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    Prom Updo’s? Not according to this hairdresser

    Prom Updo’s are serious business in Norwich Conn

    I read press stories a lot and I’ve never seen a publication do as good of job as Amy Lawson, of the Norwich Bulletin of helping teens get ready for prom and especially in the hair styling category. My hats off to the Norwich Bulletin for a very well done article on prom hairstyles.

    They have an entire website devoted to local proms, it is really well done it includes an interview with local hairdressers with outstanding video of J. D. Danner demonstrating how to prepare a relaxed look hair style for prom. His theory that maybe prom updo’s are not the best hairstyle for prom.

    The site has listings of the dates and locations of all of the local proms, a listing of the top 10 movies with prom themes, plus many more local resources for teens attending prom. As a bonus there is a second prom updo’s video JD Danner knows that no prom attendee is going to be looking for a relaxed hairstyle for the big night. Here are a couple of snippets from this must read prom hairstyle article.

    Relaxed hairstyles replacing prom updo’s with ‘100 bobby pins’
    By AMY LAWSON Norwich Bulletin

    Jessica Bonosconi isn’t sure exactly what she’ll do with her hair on prom night, but she knows one thing — it won’t be a prom updo.

    “You end up with 100 bobby pins in your hair, and tons of hairspray,” Bonosconi said. At 17, she’s prepping for her senior prom at Norwich Free Academy. “Your eyes end up all pulled back and you can’t move your head. It’s horrible.”

    In past years, prom updo’s have been the most popular hairstyle for teens headed to prom. This year, though, it seems girls are opting for more relaxed hairstyles.

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    How To Get Your Hair Colored for Less

    Light Burgundy Hair Color
    Hair Coloring Too Pricey?  You’ve Got Some Options!

    Salon hair coloring can blend a range of colors  giving you a unique custom hair color.  Because your hair colorist is a pro, when you leave a salon, you have vibrant, rich color plus soft, conditioned hair that’s been nurtured back to health after the dye chemicals. A salon hair color treatment is definitely pricey, especially if you need regular touch-ups.  But, if your budget is tight and you need to cut it back a bit, there are ways to get your hair colored for less.

    Make Your Color Last

    First off, you will get the most for your money by making your hair color last as long as possible. Dial down that water temperature when you shower, since hot water rinses out hair color dye faster. The same goes for reducing the heat on your blow-dryer, curling-iron, flat-iron or hot rollers.  Since beach hair and casual messy looks are totally in for spring and summer, let your hair air-dry as much as possible using texturizing products like, sea salt sprays or volumizing mousses, with a leave-in conditioner and your hair color will last longer and get healthier at the same time!

    Try one of the many tinted shampoos and conditioners available to help enhance shades of reds, blondes, and brunettes. These hair color refreshers will help boost the richness of your hair color with temporary dyes and extend the time between hair color appointments.  If you only can afford one of these products, go with the tinted conditioners which don’t rinse out as much as the shampoos.

    Professional Hair Color for Less

    If you can’t pay salon prices, there are ways to get your hair colored for less. If you live in or around a city, there may be a beauty school or an advanced hair color school nearby, let your fingers do the walking. Beauty school students need hair models for cuts and colors. The prices will be half the cost of a regular salon treatment. The instructors will over-watch the formulation of  the color but students are in the process of learning placement of color.  So, if you have a simple root touch-up or a semi-permanent coloring, no problem.  However, placement of highlights and lowlights is a learned skill, so if you want to look like . . . say, Jennifer Aniston . . . take it to a professional.

    If the idea of seeing a beauty school student makes you shudder, you can still find cheaper way to get your hair colored  if you’re willing to do some legwork. Ask everyone you know–your manicurist, your coworkers, strangers (with really good colored hair) where they had their hair done.

    Call salons and ask about their color prices. Some reputable salons have in-house training for staff. By calling around for prices, you might luck into a discount for hair color at a salon that’s doing some advanced training for their colorists.  Scour craigslist or where you also may find a color service for less near you.

