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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Wedding Hairstyle

5 Sexy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

“Sexiest Wedding Hairstyles
for Long Hair”

Sure enough, a new long hair trend is underway for all you brides out there. Just wrote a piece about Ashlee Simpson’s half-up wedding hair style then there was Jenna Bush and now comes news that indeed . . . long hair is a trend in wedding hairstyles.

The best descriptive words in the hair salon industry for describing this seasons wedding hairstyles, might be summed up as “casual glam.”At least so says Jason Kearns, Toronto session artist, as reported from this week. He goes on to say, loose waves on medium and long hair that aren’t too done looking is what many brides are going for this season in wedding hairstyles.

Wedding Hairstyles for long hair

If your hair type tends to get more full and wavy as the heat and humidity rise, why not try a long hairstyle that works with the summers heat instead of fighting it. I love the casual, sexy look of this low and loose ponytail updo hairstyle. Backcomb the top and use a finishing spray to hold it . . . and you’re there! She has added just the right amount of bling with a bit of sparkled hairpins.

Wedding Hair Styles for Long Hair
Today long hair curls like Taylor Swift are worn much softer and looser than the tight spiral curls of the past few years. Depending on your hair type, the hair styling may best be done with a large rod curling iron or simply rollers using a good curl defining product. End with a mega shine product like Redken’s Vinal Glam 02 spray. This adorable chiffon head wrap and dress by Vera Wang can be found at

High sleek pony-braid
Especially striking for those of you with defining bone structure to your face shape. Slick back hair from temple to temple into a high pony tail hairstyle. Braid the hair combining the hair underneath as you go for a new take on the french braid. Finish with a shine spray.

For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles, Braid and Long Hairstyles Boards.

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Hairstyles For Round Faces

Hairstyles For Round Faces

What are best hairstyles for a round faces, a curly or straight hairstyle?

Ahhh . . . this question recently posted on my comment board is a good one. Katie asks:

I love your site, and I’d really appreciate any help you could give me for my current hair worries –I’ve got a round face shape, and my (dark brown) hair tends towards lots of curls and volume. I’ve tried out a bunch of different professionally-done high lighting at a series of hair salons, and every time, I keep getting the impression that when my hair is curly, they almost look stripe-y. When I straighten my hair, the effect is gone. (A) Is this a common curly-headed problem?, and (B) Should I leave my hair curly at all? Between my high lighting troubles and the volume emphasizing my round face shape, I’m wondering whether I should consider all straight, all the time? (Maybe you have some alternate miracle hair styling tip — I don’t want the daily straightening to damage my hair!) Thanks for this valuable site!


I think with Katie’s curly, voluminous hair, she’ll find it much more flattering hairstyles for round faces to tone down her curls.

The most important consideration in Finding the right hairstyle for any woman, is, . . . face shape . . . face shape . . . face shape.

If you have a round face, your face has soft, full contours with a rounded jaw and chin line. You’ll want to avoid hairstyles with bangs. Your hairline may be softly rounded as well. Also, your face shapeRight Hairstyle for Round Faces Can Really Make a Difference is more symmetrical; the width and length of your face are approximately the same. Your face gives the appearance of being more symmetrical.

For some reason, every woman who thinks she has a round face shape, thinks she is cursed! Grant it, a wrong hairstyle on a round face shape can be kinda . . . well, discouraging. But as you can see from the picture of my favorite celebrity with a round face shape, Isabella Rossellini a round face shape can be gorgeous with the right hairstyle.

So Katie, toning down the volume of your hairstyle is a good start. I agree, that straightening it everyday, with a flat iron, or whatever tool you choose, will take it’s toll on your hair. The stripe-y effect you refer to, IS more exaggerated when your hair is in it’s curly state because curly hair CLUMPS together into curls. When your hair is straightened, it has a more BLENDED effect; as you brush through it to take out snarls for instance. Try searching for a hairdresser who has experience with straightening hair, and consider softening your curls. The key here is, in the straightening process, to process your hair to a softened state, not a stick straight look. An experienced hairdresser can soften your hair just enough to take out the volume you now get from the curls, and turn it into soft waves. This leaves your hair in much better condition than straightening all the curl out. In that way, you have an option of leaving it wavy or smoothing it out with less damage, less heat on the hair. And, both of these looks will tame down the voluminous look of your hair which is the wrong look for your face shape.

Check out my web site for more on face shapes and hairstyles I have a special section just about hairstyles for round faces. And don’t miss or more ideas about face shapes and hairstyles check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Face Shape Board.

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Wedding Hair Part 2

Side Profile Wedding Hair Updo with white flower

Wedding Hair: Casual Bridal Styles

Wedding hair trends are heading more and more towards loose, casual hair styles. Summertime, which is upon us, is perfect for these wedding hair trends. Casual wedding hair goes perfectly with outdoor ceremonies, beach-themed weddings or garden affairs. With the economy the way it is, casual wedding hair styles are perfect for the bride on the budget. Many of these hair styles can be achieved with a DIY attitude and a few key products, tools and accessories..

Wedding Hair
Naomi Watts shows off casual wedding hair that is fuss-free

For example, if you want Naomi Watt’s fuss-free up-do, here’s how to get it: Start by running a lightweight styling cream through strands. I like ICON Antidote Replenishing Cream because of its lightweight hold, sticky-free styling capabilities and delicious scent. Then, tease hair at the crown, giving you a slight lift. Pull hair back off your face, leaving a few strands out and secure into a ponytail (or bun if your hair is on the longer side).

Using a 1” barrel curling iron, curl the strands that you left out directing the curls away from your face. Finish the style with a long lasting hairspray like OSIS Grip Freeze Super Hold Hairspray to keep your style lasting through the reception..

Wedding Hair
Barbara Bush Wedding Hair

Want your wedding hair worn down? Copy a style like Barbara Bush did for her laid-back outdoor ceremony. Barbara incorporated a hot new trend, braids, into her wedding hair style. This style is simple and stylish all at the same time.

If you want wedding hair like this, part hair down the middle and then scrunch a texture spray like Enjoy Texture Spray into strands before styling. Then, taking 1½” pieces on either side of your part, begin braiding each piece. Secure the braids together in the back of hair and for an added element, you can add fresh flowers like Barbara Bush did. For a less casual version of this same wedding hair style, you can choose to curl individual strands with a curling iron (your choice of size) instead of scrunching your hair..

Casual and laid-back wedding hair is gaining popularity every wedding season because of its natural and organic look and feel. If you want a DIY wedding hair style that looks effortlessly chic, then this is definitely the way to go for your wedding. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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