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6 Most Expensive Hair Treatments

Lauren Conrad with Baylayage hair highlights

If you’ve got the money here is the top of the line hair treatments

Fashionistas know that no outfit is complete without a great head of hair. Is there anything more tragic than a perfectly planned ensemble led astray by a bad hair day? Now more than ever hair trends are becoming just as popular as fashion trends. With half of Hollywood walking around wearing glued in wefts, in easy to see why. Here is a just a quick look into some of the fastest growing hair treatment trends that will be sure to complete any look, but none come cheaply!

Balayage Highlight – $250

This is a free hand process of highlighting hair in which highlights are painted on from the base to the tip of the hair. At the base highlights are applied ever so lightly while at the tip the color is more saturated. This causes a natural beach bunny look. What’s great about this look is as the hair grows out the root is not as obvious as with normal highlighting techniques. This has become all the rage with models and celebrities . . . think Lauren Conrad.

Before and after a Brazilian blowout hair treatmentBrazilian Blowout – $350 and up

This is a 1.5 – 2 hour process in which a special solution is applied to wet washed hair, dried and then flat ironed to seal in the solution. After this the solution is washed out, a conditioning mask is applied the hair is blow dried. Once completed clients can expect to see smooth and silky hair that is ready to wash and wear for up to 3 months. It eliminates the time spent after showering to primp and prep hair.

Installing hair extension weftsHair Extensions – $1,500 – 4,000

Depending on the type you are going for, hair extensions can run you a pretty penny. Lasting up to 8 months most extensions bond individual wefts of hair to your natural hair by a heating iron. There is also the option for a traditional “weave” or sewn in extensions which has been around longer than heat bonding. These can be a better option as far as longevity goes, but the pain associated with the process during and after deters many from getting weaves.

Showing hairless underarms aftter Full Body Hair RemovalFull Body Hair Removal – $4500-5000

One of the newest trends isn’t about nourishing your hair, instead it’s about removing it entirely! Since Kim Kardashian and other celebs have admitted their affinity for “completely bare” bodies, full body hair removal is in demand. To accomplish this look, the body is usually broken up into sections and using a laser, high pulses of light are emitted onto the skin to break down hair follicles. The process takes multiple sessions, usually up to 6, to see full results. Most clinicians that dispense the service say that the process is pain-free and will save patient’s thousands of dollars spent on a lifetime of razors and waxing.

Tinsel hair extensions worn in bangs

Feather/Glitter – $50 feather/tinsel hair extensions

You may have seen it on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Oprah and now it is a growing trend among fashionistas everywhere. These new hair additions can be tied into hair for a pop of color and texture. Both tinsel and feathers can be treated like your own hair. You can shampoo, blow dry and flat iron most tinsel and feather extensions. You can buy these yourself on-line, but most hair salons are now offering tinsel/feather extensions and application.

Long straight hair after Japanese hair straighteningJapanese Hair Straightening – $300 – $1,500

Also known as thermal reconditioning, this process consists of the hair being alternately shampooed with specific chemical products, heated, blown out and then straightened by flat iron. This process is done again and again until hair is left completely retextured- smooth, shiny and completely straight. Your hair should stay permanently straightened for four to six months.

Guest contributor Danae Matthews writes on the blog, Danae’s Corner. Danae’s Corner is featured exclusively on the on-line women’s health site, Women’s Health Base.

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Christina Aguilera Short 40’s Hairstyle

40's Hairstyles

40’s Hairstyles . . . are new again

Christina Aguilera is bringing back the romantic 40’s hairstyles with her platinum finger-waved hairstyle. In doing so, she makes a statement that is uniquely her own. The 40’s hairstyles are not hard to imitate and the dress is knock your socks off sexy and feminine.“40’s Hairstyles
are really fun”

These 40’s hairstyles just take stepping “out of the box” in order to create the look. With a little practice using these 40’s techniques for hair styling, you can transform into a Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo type of gal . . . how fun is that?

Your hair can be molded, gelled, pinned, rolled and coiffed into taking on these fabulous 40’s hair waves looks. The most defining look these hairstyles have is created by the “finger waves” and “pin curls.” Create this look by: putting a strong hold gel in damp hair. Form waves into hair with fingers at the crown and top of the head and secure with long hair clips. Create pin curls with the rest of your hair by forming curls around your fingers and use bobby pins to secure. Remove after hair is dry and finger comb into place.

Tips: For softer curls, wrap around two fingers, with damp hair. The more wet your hair is the tighter the curls will be. Experiment styling with damp and dry hair. Also barrettes, especially jeweled ones, can help to create the look.’s has some step by step pin curl instructions and other vintage hair looks that might be fun to try.


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The Straight Truth About Organic Hair Products

Organic Shampoo

Organic Shampoo Crowd Using Scare Tactics

Ya know, I’m becoming very suspicious of this “organic products crowd”. If you meet one of their advocates they are always full of wild claims and they are such zealots that they border on extremism. They always seem to want us to feel like we are killing baby kittens if we prefer products with chemicals in the ingredients.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favor of trying to lead life my life in an environmentally conscious way, when there are clear scientific facts that justify taking action. To me if it is not backed up by scientific fact it is just somebody else’s religious belief system. It is almost like they know that if they don’t stretch the truth you’ll never become a convert to their religion.

The article below is a case in point. It is this article I ran across which claims that 60% of the chemicals that our skin is exposed can be absorbed into the body. What complete utter nonsense . . . if that be the case we would have all been dead by age two. Just think of one example, Chlorine it is in every pool that your baby swims in and is a very toxic chemical (ever forget to put those drops into the goldfish bowl?).

Modern hair care product manufactures carefully test every product that gets marketed. You need not be afraid to use off the shelf hair care products on you and your family. Don’t fall for the kind a malarkey contained in articles like this one:

Up to 60% of what you put on your skin (and on your children’s skin) is absorbed into the body.

Now go read the label on your kid’s shampoo or liquid soap bottle. Dyes. Preservatives. Synthetic foaming agents. Parabens and petrochemicals. Is that the kind of stuff you want coursing through their veins?



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