    DIY Dye

    Brave divas can wade into the world of hair color with dye kits, highlight kits, and temporary color. First, do  your  homework and read “How to Dye Your Hair at Home.”  Then be sure to start with a hair color that’s no more than two shades different from your natural color. Have a friend help you apply color to your hair, to help you get even coverage.  Always, always, always follow the directions . . . don’t make any of these most common hair color mistakes.

    Rinse out when time is up, then nourish with the deep conditioner included in the dye kit. Take the same approach when it comes to touching up roots or doing your own highlights. It may be nerve-wracking the first couple times you dye your own hair, but you can do it.

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    Wedding Hair Styles

    Wedding Hair Styles

    What will your wedding hair style be?

    With wedding season just around the corner, you may have chosen your date, location (there are loads of places you could go, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with something like these san juan islands wedding venues, but maybe you’re still deciding) , the dress (you might have spent ages picking the right dress out though, so you’ll want to make sure that everything else is perfect) and book bands but have you chosen your wedding hair style? Your wedding hair style is as vital to your overall look as anything else, so don’t forget to plan ahead when it comes to your wedding hair do too! Your hair will need to go together well with your dress, your ring from Northwood Rings and look elegant. With all these being said, do you need help with wedding hair style ideas? Well that’s what I’m here for! Read on for timelines, tips and ideas.

    Wedding Hair Styles Timeline

    • 6 weeks before wedding: Find a experienced wedding hairdresser and bring in pictures to practice your wedding hair design favorites.
    • 4 weeks before wedding: Try an at-home hair treatment like a moisture mask to get the healthiest and softest wedding day style hair possible. Do this hair treatment weekly.
    • 2 weeks before wedding: Have you chosen your favorite wedding hair style yet? If not, get to it and schedule another trial run!
    • 1 week before wedding: Get wedding hair cut and color. Do a final trial run (with your headpiece).
    • Day before wedding: Wash your hair (second day hair is better to style with) and do one last hair treatment.
    • Day of wedding: Today is the day! Your wedding hair style should be perfect!

    Some Wedding Hair Styles Ideas:

    Wearing Your Hair in an wedding Updo ~~ Wearing your hair in an updo is a great option for wedding hair styles. It gives off a formal vibe, so go with a hair style like this if you are having a formal affair, or if you want to show off a beautiful neckline or shoulders. A bit of bang in the front, like this picture shows, is very beautiful too.

    Wedding Hair Designs
    A traditional wedding updo-hair style

    Wearing Your Hair Down ~~ A relaxed and casual look, wearing your hair down has become quite a popular wedding hair styles lately with celebrities like Eva Longoria-Parker and Tori Spelling wearing this hair style for their wedding days. Soft, tousled waves make wedding hair styles worn down perfect for your special day.

    Wedding Hair Dos
    A wedding hair style worn down

    Wedding Hair Undecided ~~ Can’t decide between your wedding hair style worn up or worn down? Why not meet in the middle and combine the best of both worlds by choosing a half-up, half down hairstyle? A wedding hair style like this can be worn a variety of ways and works for both formal and casual affairs. Experiment with the amount of hair you put up, as well as where the headpiece or veil is worn for the best look.
    Wedding hair worn partially up combines the best of both worlds.

    Wedding Hair Styles Tips

    Wedding Hair Styles Tip 1 ~~ Trial runs of your wedding hair style are both necessary and helpful. Whether you are hiring a professional wedding hairdresser, or doing your wedding hair styles yourself, a trial run or two can help you decide on a wedding hair style and see what the end result will look like.

    Wedding Hair Styles Tip 2 ~~ Be sure to keep extra bobby pins, shine spray and hairspray with you on your wedding day for touch ups throughout the reception.

    Wedding Hair Styles Tip 3 ~~ Keep your hair cut and color conservative. This is your wedding day and you want your wedding hair style to be timeless. This is not the time to experiment with a short hair style or funky hair colors.

    My personal wedding hair style favorite is a half-up, half-down hair style that incorporates a bit of formality and a bit of casualness, perfect for any style of wedding (I could be partial to this hair style, considering I wore this wedding style at my own wedding.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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