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Jessica Alba’s Hair Color Tips; Blonde to Brown and Back

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s Hair Revolution: Blonde, then Brown and Back Again

 Jessica Alba Goes from Blonde to Brown Hair Color


Quite the hair color chameleon, Jessica Alba has altered her hair color again. Since her pregnancy last year, Jessica Alba has been seen sporting a dark, chestnut hue hair color (which, aside from her bangs, I liked quite a bit). However, in the past few days, we’ve seen the Jessica Alba strut her stuff in a new shade of blonde. “Jessica Alba Blonde to Brown”Many clients often ask me how celebrities, like Jessica Alba, are able to switch their hair from brown to blonde and back again so often (Jessica Alba’s new hue is rumored to be for a new role she will be playing, so it looks like the new mom is back to work).  I will tell you, like I tell them, that although the switch can be done, it can’t be had without quite a bit of damage to your tresses.

Here’s how to switch your hue from brown to blonde: If your desire is to go lighter, please stick with your hairdresser on this one. Whenever you are lightening hair color shades a more than a couple levels, it requires more than one step (lightening and toning) and your hairdresser is an expert at performing the required steps. Both before and after lightening your hair, make sure to use a fortifying deep conditioner on a regular basis to condition and strengthen the hair strands. One I always recommend to my clients is the Enjoy Hair Mask along with the Enjoy Intensive Reconstructive Spray because it leaves your hair silky and strong.

Here’s how to switch your hue from blonde to brown: Heading to the dark side (so to speak) is a much easier process than the latter. Again, if you are only switching up your strand hair color by a few shades and you’ve colored your hair before with no issue, you can attempt the switch at home. I’d suggest using a semi-permanent hair color product in your desired shade. Make sure that you apply the color all over, fully saturating all strands. If you don’t fully saturate all strands, you run the risk of a spotty outcome. If you are heading to the hair salon (smart girl) to deepen your hair color, ask your hairdresser for a rich brunette color. Remember my tips when you want to become a hair color chameleon like Jessica Alba. And keep in mind that although it is usually ok to switch from one to the other, it isn’t always a great idea to switch back and forth frequently. For more great hair color ideas and to stay current with what is happening with the celebs check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas and Celebrities Boards. For more of my articles featuring Jessica Alba hairstyles go to:


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Wedding or Prom Updo Ideas

Charlize Theron Hairstyle
Learn how to create great updos with hair accessories

It’s been a while since I’ve written about hair accessories. It is great to be able to pull out some fun thingies in your arsenal of options to keep from getting bored out of your skull with your hairstyle. I find that most of my clients who don’t use hair accessories simply don’t know how to use them in a creative way. Well, I have good news for those of you who are in that “I don’t know how” boat.

Jaime Byrd was kind enough to send me a heads up about her new videos featured on her hair accessory website. Jaime has produced a line of hair accessories that are hand crafted in her studio in North Carolina that are fun and unique. But what stands out about her site is the neat way she has used “how to” videos to walk you through the step-by-steps on exactly how to create a unique hairstyle with hair accessories. Don’t miss it. If you haven’t experimented much with hair accessories, it just might be the boost you need to step out of the box and create a new look.

A couple of years back at the Golden Globe ceremonies, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Beyonce were seen with hair accessories, once again giving credibility to a classic fashion secret that has been around for decades.

Several times a week, this time of year, I need to get my hair up off my shoulders, either when I’m active, at the beach or at a pool party. Summertime is an especially good time of the year to remember the versatility of hair combs, headbands, silk flowers, hair clips, hair sticks, hairpins, barrettes, hair magnets, snaps and French pins.


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How To Remove Hair Dye Safely


You can remove hair dye BUT . . . know what to expect!

It is possible to remove hair dye at home effectively but to get it right requires some due diligence on your part. A reader recently asked us about removing hair dye with “Color Oops” by Developlus and then how to dye it back to a lighter color.

“Remove Hair Dye Carefully”I haven’t used “Color Oops” before so we asked the manufacturer if they would answer the question below, but there are some things that are a ‘given’ when dying your hair and especially if you want to remove dye from your hair.

  • Read all the information given by the manufacturer, some hair dyes may not be able to be removed.


  • Prep hair by doing deep conditioning or protein treatments.


  • If you have questions, call the manufacturers help line. Every one’s situation is different. The process to remove hair dye and get to YOUR desired end result requires specific steps.


  • Strand test – leaves no surprises!

Sarah asks;

I was alternating going to a hair salon and home hair coloring to cover grey roots, but we recently moved and I haven’t found a new hair salon yet. My hair color is a bit darker now than I’d like and so I want to use Color Oops. I use permanent hair color for the grey roots only, and use a color gloss over the length to refresh color.

My question is on recoloring after using Color Oops. Should I still use permanent hair color on the roots since that is virgin hair? WHAT should I use for the lengths??? Semi, or Demi, or just a color gloss again? Also, for the virgin roots, I’m assuming I pick the hair color shade I want (say 5N) but for the lengths that are more porous, do I need to use a 7N or 8N for them to “match?” I am planning on using a protein treatment after Color Oops and waiting 1 week before recoloring.

Phillip Agrey of research and development at Developlus says;

Yes, you should use permanent hair color on your roots/virgin hair. On your ends you should use the semi color as you have done in the past. However, you should only process for 5 minutes on the ends. Your ends will be porous and they will absorb color quickly. Processing longer than 5 minutes can cause grabbing and the hair color can turn out too dark.

Remove Hair Dye

We highly recommend using a good protein treatment such as Satin Reconstruct. Apply the conditioner, place a shower cap over your hair and leave on at least 20 minutes.

A lighter hair color will not be necessary if a reduced processing time is used. In either regard, a strand test is highly recommended, as every ones hair reacts differently. A strand test will let you see what the color will turn out prior to recoloring your whole head.

Hope that helps Sarah! Remember the hair color shade you pick for your roots now should be lighter than what you have been using or you will eventually be back to having darker hair than you want. If you were using 5N you may want to consider using half 5N and half 6N to gently lighten up, or even add some warmth to that formula.

Also I found that has a great FAQ’s section that covers just about any question you may have on how to remove hair dye effectively.



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