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    Manicure, Pedicure – Was your last one safe?

    .Paula Abdul Testifying

    The Manicure Pedicure Industry is Getting a Bad Rap

    The other day I had a manicure at our local L.A. Nails in the mall. I needed a quick fix as I was scheduled for my photo shoot I’ve been telling you about. (more about that later) Anyway, Lena did a great job for only $17.00 + tip. I got a French manicure and was out the door 40 minutes later. Good price for good service!

    In the past couple of years California has gotten lots of press about bacterial infections, which seemed to be caused from unsanitary manicures pedicures. It always helps to have a celebrity stand up for a cause. Paula Abdul did that by testifying for tougher standards in California.

    I did lots of digging, talked with the spokesman for the Barber/Cosmetology Board in the Department of Consumer Affairs; International Nail Tech Association and the spokeswoman who is pushing new legislation. My take on the issue? The industry is regulated already to a safety standard appropriate to keep you and I safe.

    According to Teresa Chagoya, with the Santa Clara Public Health Department, they received about 180 calls from doctors or patients who reported lesions or other indications of infection after receiving pedicures or manicures at local salons.

    Curiously though, Chagoya said, 68% of the complaints originated from just 3 salons. There are over 35,000 licensed salons there. Can you imagine how many manicures and pedicures are done daily?

    Let me ask this;

    • Have you ever had a problem with infection after a manicure pedicure?
    • Do you know anyone who has contracted a bacterial infection from having a manicure pedicure?
    • Can you try to estimate how many women get manicures and pedicures every day?

    What I found was that the media and those who may benefit from more legislation would have us believe we are putting our health at risk anytime we receive a manicure or pedicure.

    Come on, Paula give us a break, you are no more at risk to contract a health problem when getting a manicure or pedicure than you are when visiting a hospital, or at your doctors office.

    All that is going to happen with this type of legislation is a bunch of new bureaucrats and hassle for salon owners. If we are going to spend more money for legislation, lets put our bucks in energy or schools.

    Here are some logical precautions to take when choosing to get a manicure or pedicure:

    • Take note of the cleanliness of the salon and staff. Believe what
      your eyes and gut tell you. What you see is what you get.
    • DO NOT SHAVE your legs before getting a pedicure. (The Nail Industry strongly recommends this one. Nicks or even too close of a shave can leave you vulnerable to infection.)
    • Cuts on your fingers can also leave you vulnerable to infection.
    • If you want to check if your local salon has any citations for not meeting industry requirements on sanitation, call your local Barber/Beauty Board.
    • If you go often, you can always invest in a good manicure set and bringing it to each appointment.

    A manicure or pedicure is a small luxury within reach for most of us. I do not believe we are putting our health at risk in giving ourselves this luxury. I will pay $17.00 for a French manicure, and massage. The price will go up if more legislation is put into effect. How much more are you willing to pay?

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Medium Length Hairstyles To Try This Spring

    The Medium Length Flip Hairstyle

    Hot medium length hairstyles this season include, curly layered cuts, bobs, shags, choppy layers and don’t forget the bangs!

    Medium length hair can be the most versatile AND the most challenging length of hair to style and manage. Longer than your chin, shorter than your collar-bone, medium length hair has to stand on its own and make a statement, otherwise it can get lost in the neverland of the “betweens”.

    If your hair is medium length, here are some styles you might want to consider for Spring:


    Model with long blonde shag haircut

    Jennifer Aniston made famous the “Friends” shaggy cut oh so long ago, but the beauty of that medium length hairdo is that is has stood the test of time. Universally flattering and relatively easy to style, this cut will work for most face shapes, hair textures, and can even help mask scraggly ends and roots that need to be touched up.  To get this look try side swept bangs and cutting longer layers around the face, leaving length to frame the chin and graze over your shoulders. This look can be achieved with a bit of styling gel and a blow dryer, or try adding volume with some giant velcro rollers or hot rollers.


    Elle Fanning shoulder one length hairstyle

    Medium length hairstyles also favor one length cuts. Not quite a bob, not quite a full mane, medium length hair looks classic when it frames the face and lands softly above the shoulders. Elle Fanning looks both adorable and sophisticated with this simple medium length haircut. To get her look, towel dry your hair, add some styling gel, mousse or a smoothing creme and then blow-dry with a large round brush. For more volume set with large velcro rollers.  The end result is soft and carefree.
    Nicole Ritchie medium length bob with side swept bangs

    If you prefer a sleeker look for your medium length hair, thy this elegant look that Nicole Ritchie wears. Long side swept bangs blend into face framing layers. This bob cut hits just between her jaw and shoulders.


    medium lenght curly hair with side swept bangs

    If your hair is curly or wavy you can increase your style options with this layered cut by letting your natural curl fly free.  This soft look for spring is great for both day and evening looks, and will make your medium length hair feel more versatile.  Smooth it or let it go natural, it  has a bit of that 70s vibe which is on trend for spring fashion.

    Blonde model with blunt choppy bangs and layered bob

    Medium length hair can also handle a sharper edge to styling.  These blunt cut bangs and choppy layers add a bad girl element to an otherwise simple layered bob haircut.

    Whether your style is “wash and go” or “the more work the better”, medium length offers a lot of styling options and can work well with busy or laid back lifestyles. And the best thing about mid length hair is you can pull it back in an easy and cooling ponytail once spring is over and the summer heat kicks in.

    For more great mid length looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Plaited Hair Color

    Funky Hair Color

    Watch For Trendy Hair Colors This Summer

    “Plaited, a Trendy
    Hair Color”

    It’s called plaited hair color by Redken design artists and likely is one you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year. Already I’ve seen multiple variations on this trendy hair color technique where underneath layers are deepened to give a unique look and dimension to the hairstyle.

    Look for hair color combinations with hairstyles that you like. No doubt, you too will be seeing more and more adaptations of this technique.

    This model has a trendy plaited hair color combination that’s both edgy and sophisticated. Dimensional blonde color through the top with a lighter shade of brown underneath. Her hair style is a throwback to the 70’s with a trendy twist of ultra-straightened, flipped up strands. Apply a straightening balm to wet hair and blow dry straight with a paddle brush. A straightening balm helps fight off the effects of summer humidity and will keep the hair straight. Flip up just the edges of this do with a large rod curling iron or a straightening iron.

    For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.




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