color with a twist!

    During my years of working behind the chair in the salon, I’ve learned hair and fashion should always complement one another but recently a new approach to dimensional hair coloring has altered my thinking. Dimensional hair color is offering new twists and turns that are stirring up the pot, making hair color extremely exciting!

    Dimensional hair color has made significant shifts recently. The range of end results still span from classy to funky, but the quality of inconsistency is an unexpected look to modern hair color, similar to the miss-match of fashion in recent years.  Today, in fashion as well as in hair color, expected color coordination just doesn’t look modern. To illustrate this, imagine a red-headed woman, wearing a taupe colored suit, carrying a rich green colored handbag. Not matchy-matchy right? The bright green is the “surprise” element.

    As a make-up artist as well as a hair colorist, I take complementary color very seriously and I love this fresh, new creative theme about dimensional hair color happening today. Everyone can get a custom look with a twist — fabulous!

    In my earlier salon days, hair color was applied in a neat, proper, organized manner without any surprises. Surprises were considered “bad.” Now, I intentionally add the element of surprise, depending of course on the personal taste of the client in the chair.

    I can also use a more subtle approach to a client’s dimensional color. She may not be able to identify what is different, but knows that something has changed about her hair color that makes it new and exciting.

    Making hair color changes more vibrant and dynamic is vital to anyone spending time and money in the salon. Even the most conservative clients like change once in a while, even if it’s a tiny bit every now and then. This can be done with one all-over color or with highlights/lowlights.

    Whether doing dimensional hair color, changing a client from brown to blonde or blonde to brunette, covering grey hair or doing corrective coloring, the results with new hair coloring techniques just keeps getting better and better. I love what I do and I’m more excited doing hair color now than ever!



    Guest contributor Daisy is a hair colorist & stylist in Malibu & Santa Monica California specializing in dimensional color, highlights and hair color correction plus modern, personalized and balanced hair cuts. Check out her Photo Gallery & Hair Care & Trends Blog for style ideas & tips.


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    Hair Volumizer Products

    Attractive Woman With Long Curly Brunette Hair With Volume

    Hair With Volume Is Easy With These Volumizer Products

    What they do: They add extra body, bounce and the appearance of thickness to fine, limp strands by promoting lift, especially at the root. With proper use, hair can even look healthier.

    Why you need them: Without a volumizer— aka root-boosters—hair will lie flat, even with your most vigorous blow-drying move?

    How to use: Most stylants are applied to damp hair, concentrating at the root. Follow up with a blow-out, lifting sections up from the scalp using a round brush.

    Tigi's Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Creme

    All you need are one to three pups of Tigi’s Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Creme to make hair feel thicker, it also detangles and defrizzes.

    Anthony has a good review at his Art and Science of Beauty site

    Bump Up Volume Boost Comb

    Hair inserts like the Volume Boost Comb from Goody will “bump up” your hair wherever you want an extra boost.

    Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray

    Hair products can easily weigh down fine hair. Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray is super-light, adding natural body and volume that lasts.

    Volume Mousse from Defining by Davines

    Volume Mousse from Defining by Davines gives your hair super volume, soft hold and shine without any flakiness or build-up. Its mineral-filled Bio-Extender strengthens hair from the inside out.

    Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray by RedkenGet to the root of the problem with Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray by Redken. Apply it to damp roots and you’ll get a boost of light, lasting volume without any sticky residue.

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    Things You Must Know About Keratin Treatments

    Long Curly Hair Side by Side Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

    Don’t straighten your hair till you read this!

    Keratin hair treatments ability to tame frizz and yield beautiful strands has sparked a whirlwind of interest as well as controversy.  The controversy has surrounded the treatment’s inclusion of the known carcinogenic compound, formaldehyde. New keratin hair treatments are starting to show up everywhere with claims of no ‘aledhydes’, but do your homework wisely.  Not all are safe. Here what Rebecca Gregory, a top professional industry educator recommends.

    What Are Keratin Hair Treatments?

    The main ingredient of keratin treatments, keratin, is a naturally occurring protein found in hair. Keratin is responsible for the hair’s strength and protection making it an integral part of hair’s structural existence. Conventional keratin treatments, most notably the Brazilian Blow Out, use liquid keratin and an aldehyde solution followed by a properly heated flat-iron to seal the keratin to the hair.

    Who should Use Keratin Treatments?

    Keratin treatments have proven beneficial for all hair types looking to get stronger, frizz-free, manageable hair. In particular, those looking to soften, or tame their kinky, unruly curls have truly appreciated this product. Now it’s become possible to go out in humid weather, or light rain and keep smooth hair for up to 3 months!

    All Keratin Treatments Are Not Created Equal

    The ingredient formaldehyde has prompted the governments worldwide to regulate its use in keratin treatments. Keratin treatments such as the Brazilian Blow Out were found to have 12% formaldehyde . . . not safe! Formaldehyde present in amounts below 2% still cause respiratory problems for both clients and hair stylists.

    Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatments

    There are no U.S.federal agencies that regulate the use of formaldehyde in hair products, but the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel recommends a concentration of no more than .2% (Europe and Canada limits are much less and strictly enforced). In recent months, Canada banned dozens of keratin treatments, including but not limited to Brazilian Blowout, Coppola, Global Keratin, and Marcia Teixeira. However, KeraGreen’s Keratin Smoothing Treatment was approved as formaldehyde-free, meeting Health Canada’s .01% need and surpassing it by 182%. KeraGreen is distributed by Organic Salon Systems to professional-only salons in North America. KeraGreen is made with certified organic ingredients and has successfully eradicated formaldehyde and all other aldehyde solutions from their formula. KeraGreen has a more smoothing effect and still allows for some curl/wave retention, if desired.

    The Price of Beauty

    Prices for keratin treatments vary regionally and by salon. On average, keratin treatments cost about $300. These treatments may seem expensive but, anyone with challenging, frizzy hair knows that the elimination of 2 hours from their daily styling routine is well worth the cost. But there may be one cost that none of us can afford, and that is our health. We urge both hair stylists and customers alike to explore and research many keratin treatments until one meets both safety and beauty standards of the people at hand.

    About the Author: Rebecca Gregory has had extensive experience educating people in the beauty industry. She was most recently a Lead Educator for Aveda, the Director of Education for The Salon Professional Academy, a mentor for Redken Education. Rebecca is also an experienced Certified Master Colorist/stylist who has worked in and managed multiple salons. To find a salon offering KeraGreen Smoothing Keratin Treatments near you please e-mail, or call toll-free: (888)-213-4744


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